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G-String Bullhorning Love Fest

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#16 Sudaca


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 05:57 PM


Doesnt this remind you of August ? When the rest of the world was breaking out to new highs, US small caps were breaking out, breadth was breaking out, but most US indexes were lagging? It can break down and end on monday for all I know, but I fell like I've seen this movie before, and it wasn't that long ago

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Thanks, David

#17 BeerMarket


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 06:02 PM

expensive lunch today as I stayed short AMAT and came back after most of the damage was done. decided to see what monday would bring but charts no doubt look more bullish after today. otoh not ignoring the ugly action in the semis yd before today's words from Pru and others. hard to pick a "favorite" call, but Pru lowered XLNX from overweight to underweight while at the same time raising its price target from $26 to $30. so poor XLNX was up only 2+%.

#18 wndysrf


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 06:06 PM

A couple of housing bubble retailers..........

I overlooked these two.......

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Posted Image
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#19 jickiss


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 06:08 PM

jickiss is back!


wowiezowie: 99N robs mother hubbard! brilliant explaination of seemingly complex events, and very well written, to boot!


your jickiss (thankfully????) only says, this day, that in the words of Dines, from back in "the old days:"

"A trend in motion stays in motion until it actually reverses."

will your jickiss' TOL june 50 putz expire WORTHLESS, or will the Ultimate Pairs Chart Reverse, and save da Trade?????

what are the odds???? 50-1 against your jickiss??? 100-1 against jickiss??

:unsure: :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:

Rock, Scissors, Paper, ALL ARE TRUMPED by the power of the Flaming Foobars!

The Ultimate Pairs, now locked in a perfect Foobar Uptrend!!!!!

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"Every Bubble ends in fear and panic. This one will too." --Machinehead, March 29, 2005

On September 06, 2006, TRE closed at $6.50.
On September 19, 2006, CDE closed at $46.30 (adjusted for reverse split)

On Oct. 17, '06, Goldman (GS) closed at $183.07 (jickiss Sell) whilst Newmont (NEM) closed at $43.24 (jickiss Buy).

"Politics in America has become a playground of fictions. The politicians tell the public what the public wants to hear. Whether the question is social security, education, budget deficits or national security, the public wants to believe that things aren�t so bad." --Written by J.R. Nyquist, December 8, 2006.

"Private sector employees will never retire, they will work literally to death, dying sick broke and busted with absolutely no hope whatsoever." -- Shorty, on March 15, 2009.

"Luck is the most precious commodity in the world." Brisbane Bear, October 25, 2007.

"Luck favors the prepared mind." Mr. James Dines, back in the 80s, in "The Dines Letter."

"With Luck, anything is Possible, but without Luck, virtually nothing Good ever happens." --- The jickiss Mantra, sad but True.

#20 wndysrf


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 06:10 PM


I think the clue was that while we were having our correction, Europe refused to sell off, and Oz Land continued to Boner Up to new, all-time highs.......

Now it appears that the Emerging Market Exotica will leave us in the dust.

Bloomberg TV reporting today that most of the Fumble Inflows went into "international stock funds"......

Biggest outflow were in "Big Cap Value" funds......

So that's why the drug companies, phone companies, etc. are not participating in this melee, yet some third world telco companies are up huge.......
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#21 wndysrf


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 06:13 PM

This thing gave a buy signal 4 days ago.........

Hasn't been updated today.

Its been the best swing trading indicator yet........

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#22 wndysrf


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 06:17 PM

Seems like the best way to jack up your stock price is to announce that you are getting into the casino business.

The Chart House decides to buy some two bit, tired casino in Vegas for $140 million, and the stock goes wild.

As usual, other casinos get ramped as well, as all of them suddenly become acquisition targets.......

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Posted Image
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The Weimar Run: Bullphoria!!!!

#23 wndysrf


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 06:24 PM

Monster high volume breakout on this one..........

Farm belt is booming.....

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The Weimar Run: Bullphoria!!!!

#24 tradermark


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 06:24 PM

This thing gave a buy signal 4 days ago.........

Hasn't been updated today.

Its been the best swing trading indicator yet........


That is correct. I have been using this very simple indicator for along time. Very effective. Even better when it aligns with the 13 day and 4 week cycle. Simple as that, if you are a short term trader.

#25 tdultima


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 06:32 PM

This thing gave a buy signal 4 days ago.........

Hasn't been updated today.

Its been the best swing trading indicator yet........


Where can I find that?

Link plz :D

#26 machinehead


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 06:38 PM

Ben and Frank Raines made their way to Ben's favorite table near the dance floor in the Leather 'n Lace, stumbling over a couple of chairs on their way across the room. They were pretty wasted after consuming that blunt in Rock Creek Park. Though it had been a sunny winter afternoon, it felt good now to sit down in this warmer, darker ambience.

The waitress brought a tray with the dozen draft beers they'd ordered. Raines hoisted his first glass toward Ben. "To Bob Marley -- born sixty years ago Sunday."

"Cheers," Ben replied, lifting his glass in response. "Very appropriate, too. We're practically a couple of rastas ourselves this evening."

Raines winked at him. He removed a small engraved gold case from his jacket pocket, opened it to reveal several dozen white lozenges, and held it out toward Ben.

"What's that?" Ben asked.

"Vicodin. Go ahead, my man, take a couple of them."

"Errr, thanks," replied Ben, knocking back the tablets with a long draught of beer. "What's it for?"

"It'll make you mellow," Raines asserted, helping himself to a couple of pills as well. "After all, didn't Thorstein Veblen say that the gentleman of leisure becomes a connoisseur in creditable viands, manly beverages, dancers and narcotics?"

"In Theory of the Leisure Class, wasn't it?" Ben ventured.

"Yeah. Not that anybody cares about literature anymore in this philistine town," Raines added with a dismissive wave, gulping down a third Vicodin with his third beer just for good measure.

"They still care about leisure, though," Ben joked, draining his second beer in a fruitless effort to keep up with Raines.

At this moment Monica appeared, leaning over to give Ben a quick buss on the cheek. "This is Kimberly," she said, indicating her companion. Cherub-faced, in a bowler hat and silver gown, Kimberly was small, lithe and black. Bending one knee in a little curtsey, she took a seat next to Raines, setting her hat on the cocktail table. Ben commanded a round of drinks for all.

Monica -- looking as lovely as he'd remembered -- diverted Ben with light banter, while Kimberly got acquainted with Raines. Monica steered away from any of Ben's work-related topics, such as his provocative comments about counterfeit currency which had upset her during their last evening together.

Since it was still early, with few customers present, Monica asked whether they'd like to dance to the familiar tunes that the deejay was playing. "Why not?" said Ben, as Raines and Kimberly joined them on the dance floor for an up-tempo number.

"Now change partners," Monica proposed gaily as the song ended, moving over to share a dance with Raines. Ben found himself facing Kimberly as the male singer's amused voice counted "one, two, three, fo-our" in a molasses drawl that indicated a slow-dance number. She was a head shorter than him, and incredibly petite. As she placed her brown arms on his shoulders, Ben ran the tip of his index finger down the slight bristle of dark hair at the nape of her neck. A shiver hit him like an electric shock. Turning his head aside, he held a handkerchief to his face. It was as if he had to sneeze, but couldn't.

"What?" she asked, alarmed.

"Sorry ... I'm okay now," Ben apologized, shakily getting back into the rhythm. The red spotlights cast a sharp golden glow on the hardwood floor. The output meters of the deejay's amplifier danced to the beat. Through a clerestory window, Ben saw a moon gone gibbous. Suddenly recognizing the song, he was transported as if through a tunnel in the air to another dance, another time. The scene was limned with a pellucid clarity that cut cleanly through the smoke and alcohol and hydrocodone haze. His hand fitted the curve at the small of her back the same way, absently sliding down to check for panty line. They moved slowly to the unfolding of the verses:

I know that time's gonna take its toll
We'll have to pay for the love that we stole
Cause it's a sin and we know that we're wrong
Oh, but our love keeps comin' on strong
You and me
At the dark end of the street
You and me ...

As the final chords died out, Kimberly led Ben back to the table. Monica and Raines stayed on the floor for the next number. Noting Ben's thousand-yard stare, Kimberly let him sit quietly for a few moments, lost in his reverie.

"You look like you're somewhere else," she observed, gently breaking the silence.

"It's strange," Ben responded. "I was in two places at once."

"Where was the other place?" Kimberly asked.

"South Carolina," Ben answered. "Where I grew up."

After pausing for a minute, he went on. "My parents had arranged for me to be married to a girl named Ellen ... part of their European tradition, I guess. She was practically Charleston royalty -- a great great grandniece of Judah Benjamin, Jefferson Davis's Secretary of War and Secretary of State -- a dark-eyed sephardic beauty."

"We attended her high school prom in Charleston. There was a gibbous moon, just like tonight. She was in an apple-green dress with dark-green velvet ribbons dangling from her bosom and tuberoses in her black hair ..."

"You sound like you're quoting from Gone With the Wind," observed Kimberly.

"Actually, I am," Ben laughed. Then his face grew more somber. "I told her that I'd been accepted at Harvard, and wouldn't be staying with her in South Carolina as we'd planned. As she stared at me too stunned to speak, tears gathering in her dark eyes, the band was playing that song."

"Dark End of the Street?" Kimberly inquired.

"Yeah. You probably listened to James Carr's version of it?"

"I have, but I like Gram Parsons's better," she asserted.

"How did you happen to come across his music?" Ben asked, intrigued at her improbable knowledge.

"It's kind of a shaggy dog story like yours," Kimberly laughed. "I had a boyfriend from Savannah who was in the merchant marine. Gerald was dark-haired, chisel-jawed. Black Irish, he said. Maybe he was part Cherokee, I don't know."

"He sneaked me onto a freighter bound for Cape Town. In his little stateroom under deck, he played that album Gilded Palace of Sin a lot. He 'splained to me that country music is white man's blues. And pedal steel is the instrument by which he cries out to his Maker. That and harmony vocals."

"And believe it or not, as alien as that twangy country sound was to me, somewhere crossing the equator I got it. I really got the pristine purity of that music."

"When we got to Cape Town, it was high summer. The Atlantic was blue and cold in the sunshine. I couldn't believe how the purple mass of Table Mountain brooded over the city."

"It was the farthest south I've ever been."

"In their New Year street celebrations, the cape coloured people slapped shoe polish on our cheeks. With our faces streaked and smeared like that, Gerald took me into a little shop on Strand Street, just down from the flower market. He bought me this Krugerrand as a memento of our trip. Gerald is long gone now, but his words that night stayed with me," Kimberly said, showing Ben the heavy coin.

"He said, 'gold will endure long after Satan's wuthless paper money is banished back to hell.'"

"Hmmph," Ben sniffed, crossing his arms.

Seeing his reaction, Kimberly changed the subject. "Getting back to the music ... did you know it was just a few blocks away from here, at Clyde's in Georgetown, where Gram Parsons met Emmylou Harris?"

Just as she finished speaking, Monica and Raines returned to the table. Raines looked deeply agitated.

"Excuse me, Kimberly. What's up, Frank?" Ben asked.

Raines leaned over to whisper in Ben's ear. "Just got the call, Ben. The Fannie situation has blown sky high. Deloitte & Touche discovered the negative net worth ... this hits the wires on Monday. The derivatives counterparties are going to be stopped in their tracks."

As Ben whistled in shocked amazement, Raines motioned to the waitress. "Could you call a car for me? I'm headed to Dulles."

"You're just ... leaving straight from here?" asked Ben. "On an international flight?"

"I sort of knew this day would come," Raines responded. "My preparations were already made. Fortunately I still have some friends in high places -- and low places too! -- looking after me."

"Your car's here," the doorman announced.

Rising from his chair, Raines picked up Kimberly's bowler hat as a prop, held it to his chest, and bowed solemnly to the group. Quickly he kissed Monica and Kimberly, and then grasped Ben's hand.

"See you soon, Ben?" he asked softly, with a quizzical look. Then he was gone.


Bob Marley
Posted Image

source: http://www.bobmarley.com/

Thorstein Veblen
Posted Image

source: http://www.mnc.net/norway/veblen.html

Judah Benjamin
Posted Image

source: http://www.civilwarh...es/benjamin.jpg

Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell
Posted Image

source: http://www.gwtw.org/
also: Margaret Mitchell biography

James Carr
Posted Image

source: http://www.haystackp...m/2534ee00.html

Gram Parsons
Posted Image

source: http://www.gramparsons.com/
also: 'Snake Handlers & Holy Rollers' - live concert review

Emmylou Harris
Posted Image

source: http://www.kgsr.com/...des/emmylou.htm
"GOLD -- it's not just for misers anymore."

"Dollahs -- fire-starters for the K-wave winter." - Drano

"Three humps and a dump." - anotherone, 21 SEP 2004

"No gold was harmed in the making of this movie." - Bizarro Greenspan

[i]"Da Track. Da place where Morons bet on Animals Controlled by Criminals."
- our jickiss

#27 Private Skidmark

Private Skidmark

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Posted 04 February 2005 - 06:51 PM

MH pens another chapter in the great American novel.
The highest compliment you can pay a man today is that hes a fairly convincing approximation of a real person.

"You trade physical gold with balls, not with a ruler, until your balls get pressed into ball oil and you're forced to obtain your meals from the dumpster behind the local Krispy Kreme. And then the sun comes out again." - Skidmark

"If you can't stand the heat, break the thermometer in the kitchen." - Benjamin S. Bernanke upon ceasing publication of M3 data

#28 Drano


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 06:52 PM

More good publicity for Pfizer:Psychologist says Zoloft Made Boy Kill

psychologist testified at a boy's murder trial Friday that the antidepressant Zoloft caused the 12-year-old to kill his grandparents with a shotgun and burn their house down.

"I think there is a very strong case to say the drug has caused a problem," said Dr. David Healy, an expert from Britain. "I'm saying at the time this murder happened, he did not have the capacity to know right from wrong."

Of course I'm caustic!


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 06:53 PM

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. My weekly fix.

Machinehead, the more segments you add, the more I look forward to the next one. It's just excellent; I hope you put it all together and publish it some day.

One nitpicky factual editorial comment: It's not Deloitte & Touche, it's Toilette & Douche.

#30 Black Prince

Black Prince

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Posted 04 February 2005 - 06:54 PM

About a year ago when Wolanchuk said that the VIX would go to 9 before this was all over I thought he was taking to many drugs. Apparently not the case.
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