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From the October 16, 2004 edition of the New York Post:


Texas Lottery officials are still trying to figure out what happened on Wednesday.


The date was Oct. 13, it was 13 years after the Texas legislature had approved a state lottery ? and the No. 13 ball jammed in the Lotto machine during a televised drawing.


It was the first such foul-up since the drawings began, noted newly superstitious lottery execs.

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The 'zombie T-note yield' is near its Sep. 2004 low ... next support would be the 12-month low yield at 3.65%.


Seems crazy with all the inflation ... but if the markets 'seize up' in a liquidity crisis, there will be a giant 'flight to safety' bid under the T-bones.


Then (and only then) we can short 'em to kingdom come ... :lol:

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