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  1. Doc... You're killing me. Seriously. Lucky bastard. In all seriousness. Awesome. Glad to finally see the dream come true. Best, TCG
  2. PMF... Appreciate the photos...beautiful. I'll tell you a quick story. The first time I landed in Manzanillo...I had flown in from Puerto Vallarta and after a few airplane bottles of Tequila...I was a couple of sheets to the wind. After all the up & down over the mountains...I fell asleep for a few minutes. As we we're landing...I could feel the plane diving a bit and woke up. The gals were scurrying quite quickly down the aisle and everyone seemed a little tense. I looked over out the window and ONLY saw water! For two seconds there...I thought we were going down! Damn airport was built next to the ocean. Best, TCG
  3. Now that we have the ^HUI Master Pattern Chart available... Let's take a look(and complete) this Series. Then...I'll be moving on...and not looking back. Always going forward...never looking back. The ^HUI Master Pattern Reference Chart will help to properly diagnose this series of charts. The Great Reset Unwind from March 29th... The Pattern! The Pattern within the Pattern! and finally. Through the Looking Glass. Best, TCG oh...and... Maybe even a pic or two Doc? I'd like to see a shot of your favorite street you stroll down to grab some bread or a cup of coffee. I'm quite envious and frankly...I'm also getting quite impatient to find a warmer climate...I haven't stuck my toes in the sand for two years.
  4. Well... The thing with a window is...no, scratch that. "Take it on the chin now....or next week." Somehow....I have a feeling the outcome will be just fine. Best, TCG oh...and... 34,200 is a favorite number. ^HUI finding support at 180(+5/-5).
  5. I'd personally like to see 4310 again. Best, TCG oh...and... next window. May 9-10
  6. Again. To understand most of what I'll be commenting on over the next two months. You'll need the Twin Peaks Reference Chart and it also wouldn't hurt to have a copy of this handy as well. "Did I hear you mention...the whole world depends on the ^HUI pattern chart at this time?" Yes, you did. From my perspective the whole world will follow the ^HUI Master Pattern Chart to its completion. Although, each individual market will vary in "distortion" based on liquidity(and excess). Expect the US to lead in both departments. 75% of all comments will be based on one chart or the other... With that said...if you looked over the Twin Peaks Reference Chart...this should be a walk in the park. Smile... The GLD is in the "RIGHT SIDE" dominant position. I'm going to say it one more time to drive the point home, then never mention it again. Cash. Is. A. Solid. Position. At. This. Time. Later? Not so much. Best Regards, The CoinGuy oh...and... Why do I not follow the gold and silver contract instead of the GLD and the SLV? Simple. One of the five methods I use for analysis(you've seen three so far) depends on up and down volume(over time), as well as the volume being released at the swing points. The contracts fail in their lack of continuity.
  7. Here is the first chart... You'll find out soon enough...my interest doesn't lie in what happens back to the March 23, 2020 lows. My interest lies in the advance from 2009...and below. Best Regards, The CoinGuy oh...and... UUP leveraged? No. Mirrors the contract.
  8. Good morning everyone... I'm going to be tossing my hat into the ring on that very subject myself - today. I just rolled out of bed, so I'm going to rehash this chart right here for a moment or two. I know its boring, probably getting tired of seeing it yet again. It's just the warm up to my chart that I'll be posting within the hour. I need to post a precursor chart to the gold chart first though. Huh? Oh, you'll see....soon enough. When I post a "Reference Chart" I ask you to please take the time to give it the once over and for those serious about adding "arrows to your quiver", please download it for future reference. Just about everything I mention for the next two months will reference these charts. Until then... The window is open from here until the 30th of April at midnight CST. Anything can happen(or not) TCG In light of Doc's comment(or not) on the euro this morning. In the UUP...that res at 27...wasn't even a blip on the radar. Watching 28...
  9. I'll repeat again for those weren't around when I initially posted this... "The window opens tomorrow and closes Saturday at midnight CST." That is why I said...I'm waiting for news. I still am... I'm taking the rest of the day off...it's too nice today to just sit inside. Best, TCG
  10. ph... My comment was in reference to gold, but I remember the issue. I expect more of this to crop up next go around. I'm actually looking forward to seeing what they come up with next. These guys are always quite creative when it comes to separating people from their capital. Never ceases to amaze me. The first time I heard the line, "What is a mine?". It's a whole with a liar on top. I couldn't help but smile...somebody nailed it in one sentence better than I could in 1000. Towards the end of the run I had to come up with a term for 1/2 the miners I was being asked to take a look at. I called it..the Junk Pile. "Oh, so you're playing in the junk pile again." Can't count how many times I had to type out those words. Best, TCG oh...and... As mentioned already, I sold my yellowcake, platinum and copper issues and kept the free shares. Currently hedging them with SH purchased at 14.23 or was it 14.32...can't remember. Who cares. 14 something. Won't revisit commenting on SH until it's popped through 15.25 and held it through a retest. Then...we can discuss the upside.
  11. No argument from me on that position... A few more comparison charts. I posted these because we were discussing the key 4200 level at the swing point on the S&P. I wanted to show other issues on both sides of their respective swings. I've moved back over to the DJI. I'm working on a few charts to this effect. I'm also working on another chart that is in a MAJOR Bubble. Hint? It's yellow(kind of) and you don't make cakes out of it. BEAR's repeating... If you don't short..."For a Time", Cash. Is. A. Solid. Position. Later on? Not so much... I'm beginning to believe people still don't see what is going on here right before their eyes. They're not waking up to it yet... This is a smackdown already in progress and the March 23, 2020 lows are the magnet for most issues. The liquidity gods giveth...and taketh away. Again...the formations are complete. The only thing left is...the downside. Best, TCG
  12. I'm calling it a day here gentlemen... I'm going to leave you with this thought. I normally don't like to jump too many steps ahead. So, I'm going to mention this briefly and move along... These patterns from the top(and NFLX, PYPL, AMD, NVDA et al...are helping form this opinion), I've seen these patterns many many times and I'm going to be posting charts to point out some of the highlights of each one so you can easily recognize them in other issue as this decline begins to unfold. Each form of the pattern has its own little signature moves. I'm actually working on the set of charts now...in my free time. Why mention this? I'm also seeing something else unfold at the same time. Right to the brass tacks. I don't know of any man in the world who has studied the patterns of all bubbles from the 1600's to the present as much as I have. I'm sure there are a few out there hiding in a back office somewhere...but not many. I mention this...because "in the fashion of acceleration" that were witnessing in these declines? In the names mentioned, the decline (in)"time" and "price"(destruction) is coming at a rate that would normally signal...that what we're seeing is only the first salvo. Meaning...expect a healthy snapback and what could possibly be a worst secondary leg thereafter. Worse in time...and...price. That. Is how I'm playing this decline. With that said... See you tomorrow. Best, TCG
  13. ^HUI. Think I already mentioned it...275 is the measurement of the short formation, but I'll be watching very closely how 235 is interacted with. For me...it's the key that unlocks(or denies) the territory underneath. Best, TCG
  14. From my perspective. It's just a continuation. 2000 never ended. I traded each leg of the crash in the Nasdaq on this very forum. From top to bottom. I will mention...my was handle was "Ora(c)l(e) of Omaha" before Doc kindly changed it for me. I showed up shortly after the site started. I think there were about 30 guys here when I showed up and that swelled up another 100 or so shortly after and just slowly expanded from there. While on that topic... Where's that tip button Doc? I remember being able to PP you some tip money now and then? Is the "Support your Local Stool Board" the right button to punch? Bread and pastries aren't free in France are they? TCG
  15. Well...my prayers about Mafiasoft fell on deaf ears. I'm doubling down. TCG
  16. Closing down over 500 on the NDX. Don't see that everyday. The gap is now filled at the swing on the $SPX. Although the DJI wouldn't give me my 33200. Seems stingy...it was only 40 points. I'll say it again. Tomorrow should be...interesting. If the Rev H&S is straight down instead of curved. 4130 will come fast. Best, TCG
  17. We're in the RS of the pattern I posted earlier...it doesn't look like a downer to me. I say this stops here. Although. I'd feel better with a rejection of 4200, which we haven't seen as of this post. Tomorrow should be interesting. Hell...this whole week should be. TCG
  18. I have to correct this post...my cousin was a mayor of North Platte, not Scott's Bluff. Apologize... TCG
  19. Coming into the last half hour...it should be interesting. If it doesn't reject(below 4200)...it should accelerate. TCG oh...and... BTC on the hourly. One way all day.
  20. The $SPX kicked the door hard while I was typing. If it breeches and holds...the next 90 will come fast. TCG
  21. PMF... And anyone else.... Don't be making any drop by offers you can't pay off on. The CoinGuy actually shows up. I retired at 25 in 1993...and I'm not limited by geographical location. I can be anywhere in the world within 24 hours. Smile. Offers to French Riviera, Cabo san Lucas. Yep. Better be careful...😀. I spent the early 90's visiting Cabo(and Puerto Vallarta), then I stayed in a place in Manzanillo for awhile. Haven't been to Mexico in over 20 years now... Currently in Nebraska(multiple cities). My family settled the state. I'm a fifth generation Nebraskan. Dealing with some health issues this year, then I'll be off to somewhere with a coast line for at least the next decade. I haven't decided where yet, but I'm avidly looking. Although, I do have someone twisting my arm VERY hard to plop down in Olathe for awhile. I'm having a hard time resisting... In the US I've lived in Florida, California, Kansas/Missouri(Kansas City), and Nebraska. Nebraska is my least favorite, but my roots here are very deep. I can't leave permanently... Best, TCG
  22. The news that's coming will kick, "The Son of a Bitch" through the swing point. Still waiting...patiently. TCG
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