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Wake Up You Stoolies!


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Guten Morgen liebe stoolies!


a catastrophe has happend: Fututres are down.


That means another ramp looms around the corner.


Let's face it: jan9/10 was turn date, we didnt turn, next major turn date is mid feb.

I like fibo retracements very much, but the fibo turn dates are not that reliable, to much "manipulation" can be done.


In the end it may happen as doc says it since weeks: No big downmove before mid feb, we may get a little downmove now, but it wont be the big one.



btw, i cant hear the "i am the greatest" style anymore. This board had a better style months ago to talk to each other.


this board is wonderull, it gives education and it is very very funny :lol: I dont like the "i am the greatest" guys in real life and i dont need them here. I think we are all not 14 years old anymore.

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