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Backward And Weird And Strange

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soup1 pointed out in Intraday Stool that the Daily Reckoning has posted a great essay by the Mogambo Guru. You've gotta read this.


"See, what we would do is print up the money," says Gilligan, as he writes dollar signs all over a blackboard. "And then the added supply of money would enable us to borrow against our equity of everything on the island, then we could use the borrowed money to buy some airplanes, and then we'll all fly home!"


"It takes a really, really special kind of person, the kind of person kicked out of the Marines for being too aggressive, for instance, to bet that rates will actually fall from here. The invisible rays that emanate from that kind of testosterone will cloud x-rays, so be careful if you stand next to one in the elevator."




"Mogambo Sez: This is truly a watershed moment in history, and you are there. Things will tend to get very interesting from here on out. Well, "interesting" in the sense of degrees of bad news happening to somebody else. And when "somebody else" finds it interesting watching the bad news happening to you, personally, then perhaps you will find it all even more interesting, as a euphemism for catastrophe."

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Right now, rates look shortable.

Will follow the primary trend carefully.




I still don't understand how reliquification will be able to swamp the leverage built into the credit bubble.....which will implode. The rate of paper production will have to be calibrated to swamp its destruction.....or am I missing something obvious? Probably the latter......

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Looks like the Europeans are finally beginning to push the PANIC button by lowering interest rates, albeit belatedly, in the global efFURt to reflate. hASS the BUTTon been disconnected, ass Steve Roach suggests? Izzit "too little, too late", and will these efFURts be overwhelmed by enveloping deflationary FURces?


Probably, is this observer's WAG (wild a**ed GUESS) and basis FUR hiz "modus operandi".


Hmmmm......Stool!!! Maybe we could make it a "commode-us" operandi! LOL :rolleyes: B) :P


no. SNOT "Commodus" who, per Mr. Gibbon, et alia, was a particularly venal Roman emperor, a la Nero and Caligula (Gaius), successor to Tiberius.

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