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Flat is As Flat Does

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For all bears out there who want to believe we revisit the March 14 low on the spx at a later date -


put your hand up


How 'bout both hands?


Those look like real claws. I'd like to see him let loose on the Crapvision set during the final hour of trading someday.

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Iraq losers:

Bush, Rumsfeld, Blair, certain republican pols, US soldiers, iraq civilains.




Blackwater, Arms sellers, Iran, Democrats, michael moore, and a former Iraq Minister for defence - who took the maxim of "Take the money and run" very much to heart.

At least he knew when to cut and run.


Iraqi authorities are preparing an arrest warrant for the country's former defence minister in connection with a massive fraud case involving the "disappearance" of more than $1bn from ministry coffers.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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