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Here's the Planetary lineup for today. I'll try to post this applet once a week. Now in terms of week to week planetary lineups my comments (in Red) are only intuitive and not to be taken too seriously.


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Okay, it's been interesting to do this research, form hypothesis and see how it has played out.


It's been intriguing to see the upsurge and volatility of Silver as the Lunar Eclipse approaches and due on March 14, 2006. I have charted Silver's upsurges into Lunar Eclipses. I also note that Silver makes a lot of interim bottom on Venus Jupiter Conjunctions. Good support on Silver around $9.10. Apex support $7.60.


Markets in general when going up into eclipse time will make a peak within a +/- 10 day timeframe. And conversely markets going down into eclipses bottom in this timeframe.


The next Jupiter Venus conjunction will be on November 16, 2006. So are we looking at an interim low into June with consolidation for several months?


This is not investment advice - follow at your own peril! :lol:


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Updated Big Aspects. I am still working on filling out the details:



Saturn qunincunx Uranus (1/3) on September 20, 2005.The reverse of Jupiter quincunx Uranus. The techs may give back soem of the gains from the prior year under Jupiter qunincunx Uranus.


Jupiter trine Uranus (1/3) on November 27, 2005. Positive and speculative.


Jupiter square Saturn (1/3) on December 16, 2005. Mars, Jupiter Saturn T-square!!!! This is stress between expansion and contraction and can represent a good low to buy. A strong rally can ensue after the exact date as the tension is released.


Jupiter square Neptune (1/3) on January 1, 2006 T-square. Jupiter is opposed by Mars and Neptune is squared by Mars. Too much optimism. A set up for disappointment. A peak in housing??? Sell again.


Saturn qunincunx Uranus (2/3) on January 19, 2006.


Jupiter square Neptune (2/3) on March 15, 2006.


Jupiter trine Uranus (2/3) on May 4, 2006.


Jupiter square Saturn (2/3) on June 22, 2006.


Saturn qunincunx Uranus(3/3) July 31, 2006.


Saturn trine Pluto (1/1) on August 6, 2006.


Jupiter trine Uranus (3/3) on August 29, 2006.


Saturn oppose Neptune (1/3) on August 31, 2006. Crushed dreams. The housing market begins to unravel?


Jupiter square Neptune (2/3) on September 24, 2006


Jupiter square Saturn (3/3) on October 25, 2006.


*** Buy for a high in 2007. ***


Jupiter square Uranus (1/3) on January 22, 2007. Highly speculative. If Robert Hitt is correct, this series will mark the top of a retrace from the summer 2002 - winter 2003 lows.


Saturn oppose Neptune (2/3) on February 28, 2007.


Jupiter trine Saturn (1/5) on March 16, 2007.A trine is a soft aspect and this is more harmanious. Usually positive business conditions with inflation contained.


Jupiter trine Saturn (2/5) on May 6, 2007.


Jupiter square Uranus (2/3) on May 10, 2007.


Saturn oppose Neptune (3/3) on June 25, 2007.


Jupiter square Uranus (3/3) on October 9, 2007. The top of the retrace????


Jupiter Sextile Neptune (1/1) on October 29, 2007 Idealism. Expectation of gains. Positive.


Jupiter Conjunct Pluto(1/1) on December 12, 2007 Politcal power. The big players getting what they want. Has conicided with significant lows.


Jupiter crosses Galactic Center December 2007


Jupiter trine Saturn (3/5)on January 21, 2008


Jupiter sextile Uranus (1/3) on March 28, 2008 Innovation. Speculative, but within reason.


Jupiter sextile Uranus (2/3) on May 21, 2008


Jupiter trine Saturn (4/5) on September 8, 2008


Saturn oppose Uranus 2008 - 2011. Saturn, Uranus, Pluto T-squares according to Merriman. This is potentially a major bear phase.


Saturn oppose Uranus (1/5) November 4, 2008 Also Saturn, Uranus, Venus T-square! Resistance to change. Old versus new. Expect dislocation followed by reform.


Jupiter sextile Uranus (3/3) on November 12 28, 2008 Innovation. Speculative, but within reason.


Jupiter trine Saturn (6/5) on November 21, 2008


Saturn oppose Uranus (2/5) February 5, 2009


Jupiter conjunct Neptune (1/3) on May 27, 2009 Idealism. Speculation on blind faith. Inflation and excess debt.


Jupiter conjunct Neptune (2/3) on July 10, 2009


Saturn oppose Uranus (3/5) September 15, 2009


Saturn square Pluto (1/3) November 15, 2009 Fall of great powers. Repression both politcal and economic. A good window for a significant low.


Jupiter conjunct Neptune (3/3) on December 21, 2009


Saturn square Pluto (2/3) January 31, 2010


Saturn oppose Uranus (4/5) April 26, 2010


Saturn oppose Uranus (5/5) July 26, 2010


Saturn square Pluto (2/3) August 21, 2010


Uranus square Pluto (1/7) June 24, 2012 Very long term in effect. Not tradeable.


Uranus square Pluto (2/7) September 19, 2012 also Mercury, Uranus, Pluto T-square!


Saturn trine Neptune October 2012 - July 2013 Change through persistant effort. Dreams become reality. Sober, but supportive of economic growth.


Saturn sextile Pluto December 2012 - November 2013 Political repression.


Uranus square Pluto (3/7) May 20, 2013


Uranus square Pluto (4/7) November, 2013


Uranus square Pluto (5/7) April 1, 2014


Uranus square Pluto (6/7) December 15, 2014


Uranus square Pluto (7/7) March 17, 2015

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I've found planetary conjunctions with the Galactic Center of particular interest.


For instance:


Mars conjuncted the Galactic Centre on September 3, 2001 at the same time Mars was at its most extreme declination in decades - Mars is the planet of war and September 11, 2001 was an act of war.


Here is the Planetary Applet demonstrating this conjunction of September 3, 2001.


And further, Pluto is in Conjunction with the Galactic Center until late 2007.


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Now we are fast approaching the Total Solar Eclipse (Saros Cycle) which will occur on Mar 29 2006 at 10.11:21 GMT for duration of 4 minutes and 7 seconds (Lunar Eclipse having occurred today). As mentionned in prior posts, markets/stocks moving up into an eclipse will top and those moving down, will bottom.


This upcoming eclipse is one of three in the last century to occur in the sky at the 8th degree of the zodiac (8 Aries). The other two were in 1968 and 1987. This one however is expected to be the most potent, by the fact that the other two were not total eclipses and they did not last for even one minute of time. This eclipse is 4 minutes and 07 seconds in length.


The fact that we also have planets aligning with the Galactic Centre at the time of this eclipse and in angular relationships (or harmonic resonance) with other planetary bodies will also prove significant.


Now Jupiter (Positive) went Retrograde March 4th and Saturn (Negative) will go direct April 5th which leads me to believe that the end of March leading into early April will be particularly treacherous for Markets.

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The Total Solar Eclipse 'path of totality' due on March 29th sweeps up from Brazil crossing the ocean and making landfall through Northern Africa, extending on through Libya, Egypt, Turkey and up to Mongolia.


There is a high probability of earth quakes and other devastating occurances (possibly electrical) during this time in these particular regions of the World.


Here Nolle discusses what's in store for March, 2006:



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Here's the direct link to the article by Manfred Zimmel that I found most interesting.


76.6 Year Cycle - Amanita


Excerpt from Merriman:


We are now in a critical reversal zone, between last Thursday?s full moon (April 13) and this Thursday?s Venus trine Jupiter. Right in the middle (April 17-18), we find Venus conjunct Uranus and the Moon in Sagittarius, a rather electrical and stimulating combination that could drive ?blow-off? markets even higher (watch Gold, Silver, and Crude Oil early this week).



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Well after following a few astro forecasters for a few years, my vote goes to not the ones that forecasted on a weekly basis, but to the 2 who forecasted on a long and intermediate timeframe. And they are Amanita - long term and Richard Nolle - intermediate term.




click on Futures and then select month or yearly forecasts. Nolle is not per se a financial advisor, but I give him high marks for hitting yearly and monthly correct predictions regarding precious metals.




If you haven't viewed these articles, see "Interesting" where he covers the General Stock Market, Gold and the Galactic Center et al. Now I am not a subscriber, so cannot atest to how exact he might be on the shorter time frames.

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I'm running this solar applet for prior Gold tops and here are the results. Take it with a pinch of salt. Of note is the grouping of planets in the Galactic Center - Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, sometimes Saturn. In all occasions marked a Gold top whether it was a significant top or a minor one.


You can also note the last applet for the high on May 12th does not have the planets lined up in the Galactic Centre?!?!?


You can see from a previous post that these planets line up again in December of 2006.


Please take note that Jupiter starts to leave the Galactic Center in around the end of 2007. I couldn't get Dec. 2007 to work on the applet so put in the early months of 2008 to show Jupiter departing the GC.


Now whats interesting is I ran the applet through the 1970 to 1980 bull run. I noted Jupiter was never stationned in the GC, but it did pass continuously through the GC just like the other planets. The only thing of interest was the lineup of all the planets in the GC in 1971 marking the beginning of that Gold Bull.




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So, I'll try to recap what I said last nite and put it into context.


The transits of the planets and the lack of a Jupiter stationned near the Galactic Center in the previous 1970 to 1980 Gold Bull demonstrate that this period now has more dynamic astros (being that Jupiter is stationned near the GC) in this time frame.


Now of note that when many planets lined up together in the GC in 1971 this seemed to indicate the beginning of the Gold bull during that period.


So there is an anomoly here. While the planets lined up in GC in 1971 (while Jupiter was not stationned in the GC like now) indicated the gold bull started, this time everytime the other planets line up with Jupiter in the GC it marks a top.


However, looking at the gold chart over 500 years and taking the larger 500 years cycles into this discussion I would have to question if the Gold Bull run ends around Nov/Dec of 2007 as Jupiter begins to leave the Galactic Center.


Without a doubt this period should be watched for topping action but begs the queston, if this is the end of the Gold Bull, or marks the transition finally of the pegging of currencies to the Gold Standard .... or the release of Gold and meteroic rise.


Jupiter is the planet of expansions (rising) and adds fire to Gold. As mentionned earlier the Galactic Center, located in Sagittarius, is composed of precious metal particles and a supermassive Black Hole (EOG99).


December 21, 2020 a Saturn Jupiter conjunction will occur and a date to watch for.


Now, another interesting tidbit, the planetary applet does not show Pluto. Pluto (relates specifically to oil/gas and indirectly to Gold) conjuncts the GC on December 29, 2006 along with Jupiter and the other planets.


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Of significance approaching the end 2006 early 2007 time frame is the 2 planets Jupiter and Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center.



While this site refers to Gold tops on:


January 21, 1980 Neptune (revolution: 165 years) was at 22? Sag.


December 14, 1987 at $500 was indicated by Uranus (revolution: 78 years) at 27? Sag and Saturn (revolution: 29.5 years) at 23? Sag.


February 2, 1996 was insignificant ($416). Here only Jupiter (revolution: 12 years) was conjunct the GC in December 1995.


2007: Pluto (revolution: 247 years!) passes over the GC together with Jupiter, suggesting another very important crest.


You can even track this hypothesis further back in history to get additional confirmation. At the turn of the millenium (1980-2010) all three slow planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are transiting the GC within a few decades. This happens very seldom, in fact only once during the past 1000 years: around 1500 (1485-1515). This coincided with the last "millenium-top" of the real gold price (source of the chart, click on it to enlarge).





and then further shows the Long term Gold chart over 500 years ...



--- a question, wherein the hypothesis discusses the possibility of a Gold top in 2007, my take 2007/2008, if in fact (reference the above quote) the transit of these large planets in the GC for the first time in 500 years at a time when gold is closer to its 500 low begs the question, if these transits mark a turning point and a 500 year advance, or is Gold going to hit its 500 year inflation adjusted price by 2007/2008?


Now here I go into the metaphoric streak and you can call me a real Gold Kook!


Being that the Galactic Center is the Center of our Galaxy and it is strongly believed consists of a massive black hole, and composed of precious metal particles (the attractor) does the final transit of Jupiter and Pluto through the GC mark a major transition. Will the world currencies be sucked into this black hole with Gold spewing up and out?


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