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Poole To Potato Head: "we Have A Problem"

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#166 merciless


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Posted 11 March 2003 - 02:56 PM


Beardrech, No your'e not BSing!!!!!

BARe, as alluded to in Beardrech's comment, i have these sources, they took an awful long time to cultivate and cost good coin to harvest. the way we all work is kinda sideways because if the info ever came out like it was delivered, then whammo - no more source, no more info, and i'm either sending flowers to the hospital, the court house or the funeral home.

this is why i give "oblique" lunatic proclamations, the info IS there but seen as how i live in this city i can NOT afford to spell it out for yeah. so apologies if the message is too coded, or obfuscated, but my livlihood depends on my being that way. hope this provides the requested clarification.

btw, its always easy to see what the expected outcome of the message/ info is as i always post my positions and transactions. its all there baby, in the PORK pudding so to speak- bwahahahaahahahahahaha

spectfully Urs.

stay nimble, stay focused and hey smoke 'em,

so says i,


#167 swedjap


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Posted 11 March 2003 - 03:26 PM

The investment-related discussions here are great.  Too bad that in order to read them I have to skip over the political hate speech of anti-Bush (pro-Saddam?)posters.

Well said!

There is actually a forum for political attacks, those who are so inclined should go there.. and play there.

Simplistic. When the World players wh think Bush is an idiot short the market - THAT is rleelvant to REAL traders. Perma-Bears/TA dillweeds just don't get it...

So at what date did you go short (applying this system/logic )? :grin:

#168 Guest_BEARDRECH_*

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Posted 12 March 2003 - 12:59 AM

Drech, again, HRFF could care less where merci is from or what his sources are, nefarious, shady, legit, Chicago-an or UDDERwise.

He's very interested in what Merci is saying and Merci didn't seem to say much save that he had a long list of sources.

So, if Merci DID say something, UDDER than his Fed sources say when push comes to SHOVE(L) LOL they'll go "whole hog" well, please let BARE know what it is/was he's sayin'.

Connections and sources don't mean "squat"* (*seemed like good verbiage given the thematic DISSorientation around here LOL)  unless they're good, consistently. Merci says he has 'em - butt what are they SAYIN'? Is Merci willin' to share or speak less circumlocuitously?

ASS to Chicago and this unfounded ASSertion HRFF sez HORSEpucky!!!

QUOTE (BAREister @ Mar 11 2003, 12:21 AM)
What you dont get ,and its not a sin believe me, is the subterrranean ethos of the experienced Chicagoan

HRFF had, for over a decade, a Polish girlfriend from the VERY "wrong" side of the RR trax FUR an Ivy League WASP from an Archie Bunker neighborhood on the South Side w friends in very high places in Chi' town (on both sides of the aisle, but mostly the D's) and, allegedly, some in- laws (or sew it was whispered, furtively, in the family) in low ones, ass in "THEY"/"THEM". HRFF had dinner one night w 'em and it was like a scene straight out of The Godfather. 'Nuff ced?
He don't need no FURther enlightenment ass to Chicago mores after hearing over the course of a 12 year relationship her stories of much of her lifetime there.  There are plenty of people there who, as his ex-g'friend used to say: "Will have to be screwed into the ground (when they pASS on) they're so crooked." Butt, then, so does Philly, and New Yaaawwk and New Orleans and Youngstown and Miami and Detroit and Cleveland and...well, yes, even in Washington State here and there, too.

oh. he read an issue of ESQUIRE, he thinx it wuz, about half a year ago? re a tough honest cop a good Pollack from the S Side, who is running Elliott Ness's old outfit. The article said there have been over 100 Mob-related murders in Chi' town in the past 10 years or so, if The BARE recalls correctly. Only one has been 'solved'.


bare,in partial disagreement with you i submit, that there is a diffference between Paris and Lyon,Dresden and Frankfort,St Petersburgh and Karaganda ,calcutta-benares and New Delhi and so on and so forth----
beardrech :)

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