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Dr. Strangebear

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#1 Guest_AssMaster_*

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Posted 08 December 2002 - 02:18 PM

I love a good conspiracy story like the Fed, FreeMasons and secret societies really running this country, but when it gets into shape-shifting alien reptile people flying around using mind control to make my dog tell me to worship Satan - you have lost me, for one.

So my question is, are all bears nutjob conspiracy whackos? And if not, what is your level of conspiracy belief? The Fed, The Oil Guys, The FreeMasons, International Bankers, what?

And would we all be better off if we just kept our discussions limited to the Fed, the PPT, etc.? There is already ONE www.link blocked.com.

Maybe we better mind our manners and personal honor, integrity and responsibility. In the meantime, do like Doc...shut up and tell me where the market is going, what stocks to buy/sell, and how to avoid financial armegeddon.

And leave out the personal attacks.


Good - Greenspan is the worst Fed chairman ever.
Bad - Greenspan is a farking @$$hole.

Good - Bush is a tool of the oil elites.
Bad - Bush is a farking moron.


#2 assteroid


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Posted 09 December 2002 - 10:10 PM

Assmaster, My husband wrote a book about how the Ufo subject is handled by the mainstream and tabloid media. I helped him research it. It's been very well recieved, even in some academic circles. I'm insulted when people include me in the nut whackjob category. It was actually my understanding of how the media, propaganda, religion and belief systems, operate individually and collectively that kept me out of a world of financial pain during the stock run up of the late nineties.

My view of the Ufo subject is highly nuanced, and actually quite skeptical. Do I believe we are being visited? Yes, I have to trust credible observers and ignore those who have never really looked at the huge body of evidence. I also have to respect astronauts Gordon Cooper, and Ed Mitchell's personal experiences and opinions. Do I want to believe? Not particularly.

Please don't try to limit discussion to what you find acceptable on the board. If people have an idea that you find absurd, ask them what their evidence is, don't shut them down. How the heck do we know what ultimate reality is? To suggest we do, implies we must be Gods ourselves, which would be the wildest form of conspiracy theory, I can think of! :lol:

#3 Guest_AssMaster_*

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Posted 10 December 2002 - 01:29 AM


I agree. Everything should be, of course, open to discussion - within certain limitations. And those limitations are up to Doc, not me.

And this is a fun, whacky place - not too serious, except about the markets. That's why we have seperate threads!

I was just spouting off and would have removed the thread after I wrote it if I could. Sorry if you were offended in any way. :rolleyes:

#4 assteroid


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Posted 10 December 2002 - 01:06 PM

No problemo, Assmaster. It's not a big deal. We all have a "huffy" zone, and that issue is mine. Weird, but true.

Hey, speaking of x-files. Last night I was sitting in my living room, and something hit the window with such force it nearly broke the window. It shook the house. I thought it may have been a great horned owl flying at top speed to get my love birds, visible from outside- it wouldn't be the first time. When I went outside this morning there was no sign anything had even hit the window, no mark and no feathers. Even if a racoon had hit the window with that force, for whatever reason, it would have left a bit of fur. Really puzzling. I'm not looking for a supernatural answer here, but if you or any stoolies have any idea of what kind of animal or natural phenomena could have caused this I'd love to know. :o

#5 Guest_AssMaster_*

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Posted 10 December 2002 - 11:30 PM

Perhaps a Bald Owl? (no feathers!)

By the way, I once had a weird experience. Sitting on the couch watching TV, kind of sleepy, when through the ceiling decended a luminous floating round ball which sort of floated over to me as I watched, transfixed. It then sort of half-way descended into my head and I was thinking hey, maybe it will straighten out my warped thinking and I'll be happy and normal. Then it ascended from my head and floated back up to the ceiling and slipped through the same way it came in.

Almost positive it was not a dream or anything, because I have never had one like that where I was totally aware of being in my own apartment and all that - and the fact that my dreams I DO remember are usually far weirder than that.

I just remember thinking, dammit, I was hoping for enlightenment or something!

#6 assteroid


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Posted 11 December 2002 - 03:09 PM

Assmaster, There is a phenomena called "hypnapompic and hypnagogic imagery" where a person retains consciousness while slipping into rem sleep. I used to get it 3 or 4 times a night, actually went to a neurologist, it was so disruptive. I finally nailed down what was contributing to the problem. I was taking sudafed for allergies, and that seemed to trigger more than the usual number of visions.

Just a couple of nights ago, had to take sudafed for a cold. I woke up at about 1:00 am, looked around the room, fully conscious and there to my immediate right was Mark Twain---I kid you not. And not a whispy, translucent dead humorist, but a very much alive fully opaque person, smiling kindly at me. Scares the living bejesus out of you at first, before you gather your sences, remember this phenomena ,and it goes poof. I'm sure this accounts for many "apparitions" that people see.

The strange thing about this imagery is that though it may be the product of mind, it makes you wonder what exactly constitutes "mind". For you can't help but get the impression that this stuff seems partially mediated by an external source. I mean, you should have seen Twain...REmarkably real.

I've had many experiences like your's. Next time it happens, note whether you had taken coffee, cold medications recently. The one that I note imparticularly, involved same ball of light, when I reached over to turn on the light, the bulb exploded. That could have been entirely coincidental.

There is a very good, scholarly book out about this subject, forget the name, can search for it, if you like. There is a "hypnagogic personality type". Einstein was said to have developed his relativity theory by noting the imagery in a hynagogic trance. Francis Crick, same with hypnagogic visions of snakes, the double helix configuration of dna strands. (There are probably plenty of dumbasses that experience it too!) Hypnagogs are said to experience reality, in a kinesthetic way, that other people don't. I credit the car accident!

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