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IDS World Markets Mon 5th November 07

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I read yesterday that Maria Bari-whatever is married to some hedge fund manager billionaire's son, also a hedge fund manager.


If she can land a hedge fund billionaire, that kind of spells doom for men everywhere.



Yeppers...she's married...........




Neither of them look all that happy about it.



Your right:neither of them are happy--noone, that rich, can ever acheive happiness because every night, when they go to sleep,theyh ave the thoughts of ,why ,even with all my money, cant I fly to the moon with an eggbeater up my ass????


This is the terminal dementia suffered by those committed to living within the rococo style of expenditure....


beardrech :ph34r: :ph34r: I have a net worth of five billion dollars---where oh where can I find me a cosmetic surgeon able to give me the gastric capacity for eating 13 meals a day???--Maria arto-Billionaromo

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Happy Hour now open. 2 for stock specials in your favorite financials.



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My CHINA screen was RED except for 2 stocks.


Very scary... 6-8-9-11% declines...


FXI down bigtime.


Anybody notice?

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Ah, the good old days..










Red Green, the goold old days..........


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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