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Fail Safe: CNBS Emergency Programming Today

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Last night I was watching the movie Fail Safe on Crackle for free (eff you Nutflix) and was inspired by today’s successful and dramatic efforts at CNBS to encourage people to buy the dip after the S&P crap hit the tape. The guy on the left works for Dr. Bob. What a load of crap. Why? By the time Clowngress addresses this deficit and printing orgy, we all will be long gone. It is too late now. Maddoff is in jail for a Ponzi. If this whole exercise in fiscal and monetary madness isn’t one, then what is? Odd how today not one person in Clowngress even mentioned what the Fed is doing might be a wee bit of the problem? Float away you fairies. Well, other than Ron Paul who is gagged and shackled in the House of Representatives janitors closet. Both sides of the aisle are either flat out morons or evil. Given the fact that no one cares about what happened today, I decided to investigate like a good reporter should what CNBS does when the heat map looks like a thirty foot wall of tomatoes at the farmers market. 9:00 AM The S&P news hits. Shit [...]


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