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Exhausting to watch

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#31 Lugnut


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Posted 01 February 2012 - 01:12 AM

I actually feel sorry for you. I remember the days when there were no cell phones, no email, just the landline, a message machine if you installed one and, of course, postal mail. Back then, life was more peaceful and enjoyable. You could enjoy a certain level of anonymity and if you just wanted to be left alone, that was usually no problem. I really miss those days.


#32 Lugnut


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Posted 01 February 2012 - 01:34 AM

Yes, and Facebook means nothing. Just another distraction for the masses. A very effective tool for the powers to keep the sheep grazing in the pen, while the whole world crumbles. I know adults who check Facebook at least once an hour on their smart phones. I know kids who don't get away from it a combined hour a day. They feel compelled to tell the whole world about the "great" life they are experiencing, even as the foundation underneath them is quickly deteriorating. If some of these Facaholics were isolated from any contact with social media for just a few days, their brains would stroke out, sending them into severe convulsions, coma, then death. It's almost like some strange religious cult, the power that it has.......

Ok, starting to sound a little like Shorty....

I had a course in grad school that was taught by a Frankfurt school Marxist on Critical Theory of Technology.

Great course - didn't agree with the guy on some things and got into plenty of (good) arguments with him but he forced me to rethink the social effects of technology. We read mostly Heidegger, Marcuse and Ellul. The net of it for me was this: we alter our own perceptions of the world as we manipulate objects in it, and tech has come to mediate more and more interactions that we have with others. Whereas objects "at hand" used to simply be available to us to use when we chose to use them, the ones we have now interrupt our lives and impose themselves on us - that is what a smartphone does with phone calls, news feeds, text, facebook, twitter, etc. We are all more alienated as a result.

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Posted 01 February 2012 - 01:52 AM

Confession time..I have never owned a cellphone, a credit card or eaten a Big Mac.. :)

Maybe I need some counselling.. :huh:

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