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B4 The Bell Thursday September 16

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#226 zensmoke


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Posted 17 September 2004 - 04:34 AM

DJ "Explosion" In North Korean County Was A Cloud - S Korea

  SEOUL (AP)--South Korea said Friday that a massive explosion previously reported to have created a massive mushroom cloud in a North Korean county near the border with China never took place.

  The mushroom-shaped cloud - initially detected by South Korean intelligence authorities and widely reported as possible explosion smoke by South Korean news media - is believed to have been a natural cloud, said Deputy Unification Minister Lee Bong-jo during a weekly news briefing.

  "We believe that there was no explosion in the place where intelligence authorities had previously suspected that there were signs of an explosion," Lee said.

  The size of the reported explosion and its timing on the 56th anniversary of North Korea's founding had raised speculation that it might be a nuclear test. Experts say they don't believe the blast near the Chinese border was a nuclear test.

  North Korea acknowledged there was a massive explosion but said it took place in a different area as part of demolition work for a hydroelectric project. Thursday, it allowed Britain's ambassador and other diplomats in Pyongyang to visit the site of the Sept. 9 explosion to verify its claims that it wasn't caused by a nuclear test.

  Lee said the site that North Korea opened to foreign diplomats was about 100 kilometers from the North's Kim Hyong Jik County, the site South Korean officials had initially pinpointed as a site for the reported explosion.

Dow Jones Newswires :blink:

#227 The brown one

The brown one

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Posted 17 September 2004 - 04:47 AM

more Bush family values:
Florida Bears Brunt as Ivan Slams U.S. Gulf Coast

[Jeb] Bush said initial reports from the barrier islands were "heart-breaking." From the air, a Reuters photographer saw once-sturdy condominiums on Pensacola Beach that had been ripped apart and sucked empty. Roads and parking lots had vanished under white sand.

"Entire houses were taken off their foundations and disappeared because of the storm surge. These are newly built, luxury homes that don't exist now," Bush said.

they're luxury I tell ya, luxury! oh the horror. the horror.

BTW Did the Dome Home at Pensacola survive?

#228 Ned38


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Posted 17 September 2004 - 05:45 AM

This sound kinda familiar to anyone?

"The United States compromised with France, Britain and Germany on a toughly-worded U.N. nuclear resolution on Iran that calls for an immediate halt to Tehran's uranium enrichment program,.................



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Posted 17 September 2004 - 06:02 AM

Through the Freedom of Information Act - the Pentagon is being FORCED to release all previously unreleased documents pertaining to Bush's "service" in the Guard. Why in the world is a lawsuit required to get my Pentagon to release my (public) documents about my President to my fellow Americans?

When did the Pentagon become a wing of the Republican Party?

Did you vote for that?


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Posted 17 September 2004 - 06:23 AM

It looks like Bush's spin machine is moonlighting for this Vegas act. This sounds about as plausible as half of the stuff we've heard out of the White House in the lead up to war:

Roy Horn: Tiger 'Saved My Life'
Fighting to recover nearly a year after a tiger almost killed him, Horn says he was never attacked: the animal, he insists, was trying to help him.

Roy Horn is adamant that the animal, named Montecore, never meant to hurt him. All those stories, all those headlines, he says, got it wrong. "Montecore," he insists, "saved my life."

Almost a year after the near-fatal incident that triggered a massive stroke, the trauma to his brain has cost the 59-year-old Roy the use of his left arm and hand and much of the use of his left leg as well. Witnesses claim the tiger appeared to lunge after Roy gave him an attention-focusing microphone bop on the nose during the animals-and-illusions spectacular with partner Siegfried Fischbacher, 65. But Roy maintains that Montecore was really trying to drag him to safety after seeing him felled by what he thinks may have been a stroke. "He instinctively saw that I needed help, and he helped me."

Anyone see any comparisons to the Iraq war here? The people of Iraq appeared to be in trouble, so Bush (The Tiger) helped them...dragging them by the neck to safety while nearly killing them in the process.



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Posted 17 September 2004 - 06:31 AM

This sound kinda familiar to anyone?

"The United States compromised with France, Britain and Germany on a toughly-worded U.N. nuclear resolution on Iran that calls for an immediate halt to Tehran's uranium enrichment program,.................


Same Sheit, Different Country...

"This clearly shows the intention to develop weapons," a senior U.S. official told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

Iran rejected the new allegation.

"This is a new lie, like the last 13 lies based on news reports that have been proved to be lies," Hossein Mousavian, Iran's chief delegate to this week's IAEA meeting told Reuters.

Another senior U.S. official, reflecting the differing views within Washington, was more guarded when asked if Parchin provided definitive information about Iran's intentions, saying: "It's something worth keeping under observation. There are things there that people need to keep their eyes on."

#232 The brown one

The brown one

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Posted 17 September 2004 - 06:37 AM

All lies all the time.FoMoWo's.


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Posted 17 September 2004 - 06:51 AM


Perle on the Iraqi ‘opposition’
"The Iraqi opposition is kind of like an MRE (meals ready to eat, a freeze-dried army field ration) The ingredients are there and you just have to add water, in this case US Support."
-- US News and World Report

Perle on the UN
"[The UN is] the intellectual wreckage of the liberal conceit of safety through international law administered by international institutions"

""Saddam Hussein "will go quickly, but not alone: in a parting irony he will take the United Nations down with him.""
-- The Spectator

""Perle stunned members of the British Parliament when he told them that even a "clean bill of health" from UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix would not stop a US attack on Iraq: "Evidence from one witness on Saddam Hussein's weapons program will be enough to trigger a fresh military onslaught""

Perle on the role of the UN Security Council
""[It is dangerously wrong] to hand any decisions over to "the likes of Syria, Cameroon, Angola, Russia, China and France".

Perle on Europe
"[Europeans have] inadequate military capabilities ... [and that] the inability to use force morphs easily into an abhorrence of the use of force."

Perle on journalist Seymour Hersh
"[T]he closest thing American journalism ha[s] to a terrorist."


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Posted 17 September 2004 - 07:02 AM

Mr. Perle was classified as a "special government employee"

What in the hell is that? This guys is a walking conflict-of-interest.


During the Carter administration Perle was part of the "Committee on the Present Danger" -- which believed that the US was about to be overrun by the Soviet Union and the committee advocated huge military budgets and was totally opposed to any and all arms treaties with the Soviets.

It’s a widely held view that Perle was in the pay of Mossad when it was reported that he was employed by an Israeli arms company to sell weapons. Later the rumour surfaced again following the release of an FBI wiretap into an investigation of Perle’s ties to the Jonathan Jay Pollard spy case, purportedly of Perle in conversation with an employee at the Israeli embassy passing on US classified information.

Then in the 1980s with yet another conflict of interest with accusations that he was involved in representing an Israeli weapons company in the sale of weapons, an accusation he denied, saying he was "between jobs" when working for the company.

"[W]hen Assistant Secretary of Defense…[i]n 1983, he was the subject of a New York Times investigation into an allegation that he recommended that the Army buy weapons from an Israeli company from whose owners he had, two years earlier, accepted a fifty-thousand-dollar fee."

Then there was Perle’s involvement with the then Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu and a report authored by Perle and his sidekick, Douglas Feith (who is now Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy). The report, "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm" that Perle gave to Netanyahu ‘reappeared’ pretty well word for word as Netanyahu’s speech before Congress.

And then there’s Perle’s financial connections to Hollinger International where he’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors and where he also serves on the remuneration committee and is also a member of the International Advisory Board of Hollinger Inc, but more on Hollinger below.

This week, Lord Black (or Conrad Black) who owns 73% of Hollinger International has been forced to step down as head of the transnational media conglomerate Hollinger International that owns over 400 media outlets including London’s right-wing Daily and Sunday Telegraph and the Spectator, Israel’s Jerusalem Post, and the Chicago Sun Times, over $200 million in ‘bonuses’ handed out to directors over a seven-year period, that by rights belonged to the investors.

And in yet another conflict of interest, Perle’s involvement as a director of the British software company Autonomy surfaced. Autonomy supplies the DoD, the Dept of Homeland Security, Britain's GCHQ and MI6 with tools that enable the ‘bugging’ of computer communications.

Perle is also director of yet another company that has major contracts with the US army and the DoD, DigitalNet.

Finally there’s Perle’s connection to Global Crossings, the bankrupt telecommunications company. Perle was hired by the Hong Kong-based company Hutchison Whampoa Ltd where he has a fat consulting deal, purportedly worth $750,000, to ‘smooth the way’ for its purchase. Global Crossings handles a lot of US military communications and Hutchison Whampoa is closely linked to the Chinese government and their military.



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Posted 17 September 2004 - 07:09 AM

The Hollinger Digital investments show how Richard Perle, a long-time Hollinger International director and a friend of Lord Black's, was allowed to personally profit from his role at the company, the report alleges. Even Lord Black raised concerns about Mr. Perle's alleged attempts to divert Hollinger money to his own enterprise, according to the report. In an e-mail included in the report, Lord Black referred to Mr. Perle and another associate as trying to "smoke one past us" and added that they "should treat us as insiders with our hands cupped as the money flows down, and not as outsiders pouring in the money."

Mr. Perle has rejected the allegations and said he did nothing wrong.

In late 2002, Mr. Perle urged Hollinger International to invest $25-million in a venture capital fund, called Trireme Partners LP, that he was helping to start. According to the report, Lord Black balked at the $25-million figure, but Hollinger International later agreed to invest $2.5-million in the fund and Lord Black and Henry Kissinger became members of Trireme's strategic advisory board.

Mr. Perle was part of Trireme's management group at the time, and he received a $500,000 annual salary as well as a share of the fund's profits, the report said. He allegedly remained on Digital's payroll for nearly a year while working full-time at Trireme.



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Posted 17 September 2004 - 07:15 AM

The report criticised the board of directors and audit committee—made up of well known financial and political figures—for failing to stop the alleged looting, although it acknowledged that Black withheld information from them. These included James Thompson, a former governor of Illinois and chairman of Chicago based law firm Winston & Strawn, Richard Burt, a former US ambassador to Germany and Marie-Josee Kravis, wife of the famous financier, Henry Kravis.

It stopped short of accusing them of breaching their fiduciary duties to shareholders, which would have made them legally liable for their actions. However, it did claim that Richard Perle, the former chairman of the Pentagon’s Defence Policy Board and a leading neo-Con in the Bush camp, was personally liable for “his abject failure to fulfil his fiduciary duties”. Perle evidently regarded his post as head of an executive committee at Hollinger International as a sinecure. According to the report, he had a “head in the sand” approach to his job.

He repeatedly failed to “read, evaluate, discuss or attempt to understand” documents that he signed that facilitated Black’s alleged wrongdoing. “Perle’s own description of his performance on the executive committee was stunning. In fact, he admitted that he generally did not read [consents and resolutions he signed] or understand the transactions to which they applied,” the investigating committee stated.

The report accused Perle, as former chairman and chief executive of Hollinger Digital Trireme Partners, of enriching himself at the expense of the company. He received $1.8 million in bonuses as well as his $3 million salary, despite the fact that company lost $67.8 million. The committee demanded that Perle repay the money that he received from the firm.

Even Black began to tire of Perle—despite the latter nodding through millions of fees for him. “As I suspected there is a good deal of nest feathering being conducted by Richard which I don’t object to other than that there was some attempt to disguise it behind a good deal of dissembling and obfuscation,”



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Posted 17 September 2004 - 07:21 AM


#238 GregFokker


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Posted 17 September 2004 - 07:45 AM

bush lesser of the evil

feel good write in ron paul

what did kerry do for 18yrs in senate?

wars will stop when goverments at all levels disapear ie never

unless we can manage to kill everyone

then the insects will battle

life goes on

Gee, sounds GREAT! You've changed my mind. I WILL vote for Shrub!

...A declining spenglerian carnival of Colossaalism united with Inflation where the numbers one through 10 are forever banished as worthless arithmetical detritus from a bygone age... - Beardrech

Naturally we believe the govt numbers... and Boobus Americanus sleepwalks off the edge of the energy-crisis cliff clutching his shares of "Crisco", Yoohoo and GooGah munching on his Yum Yums and Ho Hos. Future historians will have a hell of a time figuring out what the hell Americanus neanderthalus was thinking and exactly what brought on his sudden demise... - Henny Penny

Well, good night everyone. I gotta go lube up for tomorrow's regular end-of-week Gold Slapdown and Stock Index Bear Punishment Rally Weekend Greenprint. ...Probably another Shock-and-Awe Gap-Up-Open and Wire-to-Wire Meltup Runaway Bull Charge Mo-Mo Spike to Fresh New All-Time Lifetime Highs, culminating in a 4:15 yelping scalded dog runoff with panic short-covering and legal not-held bad double fills due to fast market conditions, plus quote system freeze-ups and trading platform lock-outs along the way. *yawn* typical gov't Friday. - Shorty

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