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Kudlow Scores

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#46 richmtn


    Clinical Professor of Stock Proctology

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Posted 14 December 2002 - 07:10 PM

Mark likes skinny arms. Meta likes teens. If I didn't know better I'd think y'all were a herd of horny old bulls. :wink2: :grin: :wink2:


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Posted 14 December 2002 - 08:00 PM

"GG has advertised their belief that gold is money and in that light has essentially stashed their company cash position in gold."

Now that is bloody radical. What if Microsoft, IBM and GM announced that they would hold their tens of billions in cash balances in bullion and coins, instead of money markets and Treasury paper?

It would be like Czechoslovakia's 'velvet revolution' in Nov. 1989, when one weekday morning everyone in the country downed tools and walked out into the streets in a mass strike. The authorities were exposed as emperors with no clothes. In a matter of hours, the disgraced regime lurched, imploded, and tumbled.

Well in the mean time, those authorities are calling up the reserves to active duty. Also new air strikes on Iraq. N. Korea is removing nuke power plant cameras and South Koreans are demonstrating against our new "racist" war. That ought to put a little Viagra into the POG come Monday.

#48 martialcomp


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Posted 14 December 2002 - 08:28 PM

An Elliott Waver named John Mauldin produces a newsletter from time to time. It can be read here:


Notice that Arthur Cashin emailed him about the Fed minutes (Art Cashin and Emma's beautiful eyes are the only reason I watch bubblevision) We now know that Art Cashin si definitely a Stoolie!

This is a great article. Looks as if the real Fed minutes are being hid by the press. Obviously, we can read them at the Federal Reserve site, but no one READS or ANALYZES anything anymore. So, if it is not in the news, the sheeple have no clue.


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Posted 14 December 2002 - 09:02 PM

Hmmm interesting link martialcomp....reading on past the FOMC minutes I see the following:

"...According to The Japan Daily Digest (and this is a truly preposterous figure, but nonetheless it is true) "So little money is being lent that the banks now have almost as much money on deposit--Yen 476.4 trillion--as they do on loan."

"..... in November in Japan the total of outstanding bank loans fell 4.7% year-on-year.... the 59th straight month of decline. As far as we know, this is unprecedented in any industrialized nation in modern times. For the "city banks," [large banks] their lending was down 7.4% y-o-y... and more astounding still is that this is the 75th straight monthly decline."

I can see the rest of the world going down the same path...

#50 Bizarro-Greenspan


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Posted 14 December 2002 - 09:16 PM


Sheesh,it's like a gold forum in here.

Reversion to the mean,or why I loved the 80's.

Hope to love the aughties even more.

Bring it on home,need yer gold to keep from the gallow's pole.

#51 slinger


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Posted 14 December 2002 - 09:32 PM

Indicators have confirmed the trend change according to this chart.

#52 DogBoy


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Posted 14 December 2002 - 09:32 PM

The JAPS are truly wealthy people.

Americans are in debt up to their asses and any wealth here is largely a mirage.

The Japanese scenario will look like a fairy-tale ending compared to what awaits the US.

The JAPS are being ridiculed and held up as an example or what not to do in your economy when in reality the Japanese people are still very wealthy.

A stock market index is not a good indicator of the true wealth of a country.

Japanese people are being ridiculed largely because they don't spend with abandon and borrow themselves to the hilt. This makes them NOT P.C. to the powers of the NWO. It doesn't mean they are somehow puuuur (as Rush says) or down and out.

I have a relative who lives in Japan and they are doing just fine. A typical japanese person carries at least $500 (US) cash in their pockets --- there is hardly any crime.

Theye never borrow any money for any reason. They are self-reliant and debt free.

If you think what has happened in Japan will happen here think again cause it won't.

It'll be far worse than that.

And the Japanese interest in Gold has shown that by and large they are smart investors and will be able to retain their wealth where those in the US who are deeply indebted and have all thier "eggs" in the stock market casino will lose everything.

The N225 index does not in any way represent the real economy in Japan as the japanese people are doing much better than the N225 would tell you.

Similarly the DJX does not represent the US economy as the US economy is far worse off than the stock markets indes would indicate.

When the DJX chart looks like the N225 chart (and it certainly will) there will be blood in the streets in the US.

In Japan there is only calm and prosperity. Ask anyone who lives there.

All in all the Japanese people are in a very sound financial condition and Americans are in the polar opposite position.

When the Japanese gubmint stops playing cards with the NWO boyz and starts pulling in the reigns on spending I'd be a buyer of Japanese companies.

I'll patiently wait for the (certain) event to happen.

Evetually the japanese people will realize that thier leaders are not leading in the right direction and they'll reject the current policies.

When that happens the N225 will take off like a bat outta hell and never look back.

#53 GregFokker


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Posted 14 December 2002 - 09:49 PM

Watching "Armageddon", which is the Satiddy Night Movie on ABC. Nothing else to say. Nice choice.

...A declining spenglerian carnival of Colossaalism united with Inflation where the numbers one through 10 are forever banished as worthless arithmetical detritus from a bygone age... - Beardrech

Naturally we believe the govt numbers... and Boobus Americanus sleepwalks off the edge of the energy-crisis cliff clutching his shares of "Crisco", Yoohoo and GooGah munching on his Yum Yums and Ho Hos. Future historians will have a hell of a time figuring out what the hell Americanus neanderthalus was thinking and exactly what brought on his sudden demise... - Henny Penny

Well, good night everyone. I gotta go lube up for tomorrow's regular end-of-week Gold Slapdown and Stock Index Bear Punishment Rally Weekend Greenprint. ...Probably another Shock-and-Awe Gap-Up-Open and Wire-to-Wire Meltup Runaway Bull Charge Mo-Mo Spike to Fresh New All-Time Lifetime Highs, culminating in a 4:15 yelping scalded dog runoff with panic short-covering and legal not-held bad double fills due to fast market conditions, plus quote system freeze-ups and trading platform lock-outs along the way. *yawn* typical gov't Friday. - Shorty

#54 brian4


    Clinical Professor of Stock Proctology

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Posted 14 December 2002 - 10:47 PM

OOOOOOOH!-One thing I know is REALITY-it's when Mr.and Mrs SIXPACK's perception becomes reality that the SHIT hits the fan. CNN which used to be a good source for news and (thanks to AOL) has now become a cross of USA TODAY and the NATIONAL ENQUIRER had a special on tonite on WAR with IRAQ-and the SIXPACKS won't LIKE it! They talked about a protracted WAR-OIL going to maybe $150.- @ BARREL. How the strategic oil reserve is two years away from being filled-how AMERICA might grind to a halt etc. Give the SIXPACKS another day to chew on this and watch GOLD soar and the market tank on MONDAY! We are now in that sweet spot we have in every crisis where REALITY starts setting in and the GUMMINT BOYZ and their girlfriend ROSEY SCENARIO have left the building- STAY TUNED! Trade Safe!

#55 Guest_AssMaster_*

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Posted 14 December 2002 - 11:50 PM

Just got back from a visit with my client to fix some bugs in my code, and finished up with a talk about the markets. Basically told a group of the managers them it's going to be "That 70's Show" writ large. 18 years of goods disinflation and bull market in financial paper turns to goods inflation and debt deflation, a bull market in things. Gold to $3000/oz, Oil to $150/bbl, NG, imported goods all higher. Hordes leaving Silicon Valley for Canada, Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska to work on oil drilling rigs and gold mines. That sort of thing. Suggested averaging into Gold & Energy, TIPS & foreign bond funds, and BEARX. Canadian dollar to parity with the clownbuck.

They didn't bat an eye or offer a word of disagreement, especially because in April 2000 I told them to get out of the market and buy gold and BEARX instead. I thought for sure the Canadian dollar parity thing would get them. Even the Canadians don't believe that one! But they never batted an eye.

So, we are definitely at the point of recognition/acceptance and 3 of three down sounds about right. The smarter ones recognize it (my boss the bass-playing software guy mentioned possible "depression"), but many others are still hoping.

So that is my real-world anecdote for the day. POR here we come. This ain't your father's bear market, it's your grandfather's depression.

#56 torah man

torah man

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Posted 14 December 2002 - 11:50 PM

The mark to market seems slow tonight, i have to find out where everyone is.

I posted the original explaination of the government taking over the people in the thread here (entry for saturday)


i am still holding hmy stock and the spx, qqq, and klac puts. i love that klac.

i think all of the rules for this year end will be broken. they will not get the big wopsaw during opex week, and the rally might just fizzle.

what is going to happen this weekend??

#57 brian4


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Posted 15 December 2002 - 12:05 AM

Ass master-I just added you to my list of those who GET IT! That was well said man-well said! Trade safe!

#58 Guest_AssMaster_*

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Posted 15 December 2002 - 12:12 AM

Brian4: Thanks! :rolleyes: Getting it is far easier than trading it. That's what I have Doc and you guys for!

Keep up the good work. :grin:

#59 brian4


    Clinical Professor of Stock Proctology

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Posted 15 December 2002 - 12:52 AM

Missing persons report-Merciless and London-call home -we miss your snappy repartee???

#60 torah man

torah man

    Bachelor of Stock Proctology

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Posted 15 December 2002 - 01:16 AM

Missing persons report-Merciless and London-call home -we miss your snappy repartee???

merciless said he was going on vacation, didn't he??

i just sent london an email, he has never posted on this new board, maybe he got lost.

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