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I love you man, and appreciate your undying support, but you gotta chill with the hostility. Mark's da man here. He's da buttah! And he is most certainly entitled to his opinion. We do not always agree, but his work is impeccable.


Give him the respect he is due.


This goes for everyone. Don't drink and drive. Don't drink and post! :wink2:



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I apologise for my attack on you last night.


I was a little over the edge and my nerves are freyed from this market.


You are the man here and I am sorry for all i said.


Michael/ The end.

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I got a nice scam e mail a couple of weeks ago - an interesting version of the Nigerian Letter


Some one from Iraq whose husband had just been murdered by Saddam wanting to get $15 million out off the country and offering me 20% - a cool $3 million for my help.


Pity the spelling was so execrable.


Such a hoot reading it - nice to see they keep these things topical.


I can just see the message of the near future


"Dear Sir"


I am the CEO of an S&P 500 company which is being investigated by the SEC for massive accounting fraud.

I have recently sold my stock opitons for $100 Million and need to get the funds out of the county in a hurray. In order to do this I need to use your bonk accounts.

I know you are an honest man and can help me.

I am willing to pay a fee of 20% of the above some to compensate you for your time and effort"













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