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B4 the Bell Weakend Round Table

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#271 The End

The End

    Anything is possible!

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Posted 03 October 2004 - 11:25 PM

I still say 1175 won't get broken for a loooooong time.
NONE of what I type, should be taken as financial advice.

And when you loose control, you'll reap the harvest that you've sown
And as the fear grows, the bad blood slows and turns to stone
And it's too late to loose the weight you used to need to throw around
So have a good drown, as you go down, alone
Dragged down by the stone.


#272 Abby Justa Colon

Abby Justa Colon

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Posted 03 October 2004 - 11:29 PM

Wild Bonering occurring 'round the world.

Wait until China and Hong Kong open.......Probably 300 points, easy.

I might have to go long the qqq's at the open...

Hey, don't look now but its Dec. '99 all over again.

Fund managers galore say its a no brainer...we rally the rest of the year.

Can it really be that easy??? :blink: :blink:

Good luck on Monday!

#273 threadbare


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Posted 03 October 2004 - 11:30 PM

Patriot, Correction. The U.S. WAS a great country. You'll only see it in hindsight when it becomes abundantly clear to all Americans what has happened. The attitude that America must have the moral highground now, because it did so in WW2, does a disservice to the country, to the soldiers in uniform and every citizen who's been blown to smithereens in Iraq. It also delays and undermines attempts to restore it to it's former state.

There are films you could see, books you could read, ---the information is all out there. The Bush administration is an illegitimate coup orchestrated by a few players and sanctioned by the supreme court. Why on earth would anyone feel any sense of loyalty to these people? And Patriot, Canadians have no skin in this game. We're giving you a detached perspective. Whether a repug or an independant or a dem was voted in, it didn't really matter all that much to most of us. But this is something that has the feel of something altogether different and without precedent. These guys are like mobsters who have taken control. For Heaven's sakes, read something that challenges your present ideas.

We appreciate the republican rank and file's sincere efforts to be the international good guy. In most cases it comes from strongly held moral convictions. If those convictions are combined with willfull ignorance, though, it's completely useless, and actually very dangerous.

I hope you don't mind that I've responded to your post though it was directed to Brian. You come across as a person with a lot of heart. There are powers who are just too happy to use that against you. I feel compelled to respond.

#274 FranciscoTheMan


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Posted 04 October 2004 - 12:03 AM

By the way, there will be no more debates.

Could we have a source on that Doc? :lol: :lol: :lol:
One day sometime in the future he'll [Cramer] come blubbering and whimpering on air half naked and smeared with his own feces. It'll be the buy signal of the decade. --PhatBubble
One thing I think is certain. The more the world's central banks act to suppress the cost of long term capital, the more of it the market will demand, thereby keeping upward pressure on yields until the CBs have no choice but to relent. At that point we should see a massive final blowoff similar to that which occurred in 1980 and 1981. --Doctor Stool
In a topsy turvy world, growing more and more insane by the minute, terminal eccentricities, like buying Fanny, are barely noticed--Beardrech
"[George W. Bush] is Woodrow Wilson on amphetamines." --Patrick J. Buchanan
"I simply don't know where the money is." --John Corzine

#275 patriot


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Posted 04 October 2004 - 12:06 AM


The whole thread is open for stoolies to exchange ideas, i believe,
as sanctioned by Brian4 or, what real good is it.

My belief for stocks, except for a few real top players such as, many of you for that matter, the rest of us, particularly me, would do just as well getting a monkey
drunk and letting him through darts at the listings on IBD.

America is a Great Country. I won't go through the election of The Great John Kennedy, by Mayor Daley, to the waste of time that was the attempted theft
of The Presidencey by a no low is to low party who couldn't be good sports.

I don't care if America started in the midle east for business, the fact is we're there, spend a lot of money and if they have a feudal corrupt sytem who hordes it
for themselves, that is truly a shame. Of course if we do businesss with them
we are the Imperialist, if we don't, we are the stuck up Americans that don't care
for the needy of the world, because of: fill in the blamks. Perhaps Religious, Color,
or that the fact that they don't understand this is the year of The Red Sox.

As far as the war is concerned, we are on a path to perhaps a cataclysmic
event that will start a chain of events for the final bang.

We cannot allow this to happen without a fight. Look at the players, their ideals, their belief's and the determination to conquer all who don't believe as they.

The willful act of hatetred as a inheritance amonst any group of people is
from the darkest side of the tree of Good and evil as there is.
The enemy spews haterd, indoctrinates there children and then sends them on their ways as human bombs to seek and destroy all who oppose them,
with no regard, No Regard, to man, woman or child.

When people speak of America as immoral, corrupt, I look and know that we expend
much effort and human sacrifice so as not to be the brutal warmongers that is the
very enemy we fight. Yes, Innocent people die, but what other period of time, what other nation, has tried so hard to limit human casualties.
Was it the German's? Japananesse? Atilla the Hun? i wonder .

This war could have, would have, been over quickly if the United States had no moral conscience. Thje devastaion of Iraq would have been quick and complete
form a purely war point of view. Say what you will about world opinion, world
turning against us. The fact is I believe a few business deals with the French,
Russians and others of their ilk would have brought out a beautiful rationalization
as to why what was done had to be.

America For me

Respect for all who love freedom and who respect others.

Best Day

Besy Trading


#276 depends


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Posted 04 October 2004 - 12:09 AM

Tomorrow we see whose gona buy all the phoney baloney paper.
I bought some with relative strength the past few sessions
but I will likely be selling into the 'rally'.

Posted Image

Posted Image


#277 brian4


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Posted 04 October 2004 - 12:13 AM

Thread -"Word" Patriot I have a good deal of respect for your views, but you are whistling past the Graveyard-i doubt you are a Vet or you would be singing a different Tune. War is Hell if you do not know it and are young you will-Best day! ;) Lead hit an all time high on Friday i guess between you and Bearman and Shrub It isn;t going Down anytime soon-Huh!

#278 Pee Brain

Pee Brain

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Posted 04 October 2004 - 12:17 AM

If I was John Kerry, I would hire this man

Brain, if you were john kerrey, i might be able to vote for you since you usually make sense. as to kerrey, who knows where he stands? edwards is a no-show.

now for an admission - i was wrong, i thought chenney would get the boot and kondi would get the nod to grab the black/woman vote. everyone is wrong once in a while, unfortunately its only 4 years in an i made my mistake of the decade already.

patriot - making too much sense dude - you just need to wait for one of these little countries to get in trouble again - then watch the worm turn.... they wont be running to the great Russia or France to save their chestnuts (i just hope will still can, dude, we are not exactly batting 1,000 lately).

depends: great cartoons!

Brain: dont you think its time to give the "i dont think you're a vet" argument a rest? it didnt fly last week and its FUBAR this week too. if you care to debate patriot's position, why not address his position instead of the omnipotent "blue helmet" stealth attack. there are other vets on this board and they're not questioning anybody's courage or right to an opinion - you're outta line so why not give it a rest?
Iat least we're all safe for now. thank God we're in a bowling alley.

#279 patriot


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Posted 04 October 2004 - 12:23 AM

Thanks Brian4,

186 last year of the draft. A1. Didn't call my # but nerves where frayed.

My Brother in Law was there. Smoking saved his life. Went outside the tent for
a qucik one and the mortar hit. Killed a bunch of guys. He is now legally deaf. He'd fight all over again.

Yes lead is going higher but so isn't the chance of true participatory freedom
in the Middle East.

Best Day

Best Trading


#280 Guest_bullseatshitndie_*

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Posted 04 October 2004 - 12:30 AM

it's so OVER bears, emini breakout mar highs

#281 patriot


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Posted 04 October 2004 - 12:35 AM

Pee Brain

Thanks for your mention.

My hope is the day will come when none of us need this kind of help.

Then again, I'm a Red Sox Fan.

Bets Day

Best Trading


#282 ShitEatingGrinner


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Posted 04 October 2004 - 01:11 AM

I'm with Patriot. Spread freedom and Democracy to the Middle East. Liberate them furriners. Vote Bush. The end of the empire is in sight.

#283 beardrech


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Posted 04 October 2004 - 04:02 AM

One of the more hellish paradoxes operating continuously within the infernal precincts we all occupy is the time honored one:"No good deed will go unpunished"

By that I mean that all of the best-intentioned pacifist politicking has always,I mean always, aroused the appetites of the likes of predators du jour,like Osam Bin Ladown-

They always smell :the meatsa akookin" whenever a leader signals his intention not to go to war under any Bannered cause and to persuade half a nation to follow him---

Bertrand Russel ,world war I resister,thought of killing himself when ,for a moment he saw himself committing the error described above,but being the philosopher managed to extricate himself from the dillema's horn--

At one point,much later in history, he wanted the West,nuclear monopolists at the time. to drop nukes on top of Stalin's head to finish him off lest he use them first ; but when the time passed he returned to his former position of animated sanctification--and I'm only partly jesting because all pacifist absolutistsARE indeed setting themselves up for MARTYRDOM: the certain consequence, if his position is widespread and taken seriously

beardrech :ph34r: :ph34r: War is a crime ----AND THAT'S WHY THE CRIMINALS MUST BE PUNISHED (We were attacked at least twenty times over the past couple of decades)
Meanwhile the overlords of peace at the United Nation supervised at least a half dozen episodes of Genocide throughout the world --and continue to do so with a nonchalance that continues to amaze me---Dante reserved the lowest circle in hell for the likes of Carfree Anon and Co.


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Posted 04 October 2004 - 05:26 AM

This war could have, would have, been over quickly if the United States had no moral conscience. Thje devastaion of Iraq would have been quick and complete
form a purely war point of view.



I appreciate your views.

"Moral Conscience?"

This statement really struck me. Yes, of course we could kill every man, woman and child in any country...and could have done so in Iraq. What had Iraq done to us to justify that? For that matter, what had Iraq done to us here in the United States to justify ANY invasion? Justification for war is what this entire discussion seems to be about, and the stories that are hitting the media on a daily basis are poking holes in the justification for this war in a big way.

If you felt this war was justified at the time it started, you are not alone, though I am not in your camp - as I was most concerned for our homeland security, and understood clearly that Saddam was not Bin Laden and that Alqaeda was not operating out of Iraq. Think of the conditions that existed and the stories you were told by our leaders in advance of this war that led to your position - that this war was "justified." Now read all of these new revelations about the lies that were told to "sell you on the justification for war" and ask yourself...

"How much evidence will it take for me to change my opinion about the Justification For War?"

What was the tipping point for you in the first place that led to your decision to get behind an invasion of Iraq? Is that piece of information still valid? Can it be that none of these revelations have any effect on your opinion, or does being a Patriot mean following the leader, regardless of the number of lies he tells? If good and Patriotic people had not CHANGED THEIR MIND about the war in Vietnam...we'd still be fighting it today. This war is not "winnable" in any sense of the word, because in truth, it was never justified.

From my perspective, being a Patriot means defending the Constitution over and above the Administration that happens to be passing through the revolving door at any point in time. Being loyal to the likes of Nixon was a no-win situation. He was a criminal, and ultimately got what he had coming to him. The crimes of this Administration make Watergate pale in comparison. Do you defend our leaders knowingly lying to the United Nations and the American public about nuclear weaponry in the hands of Iraq? If so, say so. If not, justify this war. If it had been justified without the "Mushroom Cloud" Nuclear Fear Tactics, they wouldn't have bothered to manufacture false data and lie to the world to justify the war.

To say that we could have depopulated Iraq, and that we are somehow better people because we didn't - sounds quite Imperialistic. What Justification would we have had to kill so many innocent humans? What justification do we have now? If this war had been justified, the TRUTH would have sufficed to foster domestic and global support for it. Your defense of this war is a defense of the lies that led to the FALSE PRETENSE for war.

Keep an open mind and seek new information that might lead to a more full understanding of how our country REALLY works, and why it is that "terrorists" suddenly pop-up in places where oil wells exist...thus necessitating our invasion...freeing the citizens there from the burden of their oil.

So I ask any of you who are loyal to the present administration and believe this war to be fully justified...

How much information and what type of information would you require to change your position as to whether or not this war is justified? If you discovered that this entire thing had been a grand conspiracy for oil, and that everything we were told was a lie, and that the terrorism that preceeded it was all part of the plan to justify American Imperialism for the Great Oil Grab to the financial benefit of Corporate Overlords...would you still be happy to send your children to Iraq to fight for it?

Moral Conscience?

A war based on lies?

The most Patriotic thing we can do is demand truth telling from our leaders.

Seek the truth.


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Posted 04 October 2004 - 05:46 AM


President Bush's need was to reconcile his upbeat rhetoric about the coming of a new democratic era in Iraq with the bloody warfare that has pinned 140,000 American troops in that misery-laden country with no end in sight.

In 90 minutes before the biggest audience of the campaign, Bush not only failed to do that; he barely tried. And that omission leaves him at risk to future events as the insurgency in Iraq gathers momentum. On a day when the headlines carried news of more than 40 deaths from insurgent attacks -- most of them children -- Bush pronounced himself ''realistic but optimistic'' about the course of events in Iraq

2004 Washington Post Writers Group


What we saw the other night was one man's pitiful attempt to defend a failed policy. Nothing Bush could say alters the facts on the ground. No repeated recitation of a fable changes the fact that Hussein was not in cahoots with bin Laden -- and that weapons of mass destruction did not exist. These facts -- hard, awful facts -- are what emboldened Kerry and undermined Bush. The president stayed on message -- lashed to it like Ahab on the whale. It's what sank him.


For all his claiming to be resolute and certain about everything, Bush -- when moderator Jim Lehrer asked if Iraq makes another ''preemptive'' war likely -- said, ``But the enemy attacked us, Jim.''

That allowed Kerry to say, ``The president just said something extraordinary. . . . Saddam Hussein didn't attack us. Osama bin Laden attacked us.''

At one other key point point, Kerry gave an informed historical reason why the United States needs to earn trust ''that passes the global test'' before launching a preemptive war. Bush appeared befuddled, saying, 'I'm not exactly sure what you mean, `passes the global test.' ''

Of course Bush wouldn't know that -- he bypassed the globe in going to war.


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