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  1. "It is so wrong that some of da boyz know when the orders are coming down " Ya ain't that the shit. It's called lack of morals and they're seriously lacking today in the markets and in gubmint. Fortunately they've ripped off so many people so hugely this time that this could be their undoing. There are limits to everything. How does that basball park song go, "Na, na, na, na. Say Goodbye......."
  2. From what I heard China mart was selling TV's and other little trinkets the sheeple covet at rock bottom prices. Like the stock market, the sheeple exhausted themselves in a buying frenzy on Friday and it's all sour notes from here. I was in a few stores (Home Despot, mis-Target) on Sunday and it was like a friggin funeral parlor. I walked up the the register and got served immediately. Attendants were standing around doing nothing. Wonder how many more holiday shopping days like that and they're going to hand out pink slips to half their staff ? The China mart "day after" was a blatant attempt to manipulate things which will end badly and very soon. Can't wait for Xmas and those final sales figures. The Bearz will have the last laugh on this one. These guys are getting really desparate when they pull a trick like this. I'm only giving gift certificates this year cuz the retailers will be selling shit for practically nothing after Dec 25th. That's if they even can afford to open the doors anymore.
  3. "dogboy, what was the symbol for that option play???" JUN 2004 COMEX GOLD is GCM04. It can take 203 weeks to acquire even a few contracts this far out because they aren't very liquid. I think that anyone writing Gold Calls this far out (in time) has to be a lunatic given the world situation today. They must not like being rich. Or maybe they don't read the news ? The odds of a major event (terrorist attack, WWIII, etc.) are quite high in this time period. Anyway I'll be glad to take this Gold off their hands as they apparently don't need it.
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