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OK. here's the game plan for WSE subscribers, which most you you here are... I think.


I am, as usual, behind shehjewel. Therefore, I will post the mock it up date too, night. But. I will not post the Fed Report too. Because it's late and I'm tired, and like you know. I have to get an early start, Tamara. Like 11 o clock and whatnot. For those who missed it, I am starting my annual my Gratien northward . To Queebeck as US Americans like to say, and the chill durn.


So, I will take a break from my travails, Tamara Knight, too. Finish the Fed Report will eye. Yes. Too. On the morrow will it be posted.


Assuming I'm not ruptured. of course. Which I don't think I need to worry about, being a Jew. And whatnot. But for those of you who are going up, I hope that you'll put in a good word for those of us left behind to deal with all the crap.


If you can post from up there, please do say high. And if you can't, just give us a sign.




Tanks. Avez vous fun!

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Hi, Folks


This is Cap. I took a trip to Hong Kong and it's Saturday there already. So I am already being raptured and it's great fun. You all will love it. God decided not to care what religion people were, or whether they had a religion or not, and to just let everyone all be raptured whoever wants to be, LOL.


BTW, not that it matters any more, but just for entertainment sake, you may be interested in some posts in Matt Taibbi's blog in the Rolling Stone that may explain what's been going on with some charts of big banks lately and why FAZ had such a banner day today.


A New Wall Street Investigation: Is the Hammer Finally Coming Down?




Wall Street's Next Big Short: China? (This one links to an article by a CPA that is interesting too.)



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Want to know when the Euro and euro-zone will collapse?



Just look at a calendar and find the date POMO ends.



There you will find the answer.



Need to get the stampede going over to Tbags.



With a Rating Agency assist, naturally.

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So, how have the Stools been? Mine are loose, butt firm.


I’ll apologize up-front if there are still hard feelings. Pushing each other’s BUTTons is a waste of energy.


I just felt inspired to pop-in and wish you all a happy and expedient end of the world (Butt, I see you already knew this). There are no earthquakes here yet, butt that 6 pack and cobb salad from last night sure are rumbling around this am.


Even if Armageddon doesn’t start today, it looks to me like the charts are about to spill over (Butt I see you already know that too). Nothing like a good stock market crash to scare some $$$ into trashuries. They’ll need an excuse for QEIII also, which is no doubt coming this fall. Same story, different day. Yawn! The goobermint is soo predictable.


Happy entrails.

Be prepared.





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