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I'm looking for a low in Gold and Silver within the next week or so. Would like to see $hui punch down quickly to 290 for confirmation of a turn (this is for an intermediate turn, not sure about long term) - need to see reaction. Would also like to see Silver kiss $10.50.


I seem only to be able to run the Planetary applet for current day and don't see much here, so I won't post it.


Here's some up-to-date articles from Merriman and Nolle:




Nolle, click Futures then select June, 2006:



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Here's Nolle's latest for October 2006 ...


In last month's forecast, with respect to major equity markets, I mentioned that "with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all now closing in on their T-square configuration, I figure the party's over sometime in September. Now's the time to take profits and move into commodities again - the metals in general and the precious metals in particular, as I advised last year." September's behind us now, and if you haven't bolted for the exits as October opens up, you have precious little time left.


The markets, as I've already mentioned, are only one quantifiable expression of the historic social, cultural and political realignments signified by the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square, now building on the momentum which has been accelerating for the last several months. I've already described this T-square in some detail, and I won't repeat myself here. Suffice it to say that we're in the midst of a configuration unseen in some 1,500 years. Last time saw climate upheaval and a global power shift as great empires went into decay. We're only about a third of the way into the current shift. It will take a dozen or more years - probably until the 2020 Great Chronocrator (Jupiter-Saturn conjunction) - for this process to work itself out. So don't look for the world to change in an instant. Rather than a sudden collapse, it's more like a settling. As I've said, the souffl? doesn't go flat all at once, but gradually. Look around you, and say it isn't so. Watch the US mid-term election turnaround now in process: there's a clue. And it's only one of many . . .


Also like the 535-536 T-square watershed, 2006 is a year of peak lunar declination. Although the peaks occurred around the equinoxes this year, and are now therefore behind us, they're not far behind. The peaks this month remain mere minutes of arc from the extremes of March and September, so we're still in for more huge storms and significant seismic activity (including powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions). So far this year, the brunt of such calamities has fallen on Asia, where historic typhoons have wreaked havoc much as the Atlantic hurricanes did last year. The whole of October remains a geophysical minefield, but there are a number of periods of enhanced risk for severe storm and seismic action. These include the 1st (in the wake of the September 29 lunar south declination peak) and the 4th through the 13th (centering on the October 6 SuperMoon, the last such alignment of the year).


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The Planets are now lining and moving towards the Galactic Center in a fairly tight cluster. They'll arrive there in December. My interpretation is that Gold should be making a bottom soon. Take it with a grain of salt! I've been wrong too many times to list.


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I've run the Planetary Applet once again for next target date, which comes in at December 2007 where Jupiter is dead on in the Galactic Center and then starts to leave the GC. This could be Precious Metals top - I don't know - Could be where pm's are really unleashed - I have no idea. If you take the 500 year cycle theory discussed months earlier then 'unleashed' comes to mind.


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