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  1. Fed Begins Third Round of Quantitative Manipulation (QM3) - Professional Edition http://t.co/JsaVlZfo Read for 30 days risk free

  2. Is it a Whale, Is it Algos, Is it an Entity? Beware! - Russ Winter Short Podcast http://t.co/923OxDwd

  3. Romney genuinely seems to conceive of the lowest-earning half of the population as implacably hostile parasites. http://t.co/Vxh3P38i

  4. Romney really knows how to motivate the base... of the Democrats.

  5. I was actually going to protest this election by not voting, but Obama just became the lesser of two evils by default. Shit.

  6. Angry Fed shorts commodities in response to - Why QE3 Will Be Bad For The World, The Fed Swallowed the Dildo http://t.co/eoPmWHUO ;~)

  7. Market Update: I Fought the Fed and the... Fed Won - Pretzel Logic http://t.co/BvWmyLVa

  8. Are stocks in another bubble? Professional Edition http://t.co/D8L9nmPv Read for 30 days risk free.

  9. QE3 backfires from the outset - Professional Edition - http://t.co/rU5Js0Vf - Read for 30 days risk free.

  10. JonLaw: Fake jobs created during the credit bubble were worse than just being non-productive. They made things worse... http://t.co/qeLziGG7

  11. 6 Weeks Ago This anal cyst Said The S&P 500 ($SPX) Would Hit 1442 Within Six Weeks! http://t.co/uHr3sPYc

  12. OK, Professional Edition subscribers, I vow to post the Treasury Update before turning in tonight!

  13. Worst Fed Blunder In History? Radio Free Wall Street subscriber podcast. http://t.co/4VHvbGHq

  14. Phillies finally have a laugher after blowing last night's game. We can still dream, Phils fans. G'night!

  15. Why Is The Fed Panicking? Real Retail Sales Up 3.5% Annually http://t.co/daLO07Pb

  16. 10 Yr yield $TNX broke out above August high1.863. This will end very, very badly. One of worst Fed blunders ever. Bernanke is delusional.

  17. Bernanke Goes All In and Players Place Their Bets Knowing Unlimited Cash On the Way - Professional Edition http://t.co/a2p4z4hq

  18. Lauren Lyster Interviews Marc Faber on How to Hedge the Bernanke Put - Video http://t.co/ZuUWEeX4

  19. What da faq? From the capo de capo NY Fed. http://t.co/3GXl6Gyv

  20. Actual initial claims of 299,000 was the lowest for this week since Sept. 2007. Seasonally adjusted number again gives wrong impression.

  21. 52% of investors say Fed won't act- Conomists say 65% odds it will, but Fed still gets benefit of Synthetic QE http://t.co/sxpJ1QFg

  22. Essential reads from Richter, Krasting, CH Smith, Sober Look, Pretzel Logic, others. Scan blurbs and pick reads at http://t.co/kNDSwFbh,

  23. Market Hangs Around Chomping Away At Major Resistance- Will It Bite Back? - Professional Edition http://t.co/flSezHBn Read risk free 30 days

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