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We don't know and neither do they.

Rate Cuts and the Madness of Cows

Stepan N. Stool, PH &D (12/19/00) 

Dr. Stool never ceases to be amazed at the stupidity of  male cows. The herd made up its mind that the Fed WILL cut rates, that that rate cut will stop the economy's collapse, and that corporate profits will soon recover. 

Wake up male cows, one rate cut, even if it comes Tuesday, ain't gonna cut it. Remember, it took four rate hikes to stop the market from going uphill too fast, and two more to turn the economy around. How is one rate cut going to stop the economy from going downhill too fast? 

All that drunken partying the last three years left us broke. There's no damn money in the kitty. We owe every penny that we make to someone else, and we're not going to be able to pay all our creditors.

Now the bulls stampede again even before the Fed cuts rate. And Bush tells Greenspan he's sticking with his tax cut. Think those things just might give the Board pause? We'll see today. (Ed. note - The Fed changed it's bias to a rate cut but did not cut rates that afternoon.)

By the way, you heard it here first. The day the Sue Premes and that slick Republican legal team ran out the clock on the Dimmy Crats, Dr. Stool told you, "Now, for sure, Florida's votes are going to be counted, every last one of them, probably by a consortium of news organizations." Lo and behold today, comes the Miami Herald (Knight Ridder), the Associated Press, and the Washington Post, who've begun counting the votes in Broward County, using two different standards.

So won't that be fun! 

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Dr. Stool likes Lycos's Quote.com Livecharts, with real time intraday market averages, with indicators. (Dr. Stool especially likes it because it's free.) Give it an exam from here.

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(Yeah, Yeah, free, free, free. That's why they're all goin' broke fergodsakes. Dr.S.)


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