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Greetings and salutations!


I've been lurking the board for a few days and finally decided that despite my ignorance I would join in.  Why would I do that?  I have nothing to offer and much to learn and hence; why I took the plunge.


Like anyone who reads the financials I know that gold can be a great investment option and I want to get in the action but I'm not positive how I should go about it.


I have contacted some gold dealers exploring options but I have not committed yet, as I understand the latest news though I should jump in with both feet while the getting is good.


I do know what I would like to accomplish.  In addition to diversification, I'd like to protect my portfolio by using gold to hedge against inflaction, stock market collapse or other financial catastrophe. 


And so, here I am.  I will scour the board in the attempt to educate myself, get familiar with the buzzwords and lingo, and, to occassionally ask a stupid question.  The first one being; are gold coins or bullion a better option than a gold backed fund to protect my existing portfolio of stocks and mutual funds?  I know that there are tax considerations, possible government confiscation concerns and liquidity issues that I have to consider and coins seems to be the way to go, would that be correct?  Anyone?


How do I get started?  I don't have tons of cash on hand to invest, I have to start out small and incrementally work my way up, but many of the gold dealers I've spoken with have a bottem dollar minimum to do business with them, for instance, the Capital Gold Group won't do business with a new client unless they fork up a minimum of 5,000 balloons.  Does anyone know of a reputable gold dealer that is willing to work with small fries?




Rock, go to KITCO.COM. they are competitive and reliable


you will pay a premium to buy gold. which means you start off in the hole. that is the system everywhere. do your research...buying physical gold is usually a longer term investment.


this thread is done . hanky opened a new blog. see three posts above yours for info. I just happened to see your post so thought i would at least get you a start


good luck



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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