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B4 the Bell, Humpday Sept. 1, 2004

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Posted 02 September 2004 - 03:06 AM

Hyper, your family has been sick, Doc is worried about the hurricane, the market
sucks and the Astros are crappy, so.... maybe there are some pressures on a
lot of us that have led to hasty, angry words that that caused more hurt.

... and as a backdrop to all of that, the RePuke Convention is going on, with all sorts of associated stuff. My own fear and feel of impending overt fascism is getting visceral, to the point I'm feeling actual fight or flight reactions. This is first for me. While the 700-story Tower of Bullshit has pissed me off mightily for a long time, it's always been, in the end, abstract to me -- until now. I see a fascist state in the concrete building stage, not fascist as in too far to the "right" for my tastes, rather, the real thing.

Maybe I'm not the only one sensing this. Even when I'm busy and thinking of my mundane tasks, it's in the background. I don't know, I just feel freaky right now, like the whole universe is somehow freaked out at present. I know I'm not the only one.

All I would advise to anybody who is very upset right now is to pull back a little and calm down. Meditate, or do whatever it takes. When I get wigged out by the subject matter we discuss here, or occasionally by a post that pisses me off or I feel offended by, I just back off somewhat. I just go into lurk mode for a while, and keep it to an hour a day or so. Sometimes I withdraw from the casino and/or other reading sources for a while as well.

It really sucks out there. A fascist police state is being constructed right before our eyes. It's beyond the planning stage. The foundation is already laid, and the construction workers are busy erecting the frame (and the "markets" of course). This is serious shit and very ugly. We need to lose "Patriot" Act and some other such crap Clitler rammed through in the 1990s. We need to repeal this stuff like yesterday.

I hope everybody here chooses to hang together. It could really matter over the next year or two.

#377 longOnUranus


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Posted 02 September 2004 - 03:27 AM

HT/Miranda - email me where you're posting. I like reading your stuff. I think you've gotten a little stressed out about something, and I don't think it's the market. Stay healthy and focused, my man. Somebody mentioned "GlanGary, Glen Ross" earlier, it's a fantastic movie about the basics of personal economy and financial stress. When half the country is forced to do business like this to survive (predator vs. predatee), your posts will seem very prescient.


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Posted 02 September 2004 - 03:41 AM

when I first came to the stool and read hypers words i was stunned, awakened, and afraid. his message of truth was and is a gift to all who have seen it. yes i am being dramatic but it is true the son of bitch provided insights that the rest of us just did not or could not see. For this he should always be a welcome member at stoolville. hyper may be a raving lunatic but god dammit he is our raving lunatic and we love him.

Ditto for me as well.

I came here already believing that usury (the attachment of interest to the medium of exchange) was fundamentally tied in with all sorts of social evils -- an oppressive and ever-expanding state / police apparatus, the exploitation of those in power living off the efforts of others, needless limits on opportunity, a permanent underclass and all the associated problems, etc.

Still, I never thought it all the way through, to why individual incarnations of such a system must collapse, and how suddenly horrible things can get when it happens. They say that the bigger they are the harder they fall, and this bromide fortells of something nasty. Needless to say, it's frightening. I take what HT has posted seriously. While extreme, my own angle on reality will not allow me to ignore it. It's very scary, and while hard to take at times, I hope HT does not leave.


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Posted 02 September 2004 - 03:59 AM

Things are freaky right now.

I just checked the spoos, and the price has actually smoothly come down a little bit since 3:00 a.m.

Very, very strange.

#380 Miranda


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Posted 02 September 2004 - 04:12 AM

I'm not going to be back...I have to go...I don't want to but I've reached the limit...

I don't want to die but the truth is in an absolute capitalist system I need to be eliminated at some point according to how absolute capitalists define the common good...

Like when they tricked buddy in Goodfellas into thinking he was a made man then they blew his brains out in a back room...

It's just that I'm not dead.


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Posted 02 September 2004 - 05:30 AM


As I think you have seen by reading through this thread, all of us appreciate your hard work and insights. I've found your style to be demeaning...as if somehow more knowing than the rest of us, rather than that of sharing...but regardless of style, what you have taken so much time to share with us is deserving of much praise. You have put a lot of work into your posts - and I appreciate it.

I hate censorship in all its forms. Silencing voices is not the answer to anything. Enlightenment is. When anyone tells me that there are places on the Internet that I should not know about, things I shouldn't learn or opinions I shouldn't hear...it just makes me want to go there for myself, read - learn - and make my own judgements. It's the Internet for ChristSake. The whole world is at our fingertips. Isn't that the point?

I have just never been able to figure out why all of our foreign policy decisions are so heavily weight toward one small country. I was clueless about this, and wanted to learn why, as is just didn't seem to make sense why we should have our entire nation so heavily influenced. Now I'm learning why.

LEARNING being the most important point, and the reason I come here.

And now I'm off to the airport having prepared as well as possible for a REAL hurricane.

Be well my friends, and I'll check in soon, provided you're all still here, and I'm still welcome.


#382 Miranda


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Posted 02 September 2004 - 05:50 AM

I'm filth that needs to be erased...I need to be demeaned to death...

I need to be eradicated...That's what a delete button is for...The next delete button releases those who protect the top from the bottom...

top cause bottom effect...Those bums don't even have T.V.s and phones to order the carlton sheets get rich schemes...Or all the day trading for dummies programs or car flipping to heaven packages...

If the effects of the cause get too noticable...delete them...

Wait until the real censorship starts...This is nothing compared to what is coming.

#383 HiHat


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Posted 02 September 2004 - 06:23 AM

..........."There is no end to the expressing of ideas..........
Excessive devotion to books and the studying of opinion
............is tiresome and wearying to the mind."...............


show me the wingohockingmoyamensingin money

#384 Miranda


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Posted 02 September 2004 - 06:32 AM

Yes sorry I did make a mistake... It's actually Shinto monk Neocons...

#385 Ned38


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Posted 02 September 2004 - 06:39 AM


Some of you folks need to get laid or something. :lol:

#386 longOnUranus


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Posted 02 September 2004 - 06:40 AM

another stick save on the SPOOs...a little late, but what does it matter?

The way to get rich in this market is to buy the crap out of the e-minis after every nosedive of 2 SPX points or greater. Guaranteed winner since March.

Hell with these bear sites...Al's unstopable.

#387 alceringa


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Posted 02 September 2004 - 06:47 AM

Just reviewed the news. Some of the big stories-

-Innocent kids held hostage by crazed suicide bombers.

-10’s of thousands of kids starving in the Sudan

-Genuine do-gooder’s held hostage for trying to immunize kids against polio.

-Kids in the line of fire in Iraq, Palestine, Phillipines and god only knows where else.

And what’s on the stool channel?

Grown-ups acting worse than spoiled kids, feeling sorry for themselves, pounding on their chests, claiming their shit doesn’t stink, etc.

Time for a new thread.
"Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing...after they have exhausted all other possibilities."

"You can fool some of the people all of the time."

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

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