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Posted 08 December 2002 - 02:21 AM

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The Envelope, Please: Those Bonuses Come Inching Back

LAYOFFS, bankruptcies and falling stock prices: 2002 has been full of them, along with other corporate troubles. This is not likely to be a good year for bonuses. Or is it?

Company executives, union officials and compensation consultants say that when millions of American workers receive bonuses — or word about their bonuses — in the next several weeks, some will be pleasantly surprised. From top executives like Douglas R. Conant, the chief executive of Campbell Soup, to auto workers, magazine editors and pharmaceutical employees, many people will actually receive bigger bonus checks than they did last year.


It's immediate and it's continuous," said Frank Fernandez, the chief economist of the Securities Industry Association. "You're already seeing this weakness in the real estate market in New York." Sales of some luxury goods have remained strong, he said, because people seem to be having "one last fling" at conspicuous consumption.

On Wall Street, investment bankers and traders at firms like the Goldman Sachs Group and Morgan Stanley are bracing for thinner envelopes. On average, the 2002 payouts, which account for the bulk of annual compensation, will be down at least 35 percent, Wall Street executives and pay consultants said. But that means only that a typical managing director at a major investment bank will earn about $1 million for 2002, down from $1.6 million last year and $2.1 million two years ago, they said.



Pearl Harbor Day, 2002

istory will eventually tell us whether Pearl Harbor Day 2002 is the gateway to a war as necessary as World War II or to a tragedy of unintended consequences redolent of World War I. But for this moment, farce has the edge: A savage dictator is delivering a "full" accounting of his weapons arsenal that only a fool would take for fact, and a president of the United States is pretending (not very hard) to indulge this U.N. rigmarole while he calls up more reserves for the confrontation he seeks. The rest of us are but pawns in a great game that only Joseph Heller could have devised.

The game comes with an ever-growing cast of peculiar players. In Iraq, there's a team of inspectors out of "H.M.S. Pinafore," charged with a mission that is probably impossible and whose results will soon be disregarded by the relevant parties anyway. In Washington, there's an unintentionally comic spokesman for our ally Saudi Arabia who on Tuesday declared that his country was the victim of unwarranted American intolerance bordering on "hate."

This guy can actually write


Iraq Says Report to the U.N. Shows No Banned Arms
Iraq delivered a 12,000-page declaration on banned weapons to the United Nations.
• Buildup Leaves U.S. Nearly Set to Start Attack
• News Analysis: Will Bush's War March Slow?
• Week in Review: How Today's Stage Was Set

Lawmakers Want Cabinet Post for an Intelligence Director
The national intelligence director would have authority over the broad intelligence community, including the C.I.A.

Two Casualties as Bush Seeks Economic Fix
It was hardly a shock that Paul H. O'Neill and Lawrence B. Lindsey became casualties of the administration's struggle to get a handle on the economy.
• Chart: An Odd Couple's Unfortunate Legacy
• News Analysis: Challenges for New Team

Using Synonyms for Race, College Strives for Diversity
Rice University has developed creative, even sly ways to meet its diversity goals and still obey a court ruling that prohibits considering race in admissions.

Nancie Battaglia for The New York Times
Bob Reiss at Santa's Workshop, a theme park in the Adirondack Mountains. His attempt to sell the park went awry when the would-be buyer turned out to be a convicted felon. Go to Article

In Louisiana, a Democrat Wins a Tough Senate Race

Church's Accounting of Abuse Is Criticized

• Dowd: Cheneyville Christmas
• Friedman: Bush, Iraq and Sister Souljah

Much More Times Front Page

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Posted 08 December 2002 - 02:35 AM

Check out the new Google News Page


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Candidates haggle over final terms of EU entry
Final negotiations ahead of next week's summit

US unemployment rate fuels market jitters
Non-farm payrolls fall by 40,000

EU acts on single-hulled tankers
Decision resisted by the Netherlands

Russia condemns UK release of Chechen rebel
Zakayev wanted by Russia for alleged terrorism

Milosevic trial reveals key witness

FSA may water down its staff pensions

World's leading human rights job finds no takers

Plea for Turkey's early EU date

Doubts on the future of F1 after talks fail

EU acts on single-hulled tankers

Candidates haggle over final terms of EU entry

Asia-Pacific More
Explosion at McDonald's in Bombay

Poor outlook for Japan's economic recovery

Tokyo tries to talk down yen

Middle East & Africa
US and Saudi military rebuild relations

Israel forces kill 10 in Gaza raid

Arms and men ready for war games

Three killed in attack on Caracas rally

G7 and Mexico agree smallpox plan

Chávez fails to break national strike

Mexico central bank tightens monetary policy

FT Front PAge

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Posted 08 December 2002 - 02:53 AM

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United bankruptcy 'imminent'
Filing possible Sunday as $875 million payments come due

Firing messengers
Ouster targets advisers who didn't instill confidence in Bush's policy.
Tax cuts: The odds are raised
Who's next?
List of possible replacements has a Cabinet official, Goldman ex-CEO.
Plus: O'Neill, Lindsey's legacy

UAL board meets and union leader expects Chapter 11 soon. More
Plus: Liquidation threat to US Air

Year-end tax tips
7 ways to maximize deductions and minimize your tax burden.

Double whammy
White House policy shakeup and Iraq events concern strategists. More
And: Stocks to watch Monday

Weekend headlines Pension changes seen
Gateway, H-P furlough
Exxon Valdez penalty
Argentina bank turmoil
Universal-China deal
Logjam in trade talks

CBS Maketwatch front Page

Sunny side
of the Street
A snowstorm hits New York and the Dow falls 115 points. Studies show the two things may not be completely unrelated.

Gold gains ground
Spot gold takes another stab at surpassing $329 an ounce, and the metal's supporters are keeping their fingers crossed.

Bad for bonds?
With interest rates so low, the only way to get substantial capital gains from bonds is through deflation.

New Reg-FD levels the playing field
Repurchase programs boost shares

How big is Big Blue?
Interestingly, most of the letters that recommend IBM don't have much to say about it. They just seem to hold it stoically.

3 big views, from bulls to bears
The latest from three noted strategists on the stock rally, market timing and the new oil order.

MARKET RESEARCH Click here for independent research from the
CBS MarketWatch Market Advisers
on the stocks and mutual funds in your portfolio.

Click here for the latest upgrades/downgrades by Wall Street anal cysts.

More from Mark Hulbert:
'Most wanted' in the rally
There's nothing like a strong stock market rally to rekindle newsletters' interest in tech stocks.

News and Commentary

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Posted 08 December 2002 - 02:39 PM

Posted Image

Win One Like the Gipper
Bill Clinton, the president who used to ape Ronald Reagan, told Democrats what they must do to take on George W. Bush, the president who now apes Ronald Reagan.
He's Ba-a-ack! (December 1, 2002)
A Golden Couple Chasing Away a Black Cloud (November 27, 2002)
The Boomers' Crooner (November 24, 2002)

An Islamic Reformation
What's going on in Iran today is precisely the war of ideas within Islam that is the most important war of all.

'Sodom' Hussein's Iraq (December 1, 2002)
Defusing the Holy Bomb (November 27, 2002)
Walling In, Walling Out (November 24, 2002)

Shaming the Shield
Detective Michael Silvestri is on trial for his alleged association with a Mafia crime family. It's not surprising. The guy's no genius.
For Struggling States, All Solutions Point to Washington (December 2, 2002)
The Gift of Mayhem (November 28, 2002)
Whose Hands Are Dirty? (November 25, 2002)

Reefer Madness
Drug reform requires not only money, creativity and patience, but also the political courage to face ideologues.

What to Expect When You're Inspecting (November 16, 2002)
America's Most Wanting (November 2, 2002)
The Smoke Nazis (October 19, 2002)

Love and Race
In a world brimming with bad news, here's one of the happiest trends: Instead of preying on people of different races, young Americans are falling in love with them.
Will China Blindside the West? (December 3, 2002)
China's Deadly Cover-Up (November 29, 2002)
God and China (November 26, 2002)

Digital Robber Barons?
When it comes to the future of the Internet, decision makers are full of enthusiasm for the wonders of deregulation even as tomorrow's robber barons are fortifying their castles.
Hey, Lucky Duckies! (December 3, 2002)
In Media Res (November 29, 2002)
Every Breath You Take (November 26, 2002)

Pearl Harbor Day, 2002
History will eventually tell us whether Pearl Harbor Day 2002 is the gateway to a war as necessary as World War II or to a tragedy of unintended consequences redolent of World War I.
Do We Have to Call You Al? (November 23, 2002)
We're Not in Florida Anymore (November 9, 2002)
What Al Qaeda Learned in D.C. (October 26, 2002)

His Brother's Keeper
The Congressional investigation into the long-covered-up abuse of power by the F.B.I. in Boston has churned up a wrenching human interest story.
Well, Hello, Henry (December 2, 2002)
Phony War II (November 28, 2002)
The Israeli Choice (November 25, 2002)

If you've got the time there are some very good articles here

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Posted 08 December 2002 - 08:55 PM

Posted Image

Top Financial News
Sun, 08 Dec 2002, 7:33pm EST

Japan's Stock Benchmarks Fall, Led by DoCoMo; Tokyo Electric Power Gains
Japan' stock benchmarks fell on concern that a government report today may show machinery orders, an early indicator of business investment, dropped in October. Companies that depend on domestic demand such as NTT DoCoMo Inc. led the declines. More...

Dollar May Fall Against Yen as Bush Ousts O'Neill, Lindsey to Revamp Team
The dollar may fall against the yen after President George W. Bush ousted Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill and White House economic adviser Lawrence Lindsey on Friday without naming their replacements. More...

Crude Oil Rises as Venezuela Enters Second Week of Strikes With Shootings
Crude oil rose in New York as opponents of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez extended a weeklong strike, sparking shootings in the capital Caracas and increasing concerns about disruptions to oil shipments. More...

Japan's Economy Grew Faster Than Initially Estimated in the Third Quarter
Japan's economy grew faster than initially estimated in the third quarter, a government report showed. More...

Hasbro, Other Toymakers Out of Some Popular Items as Inventories Kept Lean
Hasbro Inc. is out of FurReal Friends cats, and some shoppers may be out of luck as many toy retailers keep inventory lean to avoid a blue Christmas. More...

Hong Kong Shoppers Play Scrooge This Holiday Season as Jobs Under Threat
Jobless shop clerk P.Y. Wan finished her Christmas purchases this year with a small plastic wreath bought for HK$35 ($4.50) from a street vendor in Hong Kong's Tsim Sha Tsui shopping district. More...

From Bali to Langkawi, Tourist Return Signals Recovery From Nightclub Bomb
Six Continents Plc, Sol Melia SA and other hotels across Southeast Asia say bookings are picking up as tourists start to set aside worries about terrorism and prepare for Christmas breaks. More...

India Will Unveil Plan to Sell Stakes in Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petro
India's government will announce this week how much of Hindustan Petroleum Corp. and Bharat Petroleum Corp. will be auctioned as part of a plan to raise $2.5 billion by selling shares in state-run companies. More...

Thai Brokers Doubt Shorter Lunch, Longer Trading Hours Will Boost Volume
Paiboon Nalinthrangkurn, head of Bangkok brokerage Tisco Securities Ltd., uses his two-hour lunch break to meet clients and read research. More...

Leighton, Abigroup May Gain as Australia Builds Again After Olympic Binge
Leighton Holdings Ltd., Abigroup Ltd. and OneSteel Ltd. are among Australian companies some investors expect to gain from a rebound in government spending on tunnels, roads and railways. More...

Saudi Arabia Will Push to Stop OPEC Quota Cheats at Meeting, anal cysts Say
Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, is concerned that OPEC risks an oil-price slump unless the group's members cut production that has exceeded their targets for most of the year, anal cysts said. More...

China Foils Growth by Citigroup, General Motors as It Reaps Gains From WTO
Citigroup Inc. Chairman Sanford Weill said in March he'd like to see 300 Citibank branches in China someday. At the rate China has let his company expand, Weill's wish won't be realized until the year 2302. More...

From Bloomies

Sun, 08 Dec 2002, 7:33pm EST

Japan's Economy Grew 0.8 Percent in Third Quarter, More Than Estimated
Japan's economy grew faster than initially estimated in the third quarter, a government report showed. More...

U.S. Unemployment Rate Increases to 6 Percent as Economy Loses 40,000 Jobs
The U.S. unemployment rate rose last month to 6 percent, matching an eight-year high reached in April, and the economy lost jobs as the recovery stumbles. More...

President Bush May Consider Parsky, Archer to Be New U.S. Treasury Chief
President George W. Bush is likely to consider California venture capitalist Gerald Parsky and former Republican Representative Bill Archer as he picks a successor to Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, investors and political anal cysts said. More...

N.Z. Retail Sales Rise, Exports Fall, Signaling Rates to Remain Unchanged
New Zealand retail sales rose more than expected in October and exports fell, signaling interest rates may be left unchanged as the central bank balances the strength of domestic demand against slower global economic growth. More...

Mexico Moves to Raise Interest Rates After Jump in Inflation Last Month
Mexico's central bank moved to raise interest rates after a jump in inflation last month exceeded government targets and threatened to hinder the recovery of Latin America's biggest economy. More...

U.K. House Prices Rise as Lowest Rates in Four Decades Encourage Borrowing
U.K. house prices rose at almost the fastest annual pace in 13 years in November as the lowest interest rates in four decades encouraged record borrowing. More...

ECB Voting Policy Will be Dominated by Largest Economies, Welteke Says
European Central Bank policy will in the future be dominated by the largest nations among those sharing the euro, according to a proposal by the bank aimed at streamlining the way it sets interest rates. More...

Germany's Economic State Now Is Similar to Japan 10 Years Ago, Poehl Says
Karl Otto Poehl, a former president of the Bundesbank, said Germany is now in a similar state to Japan 10 years ago, when the world's second-biggest economy entered a slump it is still struggling to overcome. More...

Europe's `Equilibrium' Unemployment Rate is 8%, BOE Policy Maker Says
Europe's unemployment rate probably can't fall much further from its present level without pushing up inflation, a Bank of England policy maker said. More...

Canada Adds Three Times as Many Jobs as Expected as Factories Keep Hiring
Canada added almost three times as many jobs as anal cysts forecast in November as manufacturers expanded payrolls, anticipating higher production in the months ahead. More...


Technology News
Sun, 08 Dec 2002, 7:33pm EST

IBM Agrees to Purchase Rational Software for About $2.1 Billion in Cash
International Business Machines Corp., the world's largest computer maker, agreed to buy Rational Software Corp. for about $2.1 billion in cash, gaining tools that developers use to create new programs. More...

Interpublic's Credit Rating Is Reduced by S&P on Concerns About Cash Flow
Interpublic Group of Cos.' long-term credit rating was cut one level by Standard & Poor's because of concerns about the No. 2 advertising company's liquidity. More...

PCCW Plans to Raise Its Stock Price by Consolidating Five Shares Into One
PCCW Ltd. plans to boost its stock price by combining shares, two months after Hong Kong's biggest phone operator became the first company in the city's benchmark index in four years to trade below HK$1. More...

Gemplus Board Approves Plan to Cut 1,030 Jobs in Effort to Restore Profit
Gemplus International SA's board yesterday approved a plan to cut an additional 1,030 jobs, or about 15 percent of the workforce, unions said, as the world's largest smart-card maker seeks to return to profit. More...

Hewlett-Packard, Gateway Plan to Put Workers on Leave During the Holidays
Hewlett-Packard Co., the world's second-largest computer maker, and smaller rival Gateway Inc. said they plan to put workers on leave during the holidays in order to save money. More...

Vivendi Universal to Own at Least 25 Percent of First Theme Park in China
Vivendi Universal SA, the world's second-biggest entertainment company, will own at least 25 percent of its first theme park in China that it plans to build with local partners in Shanghai. More...

Qwest Director Haines Sells Most of His Company Stake After Shares Rebound
Qwest Communications International Inc. board member Jordan Haines sold most of his stake in the local-telephone company this month after the shares rebounded, the first sale by a director in more than a year. More...

Sony to Use Sun Microsystems Software for Vaio Computers, Nikkei Reports
Sony Corp. will use Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Star Office software for Vaio computers sold in Europe, replacing Microsoft Corp.'s Works software, the Nihon Keizai newspaper said, without citing anyone. More...

Flextronics International Shut Circuit-Board Plants in California, Sweden
Flextronics International Ltd.'s Multek unit, a maker of printed circuit boards for other companies, said it will close plants in Irvine, California, and Kumla, Sweden, to reduce costs. More...


Quest - accum distribtion + intra day intensity

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Posted 08 December 2002 - 08:57 PM

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Posted 08 December 2002 - 08:58 PM

To See the Asian Markets Live Charts Click Here
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The US Dollar
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24 hours Gold spot price
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Posted 09 December 2002 - 01:11 AM

what popped the futures down? I can't find news around the dump time?

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