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  1. 43 minutes ago, DrStool said:

    I might add that not only is it the final arbiter. It is the only arbiter. All of the arguments about news, and fundamentals and, yes, even liquidity, are pointless in the absence of good price analytics. And good price analytics alone will lead to good trading decisions. They are the only sole line of analysis that will do that consistently. None of the others will.   

    In 110% complete agreement.  This is excellent stuff Doc.  That's two days in a row and I do believe that qualifies as being on a roll...😊.


    I like the rejection yesterdays candle gave us at 4100...I'll be watching for follow-thru(aka: confirmation) that the bulls are still in charge.

    For today and the rest of the week...I'm keeping it simple.  I'm watching this gap...and what happens shortly thereafter.

    Famous turn dates in February are 12-13th, 16-17th...and as of late...the 24th.  Less famous...19-20th.

    Again...From Missouri.  Show me...



  2. 44 minutes ago, PullMyFinger said:

    I'm too damn old and cranky to put up with Colorado winters any longer.

    Just change Colorado to Nebraska and you've nailed my sentiment.

    I plan on putting toes in the sand...very soon.

    You're timing actually may be good here...looking forward to when you get settled.

    Take care...



    Viewing the 30m chart on this page?  Don't see that everyday...

  3. I hope you make a ton of Coin.  Smile.

    Probing below 4100 is fine...but holding it.  No...not fine.  I'd like to see a rejection right here and continue to the upside.  Otherwise...the daily would only need another down day for confirmation.

    After the rejection at 27.44...UUP is flying out of the hole.  Interesting developments all around. 

    The broad markets being the only exception...

    The CoinGuy

  4. 7 minutes ago, sandy beach said:

    Wishing you are quick and easy procedure and recovery!

    Thank you for the well wishes SB.  I was wondering where you were...for the last week when I drop in, I have been looking below to see the current posters in the forum and just about everyone has been accounted for besides you and PMF.

    Good to see you're still around the forum...

    Take care,



    SiP...thanks for posting that FTSE chart.  I haven't looked abroad in awhile and that completely caught me off guard.  Actually looks a little 'double top-ish'.  

    Full moon on Sunday.  I'll be watching Monday closely...

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  5. I'd like to continue posting full-time, but my life is about to get complicated...with a surgery tossed into the mix.  Although...laparoscopic in nature, so hopefully not as much downtime as the last go around. 

    I do recall making a promise to be here at each and every major turn going forward and it is my intention that I keep this promise as long as I'm alive...smile.

    To accelerate the process... 

    Perhaps, look back and see how many days the decline in the DJI was vs. the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 during the pandemic crash?

    I'll come along and give part two to that real soon.

    Then maybe one or three steps later and the dominoes just start falling.



    I know everyone likes to prognosticate on Friday's, then we usually come in Monday and the whole psychology of the markets has changed leaving everyone going...WTF?

    To me...nothing's changed from my early comment.  The upside doesn't feel finished.  If we leave doji's here without making new highs....could be a base for more repeats in Doc's pattern chart I just viewed above this post.

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  6. I'm not trying to be cryptic here.  If I just give it to you...it would never mean as much as discovering it for yourself.  I repeat enough that if anyone is remotely paying attention...they'll get it.

    Although...I've done my best not to repeat too much as of late.  During late summer, early fall...that's about all I was doing.

    I normally limit the movies I watch to the classics(I prefer 1940's), but "A Beautiful Mind" I have seen...



  7. fxfox...

    Some months only have a couple, some months are loaded.   November, February, May and August are the worst. 

    Opposites....get it.

    Think about this...

    What day did they raid mar-a-lago?

    What day did they pass the Inflation Reduction Act?

    Ok...now...how many days in between? 

    And...what date is in the middle?

    Numerically speaking...what day of the year is that?

    There is SO much...I'd like to say that just goes unsaid.  Rest assured...the dates are attempting to fill in the blanks.

    Add/Subtract 4 months...Add/Subtract 6 months(Remember...I use 4, 7, 10, 40, 100, 200, 300 day periods as well).

    As time goes on...a "pattern" will arise.


  8. 29 minutes ago, DrStool said:

    I've had a crazy week with contractors coming and going. But it's almost done, thank gawd. 

    I feel for ya Doc...I'm just starting down this road myself.  Trying to get everything in shape to go up for sale - soon.  

    Will leave one property here(essentially for storage!), but plan on moving everything else to the coast...and as discussed.  The water...


  9. 18 minutes ago, DrStool said:

    I remain bullish for now.

    I thought we'd have a clean resolution by Friday...although, you know how these things go.  I think I'd personally feel better if I saw another burst to the upside.  In the new "Twin Peaks" Revisited chart I circled 42.50 for a reason.  I'd like to see 4250 tested since we're already up here.   I'm holding off any judgement until I sense weakness.  Thus far...since it broke the high on the 23rd...not much of that, eh?  Smile.  the only thing bothering me here is the metals/oil complex.  Well...they're not going in the same direction anymore are they?  I'm watching that relationship closely.  There was a head fake or two back in 2008...

    I will note the SLV in 2011...topped at 47.50 AND...the drop below 32.50 was the death knell.



  10. Good morning...It's Friday. 

    After quickly perusing yesterdays comments...not a Windows fan.  At all.  Microsoft is one of my top five hated companies, right next to nVidia.  I will mention...our servers run on Linux.

    Onto my comment...

    I'm going to repost the "Twin Peaks" Formation Reference Chart.  Please recall, there are two main varieties to the pattern and several variations. 


    And then follow up with "Twin Peaks Revisited".  Our current chart of the SPX is mirroring the SLV variation and this is what I've been watching unfold since the beginning of December. 

    An acceleration...is the killshot.


    Mark 'Dead in the Eyes" Zuckerberg made a few billion yesterday.  So...let's use the Facebook(Meta) topping pattern as an example of recent Twin Peaks action.   Can you see it?  If you  can see it...you can definitely trade it.  Although...I want to mention so it doesn't go unnoticed.  There is no secondary peak is there?  And...there doesn't have to be.

    From my perspective Facebook will give you a very good roadmap for what lies ahead in 2023 - in the broader markets.  Because...as I've said a million times.  "The SPX is one step behind the Nasdaq."


    I've laid out my argument.  The crash starts...here.


    The CoinGuy


    So it's easy to reference.  I'm adding a chart of Facebook during 2020-2022 advance...then decline.  I left the chart blank, although...I did draw a line at 150, then 140 as food for thought.


    I'm going to repeat...

    2,25(x) to 2,24(x) will get touched in the SPX. 

    At that time...Poof. 

    I'll be gone.



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