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"As Good As It Gets" Shopping Melee

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Looks like the kitco.com quote is wrong. The Bullion Desk has the metals trading down -- which would make sense if the dollar is rebounding a bit.

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I expect a "me-to" rally in stocks Monday after all the brothers-in-law boasting around the turkey table about their profits in Ebay, Overstock, Siri, etc.


Easy pickins for borkers Monday, churn 'em all in at the market.


"You're right, Joe, the market IS going up. Oh yes, I think you're making a wise decision getting in now! Got any more CD's coming due soon? Why not pull some more cash out of your house? Ya don't wanna miss the Santa Claus rally! Margin? Oh sure, that's a great idea! You just might retire early on Ebay, how 'bout we buy some more of that?"


Then a turnaround Tuesday, finally some relief for bears, after all the jackasses are full long.

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The public radio "Sound Money" show Saturday featured a question from a woman who had just paid off her mortgage. When adding money into her IRA, her banker advised her to re-mortgage the house "to the hilt" and dump the dough into the stock market. To his credit, Chris Farrell told her that it would be insane to do so. Just wish he had dumped more on the criminal banker.

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Clearly the psychology of the market is moving towards a $ crisis and a crack up commodities boom.


Tech is dead.


My favourite commodity stock which I have been in since 2000

is Orica


It has advanced 500% and is currently flirting with $20.


It has been a much better stock than BHP the current resource darling whcih has only doubled.

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