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Happy Easter Weakend

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Posted 11 April 2004 - 10:32 PM

Machine Tool Demand Up 55 Pct
Sunday April 11, 6:01 pm ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. machine tool demand edged up in February and rose over 50 percent from a year ago, offering the latest evidence that demand for manufacturing equipment has begun to improve after a multi-year slump, two industry trade groups said on Sunday in a joint report.


This is not bearish. Doesn't mean a recovery, just that a recovery is expected.

#212 brian4


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Posted 11 April 2004 - 10:35 PM

Depends has said it right-It ain't what you say it is how you say it-Dokstor is indeed running a site whereby He HAS to turn a profit. we can say what we want to say-without being blatant-. Can't we! ;)

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Posted 11 April 2004 - 10:41 PM

DJ Japan Govt Unsure Of Safety Of Hostages - Top Spokesman

TOKYO (AP)--Japanese authorities are no longer confident about the safety of three hostages in Iraq whom officials had expected to be released a day earlier, the government's top government spokesman said Monday.

"At one point we were able to make the judgement from various perspectives that they were safe, but now that's unconfirmed," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuo Fukuda told a news conference.

Fukuda's comments appeared to cast doubt on media reports saying Japanese authorities had received word from a negotiator that the three had not been harmed and were being held near the city of Fallujah west of Baghdad.

Echoing a refrain by other Japanese officials over the course of a crisis that stretched into its fourth day Monday, Fukuda said officials were trying to "confirm" information about the status of two aid workers and a photojournalist taken captive by a previously unknown group called the "Muhahedeen Squadron" who threatened Thursday to kill their hostages unless Japan pulled its troops out of Iraq.

-Edited by Genevieve I. Soledad

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Posted 11 April 2004 - 10:46 PM

Captain's Log,

I agree, but the lowly board stuffers are the backbone of the industry and I really don't see any real improvements with FLEX, SANM, CLS, and BHE. Unless you are a Chinese worker.

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Posted 11 April 2004 - 10:57 PM

Why Housing Is About to Go "Pop!"
Too many red alerts are flashing for investors and the Fed to remain in denial when so much is at stake. If this bubble bursts, watch out
By Mark Weisbrot


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Posted 12 April 2004 - 07:09 AM


The contract manufacturers have just been used to take over the multinationals uneconomic plants.

Its a bad business model with no pricing power.

All the nasty expenses assocaited with plant closure are moved from the Multi-nationals balance sheet to the CM's balance sheets.

Eventually the plants are closed and the business moved to China.

The multi-nationals use it to eke out the profitability of old products which have come under pricing pressure - they outsource to the contract manufacturer.

Doubt the contract manufactuer earns anything more than the cost of thier capital.

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