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Posted 16 December 2002 - 02:53 AM


on the other hand, our purpose is to be PISSED OFF about how the Fed is managing the world, (which all stoolies are) then forecasting is paramount! :lol:dok stool

Dok i got this prostate thing the size of an eight ball and its creating a urethral blockage the size of the Aswan dam--so i'm thinking that that go*******mn Fed the same fed that has my a**hole puckering up and sucking buttermilk is gonna buy parker brothers and grab their game division(not parcheesi either) and then will swing those printing presses into action
Ah what a relief-to hell with coca cola !thats the pause that refreshes

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Posted 16 December 2002 - 09:35 PM

"The bottom is falling out. They know it, and they are not going to jam a hopeless cause. It's a matter of self perservation."

Isn't that the problem with the Japanese banks ?

That they (Jap bonks) eneded up holding large quanities of neearly worthless shares ?

Who do you think is going to end up holdin the Bag O' Crapola here in the gud ole USA ?

Hint: their nickname is a wooly mammal.

As I said before my opinion is that the FEED exists to stabilize markets and to prevent crashes. Not to sustain the un-sustainable which is a Bull market in the midst of the greatest Bear of all time.

The FEED is still fighting the old war of 1987 when they seemingly fell asleep at the wheel and a huge fart escape and gassed millions of investors across the land.

Because we were in a secular BULL market in 1987 the huge fart turned out be the greatest blessing you could imagine for some real smart people. I mean those people who read charts more then 6 months in the past and can recognize a secular trend when they see one. Oct 1987 was the buying opportunity of ALL TIME.

What sweet smelling fart that was.

But the smelling little emanations coming from this market we have today are of the putrid and puking kind.

Knowing the difference between a sweet fart and putrid one can make you alot of $$$.

What they (Da Feed) don't understand is if they did the opposite and let the pig roll over and croak the Bear market would be over in fairly short order, the extreme market excesses we see today would be quickly wrung out and we'd have a honest to goodness Bullz market on our hands.

But thankfully for us Bearz and for Doc the FEED is being most cooperative and letting the PIG writhe in pain and slowly keel over.

Where is the S.P.C.A. when you need them ?

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