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Cube Trader

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CT still in CASH for prolonged period (since 1-11-2005) with a very unsettled market.

HOM long term SP signal still on BUY since 11-2-2004.

Many leading sectors look to be rolling over excepting energy,housing, and commodity-related stocks. The bankers still showing continued weakness but not yet in any bonified downtrend. Also watching the SOX to see if it's long term downtrend resumes after this larger degree retracement up to strong resistance. The Fed is well into the market death zone of the tightening cycle yet longer rates have up until just recently continued downward. Latest PPI quite a surprise and as I had commented previously believe we will see this trend persist with more surprises in store.


Here are some longer term weekly charts...


LT signals on Dow, SP, NDX, BKX, and SOX all still on BUY despite the 4-year cycle now undoubtedly into its downphase. Gotta favor the long side yet.




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CT still says stay out of this mess and in CASH.


NDX very sickly not joining the Dow party whatsoever... Transports as well not confirming the INDU second "top"??


Seeing Gann time confluence pointing strongly to a major March top but so far HOM barely hanging onto LT buy.



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Even with some improvement in short term indicators earlier last week the

CT has us in CASH.


We have a glaring divergence with party central in the DOW...

The Nasdaq, BKX, and Transports are all in non-confirmations.


I will just show the Bankers here but they have got to kick in real soon like they did last August if the rally is going to have legs.


Again this is a very sick rally and what I would expect if a major March top materializes.


Long Term HOM still on buy.


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Dunno Feed...this is how AGET is counting it.


Anyway stuck in a rut...looks like a small diametric...but could break either way but gotta break up if this so far blue chip only rally is to persist. Seem to be finally seeing some risk avoidance behavior here and that often comes with major tops.

Mr Hanky is looking for a March top of major significance.


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HHH Internuts cracking:


Where are the risk takers???The chronic shorters were blown out long ago.

Gunners not showing up here anymore :blink:


I posted this on another thread at the time the 9-wave C hit the 4.25 extension as a fantastic example of total mania driven super impulse and said I rarely see them get this far and almost never surpass it so was a good short candidate. This also happens in the opposite direction as the HUI had exhibited last year.


There will be an ideal shorting set-up when it breaks the lower TL.


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CT signal = CASH


All IT and ST indicators are negative.

The HOM long term remains positive.


I only take trades in the direction of the HOM.


Short Term traders should be favoring the short side but not going bizerk....yet.



BKX divergence only getting WORSE.

Again looking for a major top to come late March... maybe early April and expecting the HOM to finally give the bears a chance.




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HOM signal change to SELL on 3-16-2005


CT also signals SELL.


We will be opening a short QQQQ position at or slightly after the open today.


I do believe my March top is now in (on the 7th already) and the 4-year cycle top is in.

More on this later. Gotta run.




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SHORT QQQQ at 36.6


Big volume down through the TL on third watch...now backtesting on lighter vol.


Good to see pattern support this CT entry.


Things turned very ugly this week with the HOM plunging and a

GTFO signal!



Robert Miner calling a top here and is adament we go down into 2006 ...thinks this is still just the first wave A of correction and now entering B down into 2006.

See free report on his website.


Larry P also commenting this is the most critical make or break time in the market since the 2000 top and also favoring a resumption of the bear market right HERE!


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Increasing evidence to support that interest rates have turned a large corner.

See Robert Miners free report on his website. http://www.dynamictraders.com/

See docs analysis (must subscribe).

See my 40 week cycle and timing signals.


Therefore I am going to open a Rydex Juno (RYJUX) position today @19 currently.


I have continually pointed out that the next bear will take the financials with it.

Evidence mounts this is beginning to happen.


BKX did not confirm this latest rally and in fact is now leading the way down with rapid loss of RS.


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