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Hiding Bear

B4 The Bell Humpday October 27

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Martin Hutchinson reports from 2008:


Washington, DC,  Oct. 25 (UPI) -- Through a warp in the space-time continuum, there landed on my desk this morning the Bear's Lair for Monday, November 3, 2008. It makes depressing reading.


The main difficulty facing the new administration will be the federal budget deficit, scheduled to hit $947 billion in the year to September 2009, around 7.5 percent of gross domestic product.  With the long term Treasury bond rate at 8.7 percent, funding this deficit has become difficult ...


Oil supply difficulties will also be an essential issue, with crude closing Friday at $112.50 per barrel.


Dark future


$112.50 per barrel ... :lol: ;)

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As Chairman Mao might have said (had he been a democrat), "Let ten thousand lawsuits bloom." :lol: B)

The Chinese have a saying whenever they spend fiat cash with his picture - "Thank you Chairman Mao". Soon they will really start dumping us pesos in mass and they will say "Thank You Uncle Scam!" They have already been donating millions of US pesos to latin american countries for years. IMO their influnce in the americas is getting much stronger than that of the US. Chinese companies own the ports on both sides of the panama canal and have bought the best realtionship money can buy all over the latin and south america. So much for the Monroe Doctrine.


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Different traders on FX street - will take me some time to go through their posts - I'll send it to you. this is purely technical - some ewave, some not. If the long term chart on the dollar stays symmetrical, it looks to me like we go down to 78, then up to 92. then I don't know. all I am saying is that I own and have owned a lot of foreign currencies. sat on NZD, for instance, while it went from 66 to 58 pdq. this stuff happens, nutty as it sounds.

I found it!

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Window is now closed, it was OK but we seem to be stuck right here, with the natural pressure off for a bit they may take it up!

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Crude Earl rampant -- $55.65 +0.48


Far into record territory.


Bulls should be afraid ... very afraid ... Oil Shock III gonna clean your clock ... :o

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