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Hiding Bear

B4 The Bell Thursday November 4

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For the rest of today I'm going to ignore Weather.com, and try to find another weather site if there is a suitable one. Anybody have one they recommend? Or should I just upgrade, and then use Weather.com?


Thanks for any help or opinions you can give me.



Try Accuweather........they are the best at forcasting in my area of NE Ohio. Very tricky weather here as we have Lake Erie just a few miles from my home.


An old saying in these parts is "if you don't like the weather...wait 20 minutes, it will change."


Good Luck.......heres Accuweather:http://wwwa.accuweather.com/adcbin/public/index.asp?partner=accuweather

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I second Bearbones....I've been running Firebird (now firefox) for 2 yrs.


also a virus can be named anything the author wants, such as "iexplore.exe". After it gets downloaded, anything which calls Explorer will instead start up the virus program, and then.... LOB !

good point about the name dozer. one of the problems with trying to give computer advice in 100 words or less. :lol:

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Lucid- Jimi answered your question well. We have to turn down here we need failure at 1145, I think we will get it window should start to bite hard here.

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GREAT NEWS -- Bush to hold press conference at 11:05 a.m.

After this morning maybe he wants to concede too.

:lol: :lol: :lol:


dowpig needs to do some ketch-up work here. nazzie lod.


damn look at goog down $7.50. buying opp. :P

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i weep 4 goog



weak builders and tech are a good sign that the lemmings are at the cliff...


Second terms are always characterized by scandal and underachievement...Nixon, Reagan, Clinton...look for the same in Bush II ...much needs to be done (consumption tax), but little will be...I look for trillion dollar deficits annually by 2007...by then the USD will be around 25.

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Guest yobob1

WASHINGTON -- The productivity of U.S. workers grew at the slowest pace in nearly two years during the third quarter of 2004, perhaps brightening prospects for an acceleration in the pace of job creation.


Or it could mean orders are slowing down and employers are slow to adjust their workforce since the cost of firing and rehiring/training are quite high. Productivity is not just what the employees can do, it is also what they have to do.


I will also reiterate that a falling unemployment number at this juncture is quite likely not capturing those who were previously fired, used up their unemployment bennies, finally found a job and now in the event of being laid off have not built up enough "employed dollars" in their accounts to qualify for unemployment. These people simply no longer exist in the data.

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Ok Dozer ..............Time to Go To Work...............Get the D9 out ASAP..............


We be mining today Sir.


By the way you got our Rural /Farming/Government picture right as it is up here.

Not such a strange parralel now that I think about it. :P :D :grin: :ph34r:

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