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Stage 2 Blastoff

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#31 TJM


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Posted 17 March 2003 - 07:30 PM

03/15/03 - Pictures of a Stock Market Mania (Updated)

#32 GregFokker


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Posted 17 March 2003 - 07:30 PM

Vesselin just freaked me out completely with a chart posted below. I'm going to watch some TV and chill for awhile. If the top downsloping trendline connecting the highs doesn't hold this puppy back, it looks like a bull flag breakout.

Posted Image

Of course, neither I nor, I believe he, expects the implied bull flag target of 1935 to be reached. But it freaked me out just the same.

...A declining spenglerian carnival of Colossaalism united with Inflation where the numbers one through 10 are forever banished as worthless arithmetical detritus from a bygone age... - Beardrech

Naturally we believe the govt numbers... and Boobus Americanus sleepwalks off the edge of the energy-crisis cliff clutching his shares of "Crisco", Yoohoo and GooGah munching on his Yum Yums and Ho Hos. Future historians will have a hell of a time figuring out what the hell Americanus neanderthalus was thinking and exactly what brought on his sudden demise... - Henny Penny

Well, good night everyone. I gotta go lube up for tomorrow's regular end-of-week Gold Slapdown and Stock Index Bear Punishment Rally Weekend Greenprint. ...Probably another Shock-and-Awe Gap-Up-Open and Wire-to-Wire Meltup Runaway Bull Charge Mo-Mo Spike to Fresh New All-Time Lifetime Highs, culminating in a 4:15 yelping scalded dog runoff with panic short-covering and legal not-held bad double fills due to fast market conditions, plus quote system freeze-ups and trading platform lock-outs along the way. *yawn* typical gov't Friday. - Shorty

#33 brian4


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Posted 17 March 2003 - 07:36 PM

Coming to a theatre near you in blazing tecnicolor! Cast of Millions-Shrub and Tonys Excellent Adventure! Supporting roles by Don Rumsfeld-the Seniors Sex Symbol and Jack Straw the worlds ugliest man. Boffo reviews-two thumbs up-says the Dow Jones-Woof, Woof says NazQuack-may it run forever says the Defense Industry.LOL!! Last night it looked like this thing was doomed and we were headed down into the bowels of the Beast. I bought the e minis shortly after Globex opened and had a great profit by bed time-luckily I ratcheted my stop down! I get up this morning and see I'm stopped out but hey thats ok it was with a profit. I see the futures coming off again and think wow good day coming-we open down and then blast off. Soon I'm stopped on the 3 puts I was holding profit on one small loss on two. Sooo I just watched the rest of the day made good coin on the e minis only because I had stops anyone who didn't and weren't nimble had a baaaad day. Like my pal the End I'm worried a bit about the VIX action and will get even more concerned if we get past 875 (which I doubt). SG this morning was thinking down as well and Doc and Oyster were thinking up but none of us saw this coming. The War and o/e week are skewing the technicals badly but it is still very much a Bear market. I disagree with Budda in that I think when the first bomb is dropped this thing drops as fast as it went up. End is right the breadth stinks and company losses and the economy etc just get worse. Lou you are right about credit card clampdown a friend runs a credit card division of a fair sized bonk-they have been told-miss one payment cut off the card until the payment has been made-so it has started. I did buy 2 May 880's at the close stop 890 for now. Trade Safe as the Chinese curse says "may you live in interesting times"

#34 sweefraapp


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Posted 17 March 2003 - 07:41 PM

Terror level to rise to orange this evening.

#35 Grizzly_Canuck


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Posted 17 March 2003 - 07:48 PM

Sold half my calls today. Will buy them back cheaper later. ST very overbought.

I think Bradley and the 78.5-week cycle bottoms coincided last week. i say "I think" because some of you disagree.

I don't think we close much higher on the week but look for 880-890 by the end of March.


#36 Grizzly_Canuck


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Posted 17 March 2003 - 07:49 PM

Sorry meant to say 900 by end of March


#37 Hypertiger


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Posted 17 March 2003 - 07:58 PM

Have to wait and see how the war unfolds... The US is at the weakest position economically in it's history but in the strongest militarily... The war has to be a wham bam deal… I don’t see it playing out that way… But we’ll see how it goes…eh.

If they were actually telling the truth about the shock and awe trick it will be a deadly mistake…

I herd that once the war starts that an emergency request for 80 billion is going to be sent to congress…

My head hurts thinking about the whole thing and the various factions involved… The dollar should get dumped if the economic forces that have the US in their sights make their move…

The whole thing could be a joke also… but even if it goes 100% according to plan like clockwork the 13-16 month deathwatch is still in effect…
"We are completely dependant on the commercial banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the banks create ample synthetic money (at the request of the consumer) we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent money system.... It is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may collapse unless it becomes widely understood and the defects remedied very soon." --Robert H. Hemphill, Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank,1938...

#38 crooked_analyst


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Posted 17 March 2003 - 08:00 PM

I am no longer going to request not to reproduce copyrighted material without the publisher's permission. If I get a complaint from the publisher, I'll just send you the bill for my legal fees. :lol:

If at all possible, just post a snippet and link to the source. If not possible, I'll pretend I didn't see it. :wink2:

Doc...was that mine from DOW JONES NEWS?..if so, I apologize...

#39 purdymouth


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Posted 17 March 2003 - 08:00 PM

Russell on the markets

#40 brian4


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Posted 17 March 2003 - 08:15 PM

Grizzly Canuck-you made a good call on this one-Congrats.-Trade Safe!

#41 martialcomp


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Posted 17 March 2003 - 08:40 PM

Longonuranis is correct.

The FEED is inflating in a deflationary economy which IMHO is causing Stagflation.

Stagflation is the one thing that many anal cysts and central bankers said could never happen again (like the 70's).

Naturally, what supposedly has a remote chance of happening actually HAPPENS.

I agree, money will chase deflating assets.

Bankrate.com says FEED will leave rates unchanged. I agree with this opinion because the FEED knows they are causing stagflation. It is obvious that their efforts to inflate in a deflationary economy are actually hurting matters even more.

#42 Metamucil


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Posted 17 March 2003 - 08:55 PM

Interesting crb trend change......any theories?

"I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully"____George W. Bush, 7/29/2000

#43 The End

The End

    Anything is possible!

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Posted 17 March 2003 - 08:58 PM

I don't see Zoran's stuff on LOB, soo, here it is.

NONE of what I type, should be taken as financial advice.

And when you loose control, you'll reap the harvest that you've sown
And as the fear grows, the bad blood slows and turns to stone
And it's too late to loose the weight you used to need to throw around
So have a good drown, as you go down, alone
Dragged down by the stone.


#44 summoner


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Posted 17 March 2003 - 08:59 PM

Threw short at the close...Reloaded spx apr 900 puts....stiff resistance/supply at 863 -870.
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Charles Shackelford


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Posted 17 March 2003 - 08:59 PM

Checking in I note that many technicians and Ewavers are flabbergasted. Imo, TA will never effectively chart the lion's share of huge moves like this. This is a forensic move based in the recent memory of the Afghan bombing run and concurrent stock buying fever. I said a week ago that this war would be bought, not sold and I got alot of grief for it which is fine and its what this board is all about; dialogue. Clearly the Matrix is staking its future on a quick and easy and overwhelming victory in Iraq conjoined with a 'return to the bull market' in stocks on the 3rd anniversary of the bull top. This is why Hans Hans Hans Hans Brinker is in. No other reason. Its geo-political positioning for the next great blast of greed in the cycle. No way this government goes to War without everyone on the same page and without a massively sympathetic stock rally fueled by Y2K type liquidity embalmings. Essentially the Corpse is being shocked into new life. I said last Tuesday that PigMen on the floor would know before many in the Pentagon what the go date for the War invasion would be. They have demonstrated this reality since Thursday. Clearly this information was leaked and they have been manuevering at the Trough ever since. The 'summit' in the Azores was all a silly ruse. It was less than 2 hours long and was fronted in the media as a last ditch effort to promote diplomacy and peace. Nothing could be further from the truth and Wall Street knew it, they knew to game the event since it was really a war conference on an aircraft carrier. It was the opposite of how it was portrayed. Wall Struck loves setups like this, they were insider trading that thing 2 days in advance of it. Again, my timetable has an attack coming this weekend or shortly thereafter. The airforce much prefers a dark sky so the end of the month is better but I think they will jump the gun and go into a quarter moon since they are now so deeply arrogant and self assured. Imo none of this is technically tradeable. It is in fact quite simply the single biggest geopolitical event since Nazi Germany attacked Poland in September of 1939. It is a watershed Sigma event that challenges the whole notion of multilateralism, shames the U.N. and marks a profound change in the world dynamic. best,buddha

It's a beautiful thing when someone can write like that. Now if we could just get you to break it up into neat little paragraphs. :lol:

bubbha -- you are a master. You recognized all the signs. Liquidity, Matrix, insiders, Hans Hans Hans Hans Brinker, flag waving political rally. And you didn't lecture us or even use 20/20 hindsight. Nice going! Wish I could have seen all the pieces of the puzzle.

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