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Posted 27 August 2007 - 01:58 AM

Some things change little.  (Like the Japanese trashing their own currency.)

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Pull up a long-term chart of the yen - say, from the end of Bretton Woods to today - and compare it to a dollar chart for the same period.


They don't trash their currency nearly as well as we do......

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All that

....and a bag of rice.

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Anthony caused pearls to be dissolved in wine to drink the health of Cleopatra; Sir Richard Whittington was as foolishly magnificent in an entertainment to King Henry V; and Sir Thomas Gresham drank a diamond, dissolved in wine, to the health of Queen Elizabeth, when she opened the Royal Exchange; but the breakfast of this roguish Dutchman was as splendid as either. He had an advantage, too, over his wasteful predecessors: their gems did not improve the taste or the wholesomeness of their wine, while his tulip was quite delicious with his red herring.here

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Posted 27 August 2007 - 02:24 AM

Asia Pacific Markets are opening and gapping higher 1-2%

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looks like a Gap 'N' Crap in Jap

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Posted 27 August 2007 - 03:11 AM

FYI. NTO was my favorite and only Long term buy hold stock last year. Mofos sold most of  their stellar properties to Yamana gold. Cashed out the next day. If you like NTO you should be all over Yamama. No position here but looking to add. Still think everything gets sold on the next major down move. SPX 1250 and possibly-1180. Then I ll think about buying for more than a scalp. Trade Safe

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A couple days ago, some stooly posted a link to a newspaper article that has a list of companies holding illiquid CPs (or somthing). Some of the companies like IVN hold them, about 40 percent of their assets (or something). I recall that NTO was mentioned, though not high, probably a 5 percent range. :(

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Posted 27 August 2007 - 04:25 AM

That 1973 chart is what Al calls "face of god" pattern, he's a little out there with the chaos stuff. Her's the chart he put out.

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I just don't understand much of the technical stuff despite my having studied it for many years.

Al Larson talks about chaos theory and then he also talks about fractals. I can understand matching the current pattern with 1987/1929 or whatever. But doesn't chaos theory, at the bottom line, say that if there is a pattern, then that is no indication of what the next time period might be?

Moving up the ladder of theory there is Einstein's Brownian motion work that puts a predictable limit on values.

We can also use the term of a non-stochastic event or like what some quants say is a double digit standard deviation event.

If chaos is predictable, then is it really chaos?

I used to follow Larson several years ago, and agree that he seems to be a good trader by timely reacting to a pattern. But after a period of time, I became disinchanted with his "predictions" over the short or longer terms.

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Chaos is a term that attempts to bridge the Gap between science and theology by a rather loose usage of the term; really a matter of convenience, the need to label something.

If you're going to do science, and cannot get an instrument sensitive enough to measure the minutest grain of reality, you resort to prabability; this is not a certificate for licensing phenomonae, too subtle for current scientific methods to
measure precisely, as being Anarchical, or chaotic

Its merely a mathematical convenience one resorts to at a moment when the investigating sciientist reaches a cul-de-sac..

Because if you're sincerely labeling an event as chaotic, that is, acausal and indetermanite you are bordering on the statistical equivalent of what Theologians rightfully call a miracle...

beardrech :ph34r: :ph34r:

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Posted 27 August 2007 - 06:54 AM


1/ What the market does not know

2/What the market knows BUT IGNORES

3/ What the market knows BUT DOES NOT IGNORE

The CDO crash is a classic step 2 to step 3 conversion.

You can make a fortune out of publikly availabe information that the market ignores.

The market IGNORES certain types of information as long as possible.

US is a market rich in "IGNORED" information.

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