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B4 The Bell Moonday October 25

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#241 traderfromhell


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Posted 25 October 2004 - 09:06 PM

Florida will be close. again. and the losing side will say that the machines were tampered with and results cannot be verified. it could lead to a repeat election on paper ballot. or not. it could lead to civil war.

As long as there's food on the table and cable tv this bunch will sit this civil war out thank you.
Don't steal. The government hates competition.

#242 Hiding Bear

Hiding Bear

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Posted 25 October 2004 - 09:09 PM

Part II of Guardian UK story I posted last night:

For Ohio's jobless who receive no dole, this is a referendum on the welfare state

Bush v Kerry: Battle for the economy

David Teather and Larry Elliott in Cleveland
Tuesday October 26, 2004
The Guardian

Theressia Gresham's unemployment cheques stopped arriving two months ago. Ms Gresham, who lives in Cleveland, Ohio, lost her job as a forklift driver at the beginning of the year and has been unable to find work since. The United States government will pay just 26 weeks of benefits before cutting workers loose to fend for themselves. The Bush administration, convinced that the economy is on the rebound, recently ended a programme extending the payments a further 13 weeks. She can't afford to be ill because she has no healthcare insurance, although she has developed high blood pressure and diabetes since being unemployed.
Ms Gresham, 42, who has worked all her life, now spends her days at the United Labor Agency, a federally funded organisation that helps people get back to work, sending out job applications, researching on the internet and hoping. America's flexible labour market is much admired by the International Monetary Fund and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, but the downside to the dynamism is that for those who fall on hard times life is cruel. There are 93,000 people in Ohio who are now living without unemployment benefits and Theressia is one of them.

"I've exhausted everything," she says, looking close to tears. "I have no income. Sometimes my mother loans me money but she is an elderly woman. I can't get the medications I need. I didn't even know the unemployment was going to stop. My rent was due Saturday and I told my landlord I would have it by the end of the week, but I probably won't. This is just awful."

The United States treasury secretary John Snow last week told an audience in Ohio that the oft-cited jobs lost under the presidency of George Bush were a myth. He later had to retract the claim: Ms Gresham and millions like her are the reality - a working-class that the government and much of America would rather ignore.


#243 EasyAl


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Posted 25 October 2004 - 09:13 PM

An indication of different era:

NEW YORK -- The New York Stock Exchange said a membership seat was sold for $1.05 million, down $50,000 from the previous sale on Oct. 15.

The transaction left seat prices down 60% from their high of $2.65 million, which was reached in August 1999 amid the late 1990s bull market in stocks, and off 22% from where they stood a year ago.

#244 wndysrf


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Posted 25 October 2004 - 09:40 PM

While on the subject of computers......

I had a couple of those no-name box assemblers located here in Manhattan Beach.

Unfortunately, the local Fry's superstore ran them out of business.

Ever since, I have owned 6 Dell notebooks.

The notebooks are not particularly different than various clone models available, but my experience with Dell service has been exceptional.

I always purchase the extended on-site warranty.

My last notebook burned up a motherboard, two batteries, an A/C adaptor, a keyboard, and a screen over a period of 3 years.

Keep in mind that I use my notebook 24/7 and usually wear the letters off the keyboard. I take it to Baja with me to pull in weathermaps off the SW radio. I take it in my backpack on my streetbike when riding so I can go online in a Starbucks. I take it every weekend to the motocross track to listen to Ike, Puplava, Gary K, etc. on the 1 1/2 hr. drive in traffic each way.

Every time something breaks, I call "Dell India", and they FedEx the part to my office the next day, and send a technician to replace the broken part on site. Each repair has never taken more than 30 minutes, so I never really had any downtime, never had to take it back to a store, or ship it off anywhere for repairs.

The on-line tech support people are always very capable.

I just bought a new Dell 3 months ago, with a 4-year warranty.

One of my old notebooks was given to my mom, and it still works after 6 years.

My bank now purchases 100% of its hardware from Dell, except for an occasional Cisco router.

So Kudos to Dell. Its stock is overpriced, but I'd never short it.......

I still miss the digitheads at DataByte here in Manhattan Beach. Wonder where they ended up.........
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#245 dozer


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Posted 25 October 2004 - 09:51 PM

In Bush v. Gore, the SC ran away from its ruling by saying that it can't be used as precedent. It weakened states rights and transferred then to the courts. But I don't think the SC will be able to get away from the implications of their decision anyway, since they can be applied to all states and not just Florida.

IMHO in the possible post-election chaos to come, both parties will use the contorted logic of Bush v. Gore to request court review over issues that were outside the SC's review before 2000.

Poor Rehnquist -- a Nixon appointee -- is reported to have undergone a tracheotomy, but says he will keep working.

Probably he underestimates how seriously having your throat cut open will set you back when you're 80 years old.

Part of my personal nightmare is Rehnquist sitting behind the bench in a wheelchair, on oxygen, announcing the Court's Kerry v. Bush decision in a Darth Vader voice through one of those low-fidelity speech aid appliances held to his white-taped throat ... :ph34r:

jesus Machinehead, that made the neck-hairs prickle up! :unsure: :unsure:

#246 pistolpapa


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Posted 25 October 2004 - 10:01 PM

(To be sung to the tune of Yellow Submarine -- Loud and Raucous )

It's the calm before the storm.
It's as quiet as a mouse.
It's the calm before the storm.
There's no movement in the house.

We're all waiting in the calm before the storm,
The calm before the storm,
The calm before the storm,

We're all waiting in the calm before the storm,
The calm before the storm,
The calm before the storm,

In the calm before the storm,
We are wonderin' what to do.
In the calm before the storm,
It's all old, there's nothin' new.

We're all waiting in the calm before the storm,
The calm before the storm,
The calm before the storm,

We're all waiting in the calm before the storm,
The calm before the storm,
The calm before the storm,

So the calm before the storm,
Is for ponderin' what is real.
And the calm before the storm,
It will tell us how to deal.

We're all waiting in the calm before the storm,
The calm before the storm,
The calm before the storm,

We're all waiting in the calm before the storm,
The calm before the storm,
The calm before the storm,

(Repeat Chorus ad nauseum)

copywrong 2004 -pistol/mccartney

#247 The End

The End

    Anything is possible!

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Posted 25 October 2004 - 10:04 PM

Great job Pistol. :)
NONE of what I type, should be taken as financial advice.

And when you loose control, you'll reap the harvest that you've sown
And as the fear grows, the bad blood slows and turns to stone
And it's too late to loose the weight you used to need to throw around
So have a good drown, as you go down, alone
Dragged down by the stone.


#248 brian4


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Posted 25 October 2004 - 10:04 PM

On our local news tonite-the feature story was on Clipper Lines- Clipper runs a 500 seat Hydroplane service between Seattle and our Capital Victoria on Vancouver Island. They operate every 3 hours for the 40 minute crossing, they are booked solid for the next month (cost of a return ticket is $75.-U.S.) as they offer a come to Victoria and get a flu-shot for $15.- and get your prescriptions filled at the same time for less than 1/2 of what you pay at home. All well and good but what I don't get is the Murican pre-occupation with drugs.. as dozer stated last night the flu to a healthy person is like a head cold, yet Muricans take and are prescribed drugs on average more than any other Nation. In Canada we are told and rightly so avoid vaccinations if you are healthy and drugs are prescribed only if you are ill and diagnosed as same. I have this feeling that the bombardment of drug Company advertising in America has worked and that the pay-off of Doctors to prescribe them has worked and now Baby you are hooked! ;)

#249 threadbare


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Posted 25 October 2004 - 10:14 PM

Machinehead, We can only hope that the contested election resembles a scene from Star Wars. I'm afraid we're going to get a jurisprudence version of "Space Balls", by Mel Brooks. The Darth Vadar figure's poignant line "I'm surrounded by assh**es!" a perfect description of what it's like to actually swerve on the highest court in the land.

What's with Rehnquist? Like buddy....take a h-o-l-i-d-a-y! You're eighty for God's sakes. Strom Thurmond was like a cute mascot after they had him pickled and sat him in congress--very apple doll looking--you, on the other hand, could be quite dangerous.

The future of the free world rests on the shoulders of a man gooned on painkillers, fresh out of the hospital and a subverbal chimp with designs to take over the world. I take back what I said, it's far weirder than Space Balls.

BTW, that description of Rehnquist as Darth nearly knocked me off my chair I was laughing so hard. :grin:

#250 Hiding Bear

Hiding Bear

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Posted 25 October 2004 - 10:34 PM

China smitten by sticky oilsands
Hurdles will keep energy-hungry giant a niche player
Claudia Cattaneo
Financial Post
Monday, October 25, 2004

Over the past few months, Chinese oil executives have met with Alberta's key oilsands players, strongly hinting they have lots of money to throw around to buy secure crude supplies from a politically dependable country like Canada.

PetroChina and the China Petrochemical Corp. (Sinopec) have held meetings with a variety of interests: oilsands producers such as Syncrude Canada Ltd.; new project developers such as UTS Energy Corp., Nexen Inc. and Husky Energy Inc.; pipeline companies such as Enbridge Inc. and Terasen Inc.

They discussed equity investments, joint ventures, long-term supply contracts.

In short, they'd like a lot of our oil. Murray Smith, Alberta's Energy Minister, says the Chinese have indicated they'd eventually like to secure one million barrels a day from the Northern Alberta deposits -- equal to today's entire oilsands production and a large piece of future growth.

The talks, which roughly coincided with news of a potential $7-billion takeover by the Chinese of Noranda Inc., Canada's largest mining company, have stirred angst that China is plotting to take control of our resources.

But as far as Canada's oilsands industry is concerned, the hysteria is getting ahead of reality.

Even if they have lots of money to buy Canada's future production, it doesn't mean they will succeed.

Consider the obstacles.

Cash is hardly in short supply in the sector, worldwide. The bigger problem is that there are few opportunities to spend it on. IPOs of new oilsands companies have been snapped up like new Beaujolais in the past year. With oil at US$55 a barrel, oilsands projects are expanding without need for outside capital. The list of players looking for additional oilsands opportunities now includes French oil giant Total SA and U.S. oil companies ConocoPhillips and Murphy Oil Corp.

If the Chinese had shown such eagerness a few years back, when oilsands pioneers such as Suncor Energy Inc. were begging for investment, their dollars would have been welcome. Now, they can take a number.

And their style won't play in their favour, either.

"A problem is the fact that they are so careful and take their time," said one oilsands executive. "And who is really authorized to do anything? If I had a list of companies [as potential investors], they would not be high."


#251 Butterfield 8

Butterfield 8

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Posted 25 October 2004 - 10:39 PM

For some people the flu can be a two or three week knock-out. You can get it more than once in a season, and it can develop into pneumonia and dangerous respiratory failure. I travel a lot, so I've been thru all of those and more. it does have its virtues. hey, but then I am not so young anymore.

#252 NWD


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Posted 25 October 2004 - 10:57 PM

Two Iraqi oil pipelines cut by saboteurs today.



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Posted 25 October 2004 - 11:06 PM

San Diego anyone ??


San Diego now 'Enron by the Sea'

Mon Oct 25, 7:12 AM ET Top Stories - USATODAY.com

By John Ritter, USA TODAY

This laid-back city seems to have it all - stunning beaches, best weather this side of Honolulu, a national image as a vacation playground and top convention destination.

#254 bearvest


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Posted 25 October 2004 - 11:28 PM

. hey, but then I am not so young anymore.

Old Picture, Butters?

Same here. I have considerably less hair, but I've since clipped my nails.
Make dust, or you'll be left in the dust of others.


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Posted 25 October 2004 - 11:34 PM

US dollars seem to be losing their popularity!

Cuba Moves to Stop Trade in U.S. Dollars
HAVANA - Cuba announced Monday that U.S. dollars will no longer be accepted at businesses and stores on the communist island starting next month in a move that will radically change the way cash transactions have been done there over the past decade.

The resolution by Cuba's Central Bank seemed aimed at finding new sources for foreign reserves as the U.S. government steps up efforts to prevent dollars from reaching the island as part of a strategy to undermine Fidel Castro's government. Cuba's national currency, the peso, cannot be used with international partners.

"Beginning on November 8, the convertible peso will begin to circulate in substitution of the dollar throughout the national territory," Castro said in a written message read by his chief aid Carlos Valenciaga.

In his message, Castro asked Cubans to tell relatives living abroad to send them money in other foreign currencies, such as euros, British sterling or Swiss francs.


Will Venezuela be next? Hmmmmmm....

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