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ahhh unions.

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I joined my hall, Carpenters Local 1325, because I didn't like being treated like a freakin' dog on non-union sites, and although it is not perfect, it is by far the the best of options, and I consider it a means to an end.


All pensions will be stolen eventually unless you quit the trade, pull your pension, and self-direct it. Dividend paying gold producers will be my pension, self-sufficiency my new apprenticeship, and humility my goal.


Sadly, after all the good work that unions have done protecting people from the abuses of upper management, the lateral effect is to ensure an equal distribution of dead-weight throughout the entire corporate structure. Unions have no corner on corruption.


Like an old tree, it falls under its own weight.


Nature at work... showing us what happens when we worship the God of Money and forget what we are.


As for those too narrow minded to listen to the howling winds of change....



You are what you deserve. :blink:

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