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Flat is As Flat Does

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Poor lad is double disadvantaged.


He's got my looks and his mother's brains. :lol:





As I'm a divorce lawyer, I hope your wife doesn't read your posts.

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XAU Weekly - ET until no probability of a lower low in the XAU, as well as an end to the XAU trading range - 0-3 months.


2006 XAU target was 150-170 with subsequent trading range of 110-125 to 150-171.


2008 projected XAU high - 220-250. Subsequent trading range 155-175 to 220-250.



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Ben blinks to save the mortgage holders of america from the consequences of their own dishonest decisions.

The housing ATM is broken - the message blinks from the screen

Home equity lines of credit, or HELOCs, grew from $151 billion in 2000 to $559 billion in 2005, according to the FDIC.

"The ATM is temporarily out of service - please use another facility"

This will really will let inflation rip.

I feel a bond market panic coming on.

Those 30 year bonds are toast.


Australia has seen the growth of sub prime lenders - but the situation is not as bad as in America.

Now they are all desperately trying to go public.

Now they want to cash out while there is still some value to cash out.


The big 4 banks acount for 25% of the stock market capitalisation - its twisted.

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How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb?


Three--one to turn the bulb, one to shake him off the ladder, and a third to sue the ladder company.

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As the prosperous lawyer approches the Pearly Gates, St Peter thunders out-


"Recount your good deeds!"


Confidently, the lawyer says-


"Twice I gave a blind beggar a dime and once I gave an elderly lady a nickle to catch a bus."


St Peter turns to the Archangle and says-


"Give this lawyer two bits and tell him to go to Hell."

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Know you do fine and good work methinks from your previous posts.


Can't imagine how you deal with the emotions of the breaking up of families. Gotta be tough.


Meanwhile, I'm more worried about the MRS recognizing the avitator! :lol:




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things im in ....? CCJ ~ i sold 40 calls, question i have .... can i get called before the op ex date ?? im oping i do get called as i have wrote calls a couple times already; so if i get called i wont be upset.? plus id rather get rid of it




40 calls, that is 4000 shares, Yes, the options can be exercised at any time, That is a big bet by my standards'. I assume you are long the stock or you will get a margin call. 4000 share times 40d/share is 160000frns :huh:




NO, let me clarify that was the 40$ calls not '40' calls !!! im not that big nearly , LOL i wish though.

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Shorty's Predictions Are Here:


Arson investigators are trying to determine what started a roaring fire early this morning that swept through two luxury condominium buildings under construction in Torrance ...


.... People have started moving into other buildings in the development, with condos there selling for around $700,000.






my dad is an ARSON detective in one of those over bloated real estate markets so i will report if he is seeing lots of house fires.

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