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And the band played on

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can someone please subpoena all of Paulson's and Geithner's cell phone conversation transcripts for the last two years ? thanx


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jickiss is back!




jickiss is back!





Dear vitrofan, tanks for mentioning your jickiss. your jickiss received pleas to stop discussing the jickiss Stock of the Year 2009. C E. (Shorty style of ticker).


so discussions were halted.....




without further aye-doo,


here is a ch rt: (of C E)


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It is a distant memory now how the financial system is supposed to serve the needs

of the real economy by supplying needed capital to real businesses that actually

produce needed goods and services. But here's someone who remembers that.


Excellent article here by a U of Missouri prof:


How the Servant Became a Predator: Finance's Five Fatal Flaws




Also a new Ratigan article here:


Goldman Sachs' Black Magic, Here's How They Did It




There are numerous interesting articles on Huffington Post and elsewhere about the billionaire bailouts. Looks like it's not just Stoolies who are upset right now about the boatloads of taxpayer money that have been spent on banks that are giving out giant bonuses to employees, and are still not doing much lending to the real economy of businesses that produce needed goods and services.

Hey -- this is bull stool.


Most of the "trading" the GS an friends do is market making.


The profitability can be attributed to spreads widening.


These guys generally don't do directional bets.

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jickiss is back!




jickiss is back!




for sure, the Short and the Very Short term could see gold drop, or Earl, or the doolar pop up a bit....why not?


da Boyz can Spread Trade with so called "Free Money"


but there will be NO Random Walk in the Price of Gold.


Thimk weekly


take a look.......1, 2, and now Three!

Ok ok ok.. I thimk get it.


If price ain't going your way on the daily chart, then go weekly.


And if the price ain't going your way on the weekly, then go monthly.


And if you get your aSS handed to you on the monthly, then you're probably busted .. then it don't matter what you thimk. :lol:

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"What are the banks doing with these massive excess reserves"?

Asked Doc in the Fed report...


Well maybe they are holding the cash as collateral for the $1.7 TRILLION of Interest Rate Swaps they have written.


Five large commercial banks represent 88% of net current credit exposure.


Wait till this bubble pops...


From the OCC Second Qauter 2009 report:

The price makers [iBs] don't generally carry the risk on these..

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Rack me jawboning fall street - a toothless rotweiler


Why bother.


We know its only an execise on damage control by Obama - wheeling out the supposed white house hard man - to bark at the bankers -


To try to establish a faux independence from fall street that does not in reality exist.


In the meantime he appoints more and more goldmembers to control the real leavers of financial power and information.


Never in the history of America have words been so opposite and so refuted by actions in the complete opposite direction.


Schizoprenia anyone??????

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