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  1. Bulls took yesterday's screen game with 16 buys and 11 sells. This is swing trade buy signals vs. sell signals from yesterday's action. I screen all stocks and ETFs from the NYSE and NASD, excluding those with less than an average of 1 million shares per day traded, and selling for less than $6 per share. These are again very low numbers for the second straight day. The market is apparently riding the residual momo from the 58-16 bull win from Monday's action. And that could be a second wind off the thrust of the 155 buy signals that started the 6 month cycle up phase back on Marc
  2. This market is full of potholes! Back in 2019 I was driving my old 350Z convertible in Philly. I turned onto a street that contractors had just stripped of the asphalt topping. The raised manhole covers were sticking out about a foot. I went over one of them. It took at the bottom of my car and ripped the frame to shreds. The car was totaled. Hourly indicators only came down to around neutral and are just sitting there. Until they go negative benefit of the doubt goes with the trendlines. Which, in case you haven't noticed, are still all green. The 2 day cycle down
  3. There's now enough data for a 2-3 day cycle projection. Early returns have it at 4165.
  4. Energy and basic materials holding up ok. Tech is getting bombed.
  5. Although April 22 flash crash was worse. 1% is now a crash.
  6. A rather abrupt and dramatic Return to the Scene of the Crime pattern here.
  7. Can you just do a Control C on your chart and paste it into a post?
  8. I'm confused. The tickers say that the averages are still + on the day. Is that right?
  9. Get's serious below 4186. Day after FOMC often sets the trend.
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