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#46 Sea urchin

Sea urchin

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Posted 18 August 2009 - 01:00 AM

US Postal Service in big trouble too.

It's sad but true... :huh:
A well-developed system successfully adapted to an environment will eventually has to fail due to changes in an environment... :(

The record industry comes to mind.
In Tokyo, I used to know a coffee shop that used bamboo needles to play plastic records, even though many years passed after the demise of old plastic records industry. The owner was said to prepare a couple of bamboo needles by himself every morning. It's really dingy place and I sometimes wondered about safety in case of an earthquake but it was famous and frequented by well-known writers etc.

When you order a cop of coffee, it came with a milk in a small container placed on the saucer. One day, I was looking closely the container without any reason and noticed a thread (or groove?) inside the small container. I realized it was a plastic cap of a cosmetics like cheap lotion or something.

Hope still it is in business. :unsure:

#47 nymphcaster


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Posted 18 August 2009 - 01:32 AM

If the government can't afford existing medicare and social security as well as other obligations, isn't this public health debate largely moot? The Zimbabwe money printing machine cannot go on for ever. So far, it has reached a level where nearly all families have to work two jobs to provide what one dad supplied in the 50's.

The first order of business would seem to be stopping foreign payments and foreign wars we can ill afford. I see Bush II as our entree to something similar to Russia's post-Afghanistan credit crisis, combined with the gambling mecca of Wall Street playing with other people's money in a "let them eat cake" mentality, by taking obscene risks and laying off those risks via the credit agencies "cow" ratings methodology or AIG-type assine gambles. Make more revolting by the obscene amounts the gambles took as salary and bonuses when they spun the roulette wheel and it came up: leverage entities using your money broke.

Nonetheless, I would be appalled at any law that would require everyone to enroll in any existing health insurance entity where the costs frequently go up 40 percent a year, while the maximum pay-out stays the same year in/year out.

#48 shorty


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Posted 18 August 2009 - 02:53 AM

hello joe

got putz?

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