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Flat is As Flat Does

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Oh no!! :blink: ....looks like the homies are building a base and are getting ready to rally strong off their lows.....NOT!!! The three POS' that I am short are below. Their charts have one very interesting thing in common. Can anyone guess what it is? {answer at bottom of post}






They're all going to be trading in the single digits before the year is over!!!

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Looks who's here.



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I'm going full tilt short the futures on monday morning.

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Market is guaranteed to go down tomorrow.I had my qqqq puts filled at 5% above the market,and order was filled after the market closed.I did not get confirmation till about 4:30 last night....


How much later can they trade options past 4pm?

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Two things...


[1] Good interview with Sy Jacobs in the latest issue of Barron's, especially if you are bearish on housing


[2] Barron's also reissued their piece on CMGI that was apparently first published on Barrons.com back on March 20th....this explains some of the recent action in the stock and sets us up for another leg up as the stock gets the requisite Barron's bounce on Monday

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Martin A. Armstrong April 1998 Tokyo Seminar:


"There is a significant difference between today and 1929. There are some who claim that we are headed towards a major depression. I do not believe a major depression is possible. The main reason is that the depression of the 1930s was caused by defaults of governments around the world. All of Europe permanently defaulted in its debt with the exception of Switzerland and Britain (which went into a 6-month temporary default). Russia, China, most of Asia, South America all defaulted on their debts. Canada and US did not default, although many at the time expected them to. The reason we had a severe world economic depression was this. If you had issued debt it was payable in gold. If you did not have the gold you could not pay your debts. Today we only need to pay currency. Governments need only print more money. It would take a conscious effort on the part of world governments today to create a major global default. Politicians would have to say that they would no longer be paying social security and that they are going to default on all their obligations and I do not see this as possible. The system is automatically set to inflate out and the politicians will merely change the indices to disguise what they have done."


Exposing the FED like that is a big No No! off to jail you go!

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