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  2. Freightos Baltic Index (FBX): Global Container Freight Index https://fbx.freightos.com
  3. They will force some banks to reliquify within the next 4 weeks 😂 Problem could be that real life problems are so big that they decide to sacrifice stocks and of course they gonna cheer - rightfully - the total destruction of Buttcoin. On Christmas 2022 Buttcoin will have died, some Bitcoin miners imprisoned and the rest marked as „Nazis!“ in the mass media. Ok, I exaggerated a bit, but you get the picture. 😂✌🏻
  4. The almighty $ speaks again.....(remember, it is all about the kids and education, right?) (or is that going green with massive air travel) https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/34173688/source-usc-ucla-considering-move-pac-12-big-ten >: a lot of frequent flier miles.....(Rutgers to UCLA/USC)
  5. Fed will assume it's bleeding hemorrhoids when it's actually colon cancer.
  6. I doubt it. Their stress tests assumed -55% stocks and -40% CRE, and they said banks would still have adequate capital. They are of course wrong on both counts, but I suspect they will close their eyes as they bleed out the ass until then.
  7. FED should not step in until we have seen the Corona lows. But have the feeling they can‘t stand the pressure and step in much earlier. 😔
  8. and the day ends on another joke.......(or is that "rebalancing") (did I just see ~15 spx points in less than 5 seconds) smooth >: Cleveland Guardians? thats their name, really........
  9. I am seeing more digital rectal exam patterns lately. such as the one on the hourly chart over the last couple of hours.
  10. OMG. I didn't YYZ stood for anything. Spent hours trying to master that song on bass in high school. Had a Rickenbacker 4001... just like Geddy.
  11. Got it last week....."from a friend" comes with a Toronto Live show from 81 "Live in YYZ" >: For many years/decade - did not know that YYZ stood for Toronto's Airport
  12. Side 1 of Moving Pictures is about as close to perfect as an album gets for someone that fits my old geezer demographic. They just announced a 40th anniversary release. Think I'm gonna pack it in for the day, go put on some Rush and turn the volume way up the instant I hear the intro to Limelight. Catch y'all tomorrow.
  13. the first time I remember listening to them and actually knowing who they were, I was listening to my sister's 8-track of Moving Pictures. 😁
  14. Me too. Rush was pretty much the soundtrack to my college years. R.I.P. Neil Peart.
  15. Ahhhh, the appearance of freewill. "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."
  16. The hard downmove was due to settlement and the upmove is due to EOQ window dressing and some shorts locking in profits so that they appear on their books. The downmove was real, the upmove is just technical. That‘s my interpretation. When I look around many think that the high in rates is in. We will see…
  17. OK, so the downtrend channel is broken, but I think we're just in a weak flat up phase. If they don't clear 3795, we'll tank later.
  18. Cusping is when the market doesn't go up, and goes down instead, or vice versa. It's like when I'm dating two nice women and one of them tells me, you must decide between me and the other one. And I say, "But I can't decide" And she says, Alrighty then.
  19. We're cusping. Technical Trader Lee Adler’s proprietary cycle analysis with market trend and position ideas for investors and weekly individual stock swing trade ideas for traders. Click here to subscribe. 90 day risk free trial!
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