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  1. Thoughts on the Fed Put

    Is the put dead

    Only temporarily

    The death of the FED put is transitory (couldn't resist that one).

    Printer Jay has put it in the schrodingian box and hinted strongly that it is dead.

    Mr Market for some strange and weird reason actually believes him.

    But I guess if you can believe that inflation is transitory you can believe anything.

    But we all know that when things get too bad he will open the box and show a living put.

  2. Some thoughts on Hood

    If I were short hood

    It looks like a good time to cover.

  3. What did Santa give to shorts this year?

    He gave them a bag full of Spacs

    He also gave them some more Chinese fraudstocks.

    But he gives them chinese fraudstocks every year.



    There should be an annual award ceremony for the organisation or individual who comes up with the best false narrative during the year.

    So far the FED and Chairman Jay are in the lead with the wonderful and convincing

    "Any Inflation will be temprary" narrative

    Designed I presume to convince the bondholders not to make another break out attempt from the great bond gulag.

    Yes...it appears Jay is in line for a "FALSEY" award this year.


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