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Testing, Testing

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Posted 09 September 2009 - 01:44 AM

Kinky Over The Counter unregulated exotica.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

"Herro, Mr. Barrick? This is the Margin Man. prease wire transfer immediately...or else." :unsure: :P


Dumbasses at large...

A $5.6 billion charge to earnings will be recorded in the third quarter as a result of a change in accounting treatment for the contracts

They aquired their bulk and control of most of the gold in the ground using their hedge book and resulting credit combined as a weapon against their unhedged opponents who were unarmed, however since 2001 it's been the Death of a Thousand Cuts.

All in all it's just the usual Wank Street printing press of crap common for the dirty unwashed masses, swallowed whole with a sheepish look and a low mutterance of please sir can I have some more...

Now where did I put my bowl?..... :unsure:
Anthony caused pearls to be dissolved in wine to drink the health of Cleopatra; Sir Richard Whittington was as foolishly magnificent in an entertainment to King Henry V; and Sir Thomas Gresham drank a diamond, dissolved in wine, to the health of Queen Elizabeth, when she opened the Royal Exchange; but the breakfast of this roguish Dutchman was as splendid as either. He had an advantage, too, over his wasteful predecessors: their gems did not improve the taste or the wholesomeness of their wine, while his tulip was quite delicious with his red herring.here

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