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Mars- the hole in your argument is that although demand here and in Europe is growing slowly, supply is falling when you add in sky rocketing demand in India and China then you have the problem. China is taking 2 million barrels a day they did not take last year, India 1.6 Million a day. The crisis is indeed real. Tanker day rates are up 38 Grand over a year ago and are fully booked. Canada is pumping flat out and has more BUT the pipelines are at capacity 24-7. The next shoe to drop is when Martin tells Bush to back off on the illegal tariffs and uses the Oil or NG word.

Good morning Stoolville. I'm feeling better today - ready to trade and argue some more.


Brian - my argument is probably full of many holes since it is part emotion part engineering part business but I still contend that oil at current levels would be resulting in $3-4.00 a gallon gas (maybe higher) if gas prices hadn't been manipulated over the past several months so that the shrub would get re-elected. And the people speak unleaded - it is the one language Americans understand.


Thus the premise that oil can go up much higher and not kick in an automatic demand cycle downturn does not seem rational to me neither from a business, nor engineering, nor from an emotional sense.

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Rove has managed to paint the Democratic Party as anti-religion...and the media bought it, and it stuck.? The sheeple believe that we are in a holy war for our very survival, and "you are either with us or against us."? Onward Christian Soldiers is the Republican's campaign theme song.? Democrats cannot regain the middle of the country without the church.? Period.

Roves job is much easier since they

implemented the high technology touch

screen voting.


Now he can concentrate on the critical issues

as he knows the vote is assured. He still has

to turn out numbers or the jig would be obvious.


The technology counts the vote so that the provisional and

paper ballots are not needed to count as the result

would be 'statistically impossible' to overturn the

rigged numbers.


How smoothly the people have accepted it.


Am I disgruntled that Nader didn't win more? :P Na,

he said what needed to be said. To bad most

thought they had a winner. This one is classic.

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Butter, your better with the details than me.

I just know that everyone could have voted

in the smallest amount of time if paper ballots

were used and run through a high speed scanner.


And the count would have been varifiable.


Long lines would have been non existant.


University students (who will live and pay the consequences

more than old farts like me) were funneled out.

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MH I must assume that you have every last dollar you possess in some other currency.

Frankly I have little interest in other paper currencies, though the euro is a little more conservatively managed than the dollar.


I'm hedged into 'anti-dollars' (gold, silver, commodities) which rise in proportion to the dollar's fall.

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