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Hiding Bear

B4 The Belll Frieday October 22

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Doc said on Monday that 55+ users on this board and you have a reversal and subsequent rally.


What about 3 users????......How about a crash????


No, No, not before the elections, sorry to say. :angry:


Should hear talk about adding GOOG to the DOW soon. :D :D :D


Have a great day. :rolleyes:

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There are a lot us here the bottom of the page list is grid locked as it was the other day-strange stuff. I urge all to read Hunters post on depleted uranium-Mi-Gawd! There is a window at the bell for 40 minutes-sure looks up at the mo-we will see-helmets on, buckle up! ;)

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Just completed my transaction and am now the proud new owner of 20 Vienna's. The rep had to be corrected on 2 occasions as his math was deplorable in monexes favor. Nevertheless I am satisfied with the purchase having acquired the coins at 440.25 which is approximately 4% over spot. An additional 1% transaction fee is charged which is fully refundable as well should gold close lower than my purchase price come March 15 2005.


I see they are defending 86 on the buck. Lowered my stops on my substantial dollar short position. Due for a bounce.


Meanwhile back in lala land the GOOG upgrade and earnings announcement have got the bulls all steamed up again.

Initiated another RUT short with tight stops at 578.40

If I get taken out I will probably hit the sidelines until the exuberance subsides. Again oil and the BKX will be under close watch.

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Today is the day. The truck is packed, the house is empty. Time to begin the drive back to Edmonton. I am really looking forward to the drive, and I plan to take my time and see a few places on the way. New Orleans, Las Vegas are on my intended path ;)


Anyway, I'll try to check in now and again, but I won't be around much for a couple of weeks. Good luck to everyone in the markets and more importantly, in life. I truly hope the best for the U.S. - a great country made of great people, but struggling right now. The rest of the world needs a strong and benevolent United States. The strong part you got, and I anxiously await the return of benevolence.


Now, off to the land of ice and snow... B)

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Nader in Tampa last evening.

Asshole students keep trying to tell him he is costing

kerry votes. He responds 'do you have freinds who are

voting for bush?' student says yes.

Nader says 'go talk your freind into voting kerry.

Then you can cassst your vote for me.' :P


Nader said the US is building 14 permanent bases

in Iraq. I say Do you think Kerry will stop that too? Ha.

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Technically today is about as simple as it gets above 9900 we go up below 9800 we go down, in between is just noise-FDG is off on another rocket ride! ;)

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