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"There is no stock market."

Whom do you think is running out of time?  

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Mish answered one of his readers having a similar issue....you can look for it on his site.


My response would be as follows:


Try and see what the catch is, if any...."more" points at closing, or other hidden T&C's (terms & conditions)


Assuming everything is on the up and up, then:


[1] You can go with Doc's theoretically correct answer




[2] If you have a view on rates, and you believe that rates are going to be low like today forever, again, Doc's is the right approach -- assuming no better return and taking into account the tax benefit of interest deductions


but if you have a view that rates go up "materially" over the course of the next decade or so, then you are going to be kicking yourself in the head for not being able to take that cash and invest at higher rates (especially if they spike)


[3] You can wait and see if rates go even lower, although assuming there is no incremental closing costs, I don't know why you would wait



I find these offers to "good risks" quite curious, and it leads me to believe that the banks are looking to lock in those "good risks" before rates drop even further, it also tells me that the banks want to be long duration at these levels, which again, tells me they either know or are forecasting even lower from here, as insane as that may sound


2.25% for a 30-Year fixed?


Can you imagine?




Assuming that's gonna happen, like Japan, then how will the $ behave?


Appreciate your response, or anyone's who have any thoughts.


Thank you very much :D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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