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Stock Charts

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Because some on-line charting services use brackets in their dynamic page generation scheme, their urls are not compatible with standard bulletin board code. Please do not attempt to post long links containing brackets. They will be truncated, unfortunately. In order to show that type of chart in your post, you need to save the chart to your hard drive and then attach it to your post.


If it is a stock or index, it's easier to use our our WSE charts, and hotlink them here, using the IMG button above the posting box. Simply copy the address of the chart image by right clicking with your cursor on the chart, and choosing "copy image address (or image url)", then paste it into the IMG window which pops up when you click the IMG button, then OK. This will insert your chart here. Very simple.


The charts are preset with my favorite settings for daily charts. You can change the presets, and save your own favorite settings, and your browser will remember that when you return to the page. (You must have your browser set to allow cookies from wallstreetexaminer.com).


The charts include variables for 3 moving averages, bollinger bands, and linear regression channels, all by time period, on the price pane, and 9 indicators, all of which can be shown below the chart. You can also change the size of the price graphs and indicator windows. For hotlinking purposes, please do not set width wider than 600 pixels.


If you post on other boards around the web, feel free to hotlink the WSE charts!

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