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Welcome to "The January Effect"

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word greg. you said it really well.


i saw Robin Trower in concert once...about the time of Bridge of Sighs...wow...and from that night on, I never worried about it any more... :lol:

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Similar experience, but in basketball.


My friend and I were pretty good in high school, and took it very seriously.


One game he was standing in the middle of the key playing defense with both arms up, when some kid on the other team took off from just inside the foul line, literally jumped right over him and dunked the ball.


He was never the same after that.


And neither of us ever worried about it anymore.

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China wants to buy U.S. oil company


CNOOC, China?s third biggest oil and gas group, is considering a bid of more than $13bn for its US rival Unocal in a deal that would mark the largest and most significant overseas acquisition by a Chinese company.


CNOOC?s plans are the latest sign of Beijing?s determination to push its flagship commodity companies to acquire natural resources to fuel the country?s rapid industrialisation and economic growth.


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Will somebody tell shorty I've been trying to get his attention for two days.


:lol: :lol: :lol:


OK people, a little help here. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Ben groaned in exasperation, as a slow truck held him and the car ahead of him down to 35 mph on the two-lane rural highway. It had been a frustrating day. To attend the funeral of an elderly relative in his hometown, he'd had to leave the Eccles Building in the late morning -- inconveniently missing lunch -- and take a cab to Reagan National. The closest flight he could get was to Myrtle Beach. Then just as he was starting the rental car in the airport lot, his cell phone rang.


Freaking brilliant, MachineHead is Kurt Vonnegut, Williams S. Burroughs, and Hunter S. Thompson, all in one. Bravo.




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Da Boyz are lined up.


Ready for the season opener of the 2005 THQ Supercross season in the U.S.


Tomorrow night, at Anaheim Stadium.


Tickets have been sold out since September. Local ticket broker wants $800 tonight.....


Just picture the Holeshot Run off the starting gates into first turn.


No different than 9000 HedgeFunds running hundreds of stock screens, all gunning for outsized gains in the 1st quarter. The battle will be fierce. Each man for himself. So many "Billions" under management. So many clients to impress. No more "Lackluster 2004" results. Every HedgeFund must hit the holeshot first. The first one into the first turn usually leads the rest of the way.


Every trader is looking for the next ANTP, to book that 40% gain in two months, so they can "cruise" the rest of the year.


We'll see how it plays out.


Its raining here in L.A.


The track is going to be muddy.


Likely to see lots of crashes.


Really no different than HedgeFund land................


Whose going to get to Turn 1 first?


Who is going to crash?


Here are the leading contenders:


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wndy; :lol:



if that's the case, and if it's also a time for a general market weakness, then we should see some truly frightening space-needles. :o


i.e., all 9000 of 'em piling into just 2 or 3 small-caps at a time...jamming 'em skyward in weeks rather than months....days rather than weeks....and soon enough....just hours from $3 to $30... :o

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Yeah Greg:

Know the feeling.

Most important thing I ever learned in all my years playing percussion was that good ears were a lot more important than fast hands.


My 13 year old boy has taken up the bass.


He and his friends are playing Green Day and Black Sabbath stuff.


So I of course have been force feeding him Berry Oakley amongst others


Coolest thing was yesterday when he and his drummer were doing a little loose jamming while the other band mates were hooking up, and hearing them break into a little bit of Mountain Jam Wow 13 years old and they "get it"......................made my day

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MH....yowza wowza....that was an epic.


I hope the next installment is coming soon....like....less than an hour dude!  :lol:


Whoever does't take the pleasure of reading MH's excursion into the backroads of the rustic mind is a plupefect fool---I laughed real good and hard charlie, and so should all of you --it'll do you some good too--I sware it


beardrech :ph34r: :ph34r: I gotta look up the definition of "Swale"

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whoa....I would check that 'info' very very VERY carefully before taking it to heart.


A large portion of silver production comes as byproduct from copper production.? Virtually all copper ores contain some level of silver in them.


To believe that silver is 'running out', one would also have to believe that copper is running out.


Think about Ivanhoe's huge huge HUGE copper-mine play in Mongolia....


There is also a very large copper/silver/gold property being quantified in Alaska.? I think Novagold has a hand in this one.? This is a VERY large orebody.? As I recall, it's a multi-million ounce gold play alone; besides the copper and silver values, etc..


Around where I'm currently mining, there are scores of properties laying fallow; which still contain good ore values.


If the price rises far enough, someone will find a way around the so-called "eco" regulations; which have been a mining-killer for most of the US.


In the Kalmiopsis wilderness alone, is probably as much gold and silver as has been mined in all of Oregon's history so far...and that's a lot of PM... :)


But always remember that Warren Buffet and Bill Gates own a large portion pf Paas and if anyone examines what they are buying and who they have on their board--the Geological talent--as well as the purchasing of so-called played out mines which with a little capital will become viable again--will begin to realize what they are up to and will do their due dildoedance


beardrech :ph34r: :ph34r: Ive always wanted to crawl neath the dinner tables of the plutocracy and wash their crumbs down with some claret of distinction

Read Tim Wood's Market-Wrap for today at Financial Sense, talks abouit CRB Index and Silver.

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jickiss is back!




We should all thank Marky Mark. Here is why: He is not afraid to discuss mistakes. jickiss has made too many. but, as stated earlier, this year we are All Going to Make Giant Coin.


as Doc said, let the market guide. Mr. Sinclair says the same thing. your jickiss, imagination racing at all times, and ruled by "belief" and by "emotion" etc., has had to learn the hard way. :(


now, to win, we just have to act smart. and, to tell the truth, we only have to Observe, for prediciton is not really necessary.


Next, your jickiss shows just how easy it is to analyze the Spooz. Right here, right now. this is meant to be General, as a guide. All trades must, of course, focus on shorter and shorter time frames. "Fundamentals" sometimes matter, but not usually. "Fundamentals" matter most when there is a "Deal" possible, as in GG, GLG and WHT, and the ultimate White Knight, when that White Knight steps in, at the End.


but the following is simple enough to ACTUALLY USE, EVERY DAY, FOR EVERY STOCK, OR INDEX, OR PROXY, (AS IN GLD). Start tonight.


and it is free. so use all of the gains that you will develop to subscribe to CapitalStool dot com. You know what to do. Yup, "Never Let a Friend Down."


Here is the system. you do need Internet.


you go to Stock Charts dot com.

you type in, for instance, $SPX, which is "da Spooz."

Doc said that the $SPX is important, for many reasons. Shtinker, and whomever, they all make forecasts on it. It is "Thee Benchmark. " Even bond guys, like Mr. Bill Gross, know what it is, or at least, they know its symbol. :lol:


then, after you click to get the first chart, you change all of the fields, especially to 3 years, Weekly, ADX (DMI) and MACD 7,39,38 and moving averages, 7 and 33. volume separate, maybe a few other details. it is easy.


Medium is what is used, below: Medium will show up, after you save it to your disk, someplace, (could be desktop, or any file), just like it does for your jickiss.

This is so that you can post the charts that you think will make money for the rest of Mark to Market. Later on, we shall have a Race, but Marky Mark will probably have Nitrous "schneeked" into his new Mercedes, and he will win the race, due to motorcycle racing training. but, jickiss digresses.


THE KEY TO ALL THAT "WORKS" IS TO KNOW, YES, TO "KNOW," IF A STOCK, OR AN INDEX, IS STILL GOING UP, OR NOT. LIKE MARKY MARK SAID, "JDSU JUST DROPPED FOR YEARS." but, for instance, ebay went up for years. your jickiss Absolutely believes that Gold and Silver will, eventually, go up for years. But right now, using the exact method that will be shown, it is not possible, as yet, to actually know that this is the case for the Miners. to say it, is, at this time is but a mantra: it is a "fundamental bearish broads bullish PMs case." but the charts still are not crystal clear. therefore, maybe your jickiss will be dead, before it ever materializes. (although, jickiss would bet that this will not be the case).



let's look at the Spooz, $SPX, the S&P 500.


jickiss says that, in conclusion, the SPX is in TROUBLE, but it is not yet time to short it.


here is why:


1. Begin all assessment with ADX. Skip the dark black line, for now, for it will only confuse you. Just look at the very top of the chart, and look at the Green line versus the Red line.

then, note well the following. take your time.


From around March 2002 until May 2003, the Red Line was ABOVE the Green Line. this was a Red Period. If this Red Period had continued, meaning, in plain English that the Red Line stayed Above the Green Line, then, all of the bears would be Rich. did it happen the way the bears hoped? No, Not yet.

:angry: :angry:

From around May 2003 until to around May of 2004, the Green Line was above the Red Line. This was a green period. you should have been thinking bullish. :blink:


Then, the tricky period arrived. Fom about May 2004 to around October 2004, the Spooz had a "Confused, Choppy Period," and who could tell... :huh:


Finally, around October 2004 to this day, Jan 07, 2005, the Green line has been Above the Red Line. See???? It has been a bullish time. wow! :lol:


See how easy this is. Before anyone screams, "hey jickiss, you moron, this is to easy!" well, this is just an outline, and you must use 2 months, 5 days, 4 hours, whatever it takes, for your own trading method or style. but it works! you will make money. you will win.


Next, why is your jickiss of the opinion that the Spooz is Now in Trouble???


Macd. Thanks to Wm EweKneel, items like the MACDs are very important, because virtually everybody is forced to use them. Look at the number on the index, the number 1163.2 see it??? ok, look at the Macd line, look at the DARKEST Macd line, (we are looking at Macd 7,39,38 Weekly here for this example, but start with it on all time periods) and then Look at today's price of the Spooz.


This is so easy, today's price level is higher! But, now look at the Macd level, look at the darkest Macd line, and you will see that it is lower. This is called non-confirmation, and it means, at least it implies to your jickiss, that the Spooz is In Trouble.


But here is the bottom line. this is why anal cysts like Shtinker are saying what they are saying: The green line is still above the red line, adx. Got that? What does it mean, jickiss???? Heck, it is Easy: it simply means that we are not yet in a bearish phase.


ok, jickiss, what happens next?


well, who knows? to really answer the question is to go on and on for miles.


by the way, this was posted for new readers, or for any that might wonder what jickiss looks at. jickiss is sure that the are many ways to win, but, why bother with the complex. IT IS BEST TO PICK THE FEW NAMES YOU WANT TO TRADE, AND TO TRADE THEM. WE WILL ALL MAKE GINAT COIN THIS YEAR. JUST DO NOT TRADE AGAINST THIS KIND OF SYSTEM. SOON ENOUGH, A REAL BULLISH TREND, OR A GENUINE BEARISH TREND WILL EMERGE, AND YOU WILL RIDE IT FOR GIANT COIN.


jickiss is still 100% long gg. gg does not "look right" at this second, using the above described method. NEVERTHELESS, BASED ON THE PAIR TRADE ANALSYS, GG VS $gold, your jickiss is willing to hold, against the method, because the method is for trading. right from the beginning, jickiss was concerned that some Master Criminals would steal GG for a fraction of its true potential value, that is, before we could ride it, in our futures, to 100, 200, 250. A white knight will come, for sure, jickiss thinks, so jickiss holds fast.


jickiss wants everyone to find, or to at least watch, one or two names, and then to post and to update these names, using, hopefully, the same kinds of charts. We can all make Giant Coin, for sure. jickiss is watching beans, silver, and cde, in addition to GG, WHT, GLG, GLD, NEM, etc. it is too soon for CDE. (see above, todays posts).


what is everybody else watching???


jickiss would love to know. matters not the group, industry or symbol. we could all use some Giant Coin. Names are good. who knows the next TASR???


Winning at trading is good.

But best of all: "Never Let a Friend Down." Start this Tonight!


take that one item to heart, and, believe it or not, you will never again worry about anything else on earth. for, then, you will be free to act. you will never again have to second guess yourself.


the result: no matter what happens

you will be ready.

and, your odds of winning, be it the next trade, the next race, or even the next fight, for the world is very dangerous, and, sadly, fighting may be required of us all,

will be as high as possible.


regards to all!

acres of diamonds are ahead!

stop predicting, (like a jickiss is prone to do, it is fun, but it is often pointless)

just start picking up some diamonds.

here is the chart of spx:


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wndy; :lol:



if that's the case, and if it's also a time for a general market weakness, then we should see some truly frightening space-needles. :o


i.e., all 9000 of 'em piling into just 2 or 3 small-caps at a time...jamming 'em skyward in weeks rather than months....days rather than weeks....and soon enough....just hours from $3 to $30... :o



Gotta sneaking suspicion that the StemCell Plays are going to be the next Hail Mary Pass for the 9000 Hedgefunds, all trying to get to the 01/31/05 Statement Print with outsized gains...........



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you might be right Mark. From what I've been reading about Russian research, and now actual medical practice, stem-cells are going to be 'big'.


what was that URL, of the graphic that you just posted?


all i see are the words 'user posted image'.


I want to try adding that domain to my 'allow images from', so maybe I can see your charts again... :)

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"Alcoa Inc (AA+1.42%) and Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL +7.06%) were on the rise, acting well just before they announce their quarterly financial results due next week. Oil and energy shares receded.


The Federal Reserve disclosed earlier in the past week that policy makers saw interest rates as too low to curtail inflation. This renewed concern that the Fed may increase the pace of the thus far "measured" rate hikes (i.e. 50 basis points versus 25 basis points) at future FOMC meetings. The Labor Department revised figures for November?s payrolls up to +137,000 and reported that US employers added +157,000 last month. This was below economists' estimates of +175,000.


A Thomson Financial survey found that profit growth at companies in the S&P 500 may slow to 7.6% in the first quarter, down from +15.2% in the fourth quarter. Earnings expansion this year is expected to decelerate to +10.6% from +19.2% in 2004.


The S&P 500 Depositary Receipts (SPY) closed the first week of the new year just two cents above their 50-day moving average line following considerable declines over four out of five sessions that were marked by above average volume. The lightest volume of the week was on the one positive session."



Look at COBZ - technical sell

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jickiss is back!




If GERN is an Early Version of STEM,

coin be a comin to dee Stooltown Races!

tanks, Marky Mark!

u da man!


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