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If it's blatant, it must be futures

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#31 nymphcaster


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Posted 29 July 2009 - 01:51 AM

I'm "voting" for a tad more discussion and contact with bean-counters before turning the world upside down.

Terrible that people don't have health care. Many don't because they don't even buy a catastrophic policy and spend more on liquor or other "fun" things (like the entire gambling industry).

Why does health care go up each year? I expect it is a bunch of reasons, but one is all the people who use health care but don't pay for it. Bill skippers. I think hospitals are a terrible investment, like airlines. Such a terrible investment, that I wonder whether airlines could ever turn it around. Something I would consider well before the hospital.

If you get the people who can't pay for the care to pay, you'd be better off. But as I understand it, their situation has worsened and many don't buy insurance and instead go on the public dole, which renowns to the hospitals, who want an everyman pays program versus the crippling usage of ERs, among other problems.. I believe they want everyman to pay whether they get the same care or not. For the hospitals, it's finding a way, whether by overtreating the insured or undertreating the underinsured. In any event, I think it has gotten bad enough for the hospitals that somebody better do something. I think that's the part left out on the health care message: all hospitals going bankrupt. So, even if you have insurance: you hospital is done. But they don't say that directly. Nonetheless, passing some giant of legislation no one has read is a hugely bad idea. Nobody understands it, and alternatives have not be publicized.

In the end, if the economy doesn't get in order, its irrelevant. We'll be any number of countries that can't take care of their vulnerable citizens.

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Posted 29 July 2009 - 07:14 AM


Why not get the giant vampire squid...oops i mean goldmember to pay a fee for the debt guarnatee it recieves from the US government.

The Australian Government charges its banks a fee for the guarantee.

And the banks are more than willing to pay for it.

Why does goldmember get a freebie??????????

Who else is getting a government guarantee on their debt

I know I am not!!!!

The rates are

Credit Rating Debt Issues Up to 60 Months
AA 0.70%
A 1.00%
BBB and Unrated 1.50%

Now if Goldmember is borrowing $30 bill guaranteed thats $210 million a year the US government is leaving on the table - a free gift to Goldmember.

Seems rather generous doesnt it????

Given there recent profitability and large bonus payments they seem to be more than able to afford a fee.

Actually Im sure Goldmember will soon announce that it will voluntarily pay such a fee for the guarantee in the spirit of being a good corporate citizen :ninja: :ninja: :ninja:

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