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10 million traders,one exit.....

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Does that mean tomorrow corresponds to 10/13/87 ? Or could we maybe just bypass that even though we're already down 6 days in a row ? Don't expect an answer or that it'll come to pass - just wishful thinking..... :blush:

i'm pretty sure tomorrow is octoberfifthteenthnineteeneightyseven

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With the moon cycle still nailing turns (new moon June 1 remember?), the full moon comes on June 15th, within a couple of days of Armstrong low cycle date.


Maybe the Greece thing finally makes the market blow a gasket over this next weekend.


I will laugh hard if it turns out to be a crash low sometime next week...

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With low inflation and a booming economy thanks to The Stimulus success, I think this bull markit still has legs. Savvy homoaners will be tapping into their home equity and putting that money to work in stocks. I'm looking for a pure play in penis file-sharing software since apparently this is the latest craze among our nation's Leaders, the Best and Brightest among us, our Role Models and Heroes. If they're putting all their time and effort into that sector then shirley I can make Big Money there.

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Watch VIX...if it closes over 20 tomorrow, you might be right....

actually on Thur 10/15 and then again even more so on Fri 10/16 the equity p/c volume ratio dropped dramatically, most were expecting a huge bounce on Mon 10/19...of course this is a contrary indicator and the divergence between it and the accelerating decline those two days was a great confirmation


at the same time the little-watched p/c price premium ratio, a coincident indicator, was high and rising


VIX is currently low partially due to fartpolio mangler yield panic; some of those reckless option writers might just get vaporized soon

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CrAAPL new "showcase facility" building is a claSSic topping indicator for overpriced favorites....I expect CrAAPL crapcommon to collapse to 90 by end of 2012 as earnings crater with way too much tech comp for iPhone and iPad, unless they come out with an iPenis social nutworking device, then I'd reconsider

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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